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Alien Abduction Fingerprints in Dust

Extraterrestrial Alien fingerprints in dust inside the abductee’s home following an alien encounter that occurred in 1994.











Alien Abduction Hybrid Male


This is a male ET hybrid who was seen onboard a craft that, from the inside, was cigar shaped in appearance. It had seats that faced both forward and inward. There was a curtain or something separating the front part of the craft with the back portion where several AEs were sitting. At one point, one of the AEs attempted to escape. The AE who witnessed this said the male AE who attempted to escape was thrown to the floor and an implant was injected via his left nostril. The being is shown here just as his head swung rapidly and very non-human like to look at the AE because he was telepathically sensing the AE was about to intervene and help the male lying on the floor of the craft.

This hybrid male was described a being six feet tall and was wearing a tattered and quite dusty bodysuit. There was also dust all over his face, which possibly indicates these beings live in a very dusty environment, such as a desert locale. This event occurred in 1992.





Alien Abduction Hybrid Hand and Fingers


This is the hand of the hybrid pictured above. These beings, as do the Greys, have three long fingers and a shorter fourth digit.

In the photograph of the fingerprints in dust (below), notice how similar these two sets of fingers appear.
















Alien Abduction Hybrid Sketch

This is a hybrid male ET wearing a long, robe-like garment. This image shows the now familiar interior view of the inside of a rounded room with a window, bench, light source and a door leading to another part of the craft. The male AE (abductee-experiencer) said the being was much kinder than his facial features and expression demonstrate. This encounter occurred circa 1987.






Alien Abduction Reptilian Hybrid Doctor

This is a being several AEs (abductee-experiencers) refer to as the Tan Doctor, so called because he always performs medical procedures, dresses in white or a light colored bodysuit and has vivid tan skin. It is possible he is a hybrid reptilian who is somewhat humanized. He has been allegedly seen working with humans on military bases and at least one Navy ship. One military base was named as Clark Air [Force] Base in the Philippines which was evacuated due to the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 and quietly reopened by the U.S. military in 2012. This image was derived from an encounter that occurred in 1989.





Alien Abduction Grey Hybrid Male


This is a Grey-Hybrid male ET who telepathically communicated with an AE in 1992. During the conversation, the Grey expressed his concern about the fact that humans viewed him or his species as “of the devil” or “evil.” He was described as having an extremely powerful mind and could make his surroundings change via telepathy or technology (screen or camoflage imagery). The AE was able to touch this being and hold his hands, which are pictured below.







Alien Abduction Hybrid Hand with 10 fingers



This is one of the hands of the ET Hybrid male (pictured above). He had 10 fingers on each hand and the AE was allowed to hold them in theirs. Prior to allowing his hands to be held, he removed a black wrapping device from each hand. The device concealed his fingers and may in fact, have been something similar gloves, but they were constructed out of a long strand of fabric. When his fingers were wrapped, he appeared to have fewer fingers.

As the AE held and studied his hands, they described each finger as appearing as if two bones had been fused together with “double knuckles on each finger…a very thin layer of skin covering the bones” and “black fingernails.” They also described the being’s hands as light as a feather and believed his hands had very little muscular strength in them.




Alien Abduction Hybrid Female


This is a much more humanized hybrid that an AE has seen throughout most of their lives. We believe she may be what some researchers refer to as a personal hybrid, a being who is involved with an AE for long periods of their lives; in some cases, most of their lives. She has been seen working in a scientific capacity with and without the Greys. This being was first seen and remembered well enough to illustrate in the 1987 to 1988 timeframe.






Alien Abduction Hybrid Doctor Since 1950s


This is another more humanized hybrid who is also a personal hybrid. He is a doctor-scientist who is often involved with reproductive procedures and baby presentations. Several other AEs have reported to us that they too have seen and interacted with him. This male has been working in his capacity since at least the late 1950’s, but we suspect his involvement goes back earlier than that.









Alien Abduction Blonde Nordic HybridThis is an ET hybrid with dark eyes and blonde hair. He was involved in a controversial encounter referred to as a MILAB. The AE saw him standing outside of an entrance to an underground base where he relayed that the U.S. Government, i.e. “black government,” is performing cloning experiments on human beings and is using ET technology [<1993]. The encounter also involved a triangular shaped craft and the shorter Greys. It was one of these more alien appearing Greys who told another AE who was abducted that night that they come from a planet orbiting a star in what we see from Earth as Ursa Major. Based on the star map that Betty Hill was shown, a researcher named Steve Pearse compared this Grey’s description of the location of their home planet and calculated that the Greys [or at least one species of Grey] come from a planet in the constellation Leo Minor. What is unusual about the name is its designation; that being 20 Leo Minor aka HR3951. Pearse believes there is special significance to the number 39 as well as 51.



Alien Abduction Hybrid Female Sketch





Female ET Hybrid, 1991.










Alien Abduction Hybrid Soldier Prepares for War

Reports of underground bases with and without an ET presence have been around for decades. This is an ET hybrid soldier wearing a bodysuit that covered most of his body. The AE was given a telepathic message which also involved imagery indicating that at some point in humanity’s future, AEs and Hybrids would have to join together to fight a common enemy. This event occurred 29 years ago in 1988. Is the battle symbolic for Disclosure, or something truly as dismal as a war?





Alien Abduction Four Hybrids Traveling Together

This encounter occurred in 1998. These are four hybrids who according to the AE, were traveling together. They were described as appearing emaciated and very frail and vulnerable. Two had brown skin and two had very pale skin. The AE was alerted to their presence because they heard something on the roof of their house late one night. After going to investigate, they encountered these four beings standing in their bedroom. We suspect hybrids, especially this type, travel in small groups for protection.







Alien Abduction White Female Hybrids or Tall Whites

Twelve years later in 2010, an AE encounters four other hybrids traveling together. What is interesting about these beings is one of them has deformed arms, i.e., appendages coming off of the inside portion of her arms. Her bodysuit was constructed to accommodate the two appendages. She is being shielded and protected by the other three females. These female hybrids had white hair and deeply beautiful dark brown eyes. They were wearing light gray shimmering bodysuits and shimmering golden shoes that were connected to the bodysuit. Their demeanor was described as cautious, but friendly. This occurred outside late at night and the AE believes the light behind them was being emitted from a landed craft. Other AEs were believed to have been involved in this encounter and the craft was assumed to be somewhat large. [Some of our team members suspect these beings may actually be a race known as the Tall Whites.]




Alien Abduction Blue Hybrid Male Anatomy

This illustration is taken from an encounter that occurred in 2007 and depicts what is obviously a hybrid male. [Part of this illustration has been censored]. He was seen without clothing and his skin was described as a beautiful blue color that glistened. He stood a little over six feet in height and had a barrel shaped torso. The ridges on his cranium and hips were described as seashell-like. The red appendages are skin tissue and not something artificial. We suspect they perform a glandular function related to reproduction. [It is unknown what the red line or rod like mark is.] He was described as gentle and kind and communicated as most beings do, via telepathy. The other beings who apparently arranged to have this AE and this particular hybrid interact with one another were observing the interaction very closely as this was apparently a learning experience for both the AE and the Blue hybrid.




Alien Abduction Pregnant Tan Grey Alien

Mother and Child: It is evident that the Grey in the reclining position is pregnant. The AE who reported this encounter was allowed to touch the stomach of the female Grey and they said they could feel the baby moving inside her womb. They could also see something darker just under the skin which they believed was the baby. This was reported to have been a remarkable achievement for these Greys and while the female appeared to be in distress, the male assisting her was extremely proud, caring and concerned. © 2005



Alien Abduction Hybrid Female Scientist

This is a late stage female hybrid wearing what we suspect is a wig, eye coverings and makeup to conceal her true appearance. She was reportedly involved with several AEs who donated their DNA (or were forcibly used as “DNA donors”) in order to help a young hybrid female and perhaps others of their species. You can read more about the details of the procedure at the Human Hybrid Children Gallery.



Alien Abduction Grey Hybrid Female


This image depicts a middle stage hybrid Grey female who donned a bodysuit with artificial enhancements to make her appear more feminine and more human.









Alien Abduction Red Headed Grey


An encounter with a female and male being of this species occurred in 2006 and involved many AEs simultaneously. All were shown the same images and were given the same information involving a future catastrophic event for humankind. These beings were said to be caring and loving of mankind and want to help us, but feel overwhelmed at what our future holds.







Alien Abduction Leader Red Hair White Skin


The same image enhanced, titled: Crying for Humanity, 2006.









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These interactions were of a physical nature. All of the information presented in this gallery was remembered consciously, without the aid of hypnosis.
AE = Abductee-Experiencer



Mother and Child

Alien Abduction Pregnant Grey








































































































































































































































































































































































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