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Stephenville Sightings Extraterrestrial Seen 2008

Night of the Stephenville Lights
January 8, 2008




ET Holding Child with Earth Background

Evolution of ET Contact - 101




Five ET Craft in Triangle Formation

Multiple Witness Sighting




“I still mourn for him…”




Three ET Craft in Triangle Formation 1976

Three Extraterrestrial Craft
Leaving Triangle Formation





Two Super Conscious Beings Transforming

Super Conscious Beings





Male Super Conscious Being

A Super Conscious Being





Earth's Missile Launch in The Future

The Missile Launch
in Earth’s Future






Barrel Shaped ET UFO Craft

Barrel Shaped ET Craft





Barrel Shaped UFO Cloaked

Barrel Shaped ET Craft Cloaking





Child Looking Into Vortex With Extraterrestrial

Dual Life Force: A Joined Species?




ET Soul in Human Form

Dual Reference in the UFO Encounter






UFO Changing Size

Craft Becoming Smaller






Two ET Craft Merging

Two Craft Merging





Alec Newald’s Guardian





Classic ET UFO Craft

One of Three Craft Hovering
in Triangle Formation





Diamond UFO in the sky

Diamond in the Sky





Many Lights Composing ET UFO Craft

A Quiet Sighting





UFO Collage - ET Craft Question Mark

ET Craft Collage





My Life...




Hyperspace Cube

Higher Dimensional Capabilities


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Child Looking Into Vortex With Extraterrestrial

Dual Life Force

A Joined Species?



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