An Amazing B-5 Encounter

Viewing Advanced Technology in 2010

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B-5 / Black Five /  B-Five / B-Hive

UFO-UAP Disclosure is upon us. We are living it in the here and now. After a 13 year long wait, the following Experiencer accounts are being made public. The Unites State’s Space Force X-37 B / space shuttle program has been officially made public. The UAP Testimony to Congress in 2023 shed light on the claims that non-human “biologics” and “exotic” technology are in the possession of the U.S. Government. No “mass panic” occurred. Within a few short months, according to Exopolitical expert, Stephen Bassett, “The UAP Disclosure Act [was] gutted.” No real surprise there as this is the Government’s SOP / standard operating procedure. However, once the information is “out of the bag,” it is impossible to put it back in.

The terms “B 5,” “Black Five,” B-Five” and “B Hive” are either the designation of the base or the facility the following occurred in; or this was the name of the unusual module/craft the witnesses saw. This encounter has been kept private for years with the exception of another Experiencer who was also involved. The two witnesses verified their experiences with one another, quite by accident, through written communication within less than 24 hours of the encounter. The exact date of the encounter has been omitted intentionally to add an extra layer of protection for the witnesses.

Experiencer I

“In August of 2010 I remember standing inside a large hangar on what appeared to be a military installation of some kind. I have no idea how I got there. This hangar had to be at least 100 yards wide and 8 stories tall. I could see that it was either daylight or there were a lot of lights outside as the hangar doors were open. Adjacent to this hanger was an underground facility that was built into the side of a mountain. This is how it appeared from the inside: on one side, I could see outside the hangar doors and could see the outdoors. On the other side and behind me, when I turned around, I could see an underground structure. The hangar was built into a mountain and the entrance to the underground facility was hidden from view by the hangar.”


Hangar inside Mountain


I initially stood with my back to the underground portion of the facility and I looked out of the hangar doors because I could hear the sounds of a very loud craft approaching. It was coming down from above. It sounded like it had jet engines, but I could not hear the high whining sound of typical jet engines. These engines were different. They were very powerful and loud and different somehow – perhaps more like a Harrier jet when it lands, but this object was much larger.”

“I watched through the hangar doors as this object came down and made a vertical landing just outside of the open doors. This craft was not a typical craft however. It was more like a module. It was two stories tall; square on one side with rounded edges on the other side. Its overall shape was square and modular. I could see through the walls of the module and I saw human men inside next to some type of equipment they appeared to be monitoring.”


B-5 UAP Advanced Modular Craft

This Image is NOT to Scale


“I continued to watch the module. At this point, I somehow knew that it had been in space and was returning to this hangar. As I continued to watch, the module began to enter through the hangar doors. It did not appear to be moving on ramps. It seemed to be levitating slightly above the floor of the hangar. The floor inside the hangar appeared to be smooth, gray concrete. The module continued to move toward me and slowly passed by me on my right. It was at this point I saw the underground portion of the facility because I watched as it moved from the hangar into the mountain or underground portion. It was on the same level or plane that the hangar was on. This is how I knew it was built into the side of the mountain. As the module slowly glided into the mountain, I saw a lot of bright lights inside the area and a lot of scientific equipment. It was obviously a scientific laboratory. As the module entered into the mountain portion of the laboratory, it appeared to ‘dock’ with it and I thought to myself,

It fits like a glove.”

B-5 Modular UAP Craft

B-5 Modular UAP Craft Details

“There were several military appearing men and male and female scientists around me in this place. They were aware of my presence. It was as if I was supposed to be there, and although I don’t know how I got there, I felt like I belonged there. I wasn’t afraid and in fact, I experienced a deep feeling of belonging. At that moment, a man to my right said to me:

Keep on doing what you’re doing….you are our remote viewer.”

B-5 Layout of Base inside Mountain

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Helping Humanity

“At this moment, I knew they were aware of me and the work I was doing. They wanted me to keep publishing, and they were okay with it. It was something I’ve felt for a long time, but I never could admit it publicly. This time it seemed it was okay. I feel that I am supposed to publish more about this aspect of the phenomenon. This is how they know what’s happening, at least for my part. I publish and they, or someone, reads my information. Somehow what I am doing is helping humanity after all… and as I’m writing this, I’m experiencing a strong feeling of déjà vu. It’s been a long time, but I feel that I really am working for our [greater good]. I’ve been trained to do this my whole life.”

Called Away

“I was then called to another location and I exited the hangar and walked outside. I saw KR – he’s the military appearing man who interacts with me. This is his code name, because he really is in the military and I think he looks like the KR I know, but not. It’s so I’ll know who he is without remembering what he looks like or his real name. (As I plan to submit this for publication in 2024, I still do not remember his real name or what he looks like.)”

“I met KR near a craft. It was an older looking typical UFO type craft. It looked like it would hold two people at most. It was smallish, silver and the skin of the craft was very pitted and had deteriorated in places. KR said,

We obtained this craft from the Russians. It has been perfectly preserved all of these years.”

UAP UFOs Near Military Base

“I looked at the craft and compared it mentally with a similar craft I had just seen inside the hangar. While I was inside earlier, I had seen a craft almost identical to the one I was looking at, except the one inside the hangar was in perfect condition. The exterior of the newer craft was smooth and appeared almost as if it were made out of stabilized liquid mercury or perhaps liquid nickel. I asked KR about the craft and he told me that the one inside the hangar belonged to us. It was newer and was one of ours.”

MILABS Not Accurate?

“I looked again at the older craft and then told KR:

Well, this is certainly going to cause some confusion for the MILAB people.”

“He looked at me somewhat surprised and didn’t comment. I don’t know if he was unsure of what I was talking about, but I did get the impression from him that he did not believe the MILAB phenomenon was accurate at all. I have also begun to suspect that the MILAB activity is not as widespread or what we’ve been led to believe.”

“As soon as I had this thought, I suddenly saw a phone. I was supposed to speak with someone with this phone, but I realized this was a ruse. A ‘phone prop’ is often shown to me in order to communicate that it is time for me to return.”

“I now suddenly felt that KR was somewhat pissed at me for mentioning the MILAB subject. It was over now. I messed up. I had to go back. Enough discussion – It was time for me to leave.”

The Following Day

“It’s now Sunday and I had another memory surface, but it didn’t occur last night. I think it’s residual from either seeing [Experiencer II, name redacted] or it’s from a different B-5 encounter.”

“Two days later, I received this email from a person living on the opposite Coast from me, [Experiencer II]. I hadn’t checked my email for two days because I came down with a terrible ‘bug’ all weekend.”

Rank Insignia: “Something out of Star Trek…”

At 10:20 AM 8-[specific date redacted] 2010, [Experiencer II] wrote:


Had a strange dream last night that I wanted to tell you about before it fades. I was in an underground shelter, on Earth, with about 100 other people, and we were all dressed in black uniforms, with rank insignia that kind of looked like something out of Star Trek TNG. There was a war on, or one was about to start.

There were no obvious aliens there, but the people appeared to be Class 2 abductees and hybrids. The base commander was a cool guy, who referred to us as “his tribe.” I got the impression that it was an alien facility, but that it had some connection with the U.S. military. Most of the people there were people I knew, at least slightly.

In the “dream,” we referred to the facility as “NORAD Headquarters,” but it was not big enough, or fancy enough to be the real NORAD Headquarters. There were four missile launch consoles there, and radar screens to track objects in space. The whole “dream” reminded me strongly of one of your experiences, so I thought I would pass it along.

My head is still reeling from what happened yesterday; I can hardly wait to get regressed, and hopefully, remember what happened.


Closing Comments

The similarities between Experiencer I and Experiencer II are incredibly uncanny. On the surface, this appears to be a satellite retrieval operation, but why the black uniforms with Star Trek-like insignia? Experiencer I remembered seeing humans that were in some branch of the military, but could not identify them due to the black uniforms. Experiencer II remembered ETs or human hybrids and military personnel, as well as other Experiencers referred to as Level 2 Abductees. The black uniforms Experiencer II described were also witnessed by Experiencer I; however, Experiencer I was reluctant to put it in writing. Both have described “MILAB” as well as Extraterrestrial activity throughout their lives. At the very least, with beings who possess much more advanced technology for the time. Additional images sent along with this write-up show the technology publicly known at the time (2010. See side column).

Today we have learned much more about exotic technologies we humans possess. The United State’s Space Force was revealed publicly during the previous administration. It is not unreasonable to consider the idea that what these two individuals described might have been the early stages of the formation of the USSF. In fact, it is highly likely. Being a part of something like the USSF is literally out-of-this-world fascinating. Our younger generations have so much to look forward to. At least, we hope the endeavors of the USSF will turn out to be positive ones.

The USSF has been flying a fleet of space shuttles for over 13 years; mostly likely, a lot longer. They can remain airborne for nearly a thousand days at a time, probably longer if needed. The UAP Hearings conducted in 2023 shined a glimmer of light on the fact that we possess non-human “biologics” and exotic technology. The witness testimony given to the public via the 2023 UAP Hearings barely touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Information from the closed door hearings will most likely be squashed for as long as possible.

What about that Insignia seen in 2010?

We are not allowed to publish the actual insignia because of the wishes of the United States Space Force. However, it is nearly identical to what Experiencers I and II witnessed.

“Delta and Motto Flag Seal Note: The U.S. Space Force seal is reserved for internal, official use only and marked here to discourage unauthorized use.”

We can, however, view it below in these two images. Photographs are courtesy of; November, 2023.


X-37-B-USSF Shuttle


Enlargement of X-37B Seal with the USSF Insignia Beneath


USSF Seal and Insignia 

More To Come?

There is, of course, much more to this story. There were previous and post “B-5” encounters and we suspect there are probably more Experiencers involved that haven’t come forward, or cannot remember. We will ponder what to do with any other reports such as these. The Module is unique, for certain. The manner in which it “came down from the sky” is similar to one hearing a rocket landing back on its pad, but we are not aware that technology existed in 2010, which leads to more questions than answers. It all points toward this being a joint operation involving humans and non-humans working alongside one another in yet another secretive underground environment.



Space Force Rank Insignia

Secret Space Shuttles

USSF Plans 21 National Security Launches in 2024

USSF Funding of Cislunar Study

Oracle Launches in 2026

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B-5 Module

B-5 Module with Equipment and Work Suits worn by Technicians



















Two Story Hangar

Two Story Aircraft Hangar























Clean Room

Hubble Clean Room





B-5 Technician's Work Suit

































B-X-15 NASA Aircraft

This is similar to the newer craft, but there were no panels or ridges or rivets anywhere. It looked like "hardened liquid metal."

(Made of a Nickel superalloy known as Inconel)

X Series of Aircraft

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