A Study of the Relationship Between Abduction Experiences and Unusual Electromagnetic Aftereffects:
A Summary Review, Report and Discussion

By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.


Part II - Report

We now find ourselves at the point of presenting Part II of the E-M Aftereffects Study of Abductees spanning the period from November 2015 to June 2016. Regretfully, this has not been a productive period for the collection of such reports. Only four respondents contacted the investigator during that span of time. One was simply an individual who sought assistance in analyzing her blood results. The inquiry had nothing to do with the Study being conducted. The second case was from a respondent with well-recognized E-M aftereffects but only tenuously associated with an abduction. Her case was retained because it contained a long and complex history of paranormal events dating back to early childhood, but was not included in the study. A third respondent involved a mantis encounter but failed to provide adequate information concerning identifiable E-M aftereffects. This respondent was also not included in the study.

Based on email correspondence and the completion of the E-M Aftereffects Questionnaire, only one respondent was added to the Study and assigned a case number. [Reason for low number of Respondents.]

Case #052931 - A female 45-49 year old with three children and blood type A+, responded positively to being an abductee with a number of earlier abductions and having flashbacks of previous abductions. She also reported that an immediate family member had also undergone abduction experiences. The subject reported having noted previous unexplainable physical scars or markings on her body. Furthermore she believes herself to be carrying an alien implant.

The responded noted the following E-M aftereffects:

Lights flickering or turning off and on by themselves in her presence.

Having problems using her computer mouse.

Experiencing frequent difficulties and/or malfunctions with her computer.

Periodically having difficulty tuning radios or similar devices.

Witnessing her cell phone fading in and out during a conversation.

Confirmed that her phone calls are occasionally plagued by static.

Often feels jinxed around electronic devices.

Can occasionally cause lights to dim, turn on/off, and blow out in her proximity.


Note: For purposes of evaluation this inventory was compressed into 4 distinct categories for the purposes of analysis: lighting, computer, communication anomalies and atmospheric sensitivity.

Respondent Remarks Concerning E-M Effects


“…one night the lamp exploded over my head in my bedroom with my boyfriend there, the power cord blew in half.”

“…if it’s stormy, especially [with] lightning. My head hurts extremely bad. Also if I fly.”

“I moved to the city and was renting a house with my daughter, the light bulbs in the house would literally blow over my head shattering me [with] bits of glass. The electrician couldn’t explain it.”


When this case was added to previous reports collected from the period of October 2015 - June 2016, the total number of E-M attributes reported by each respondent was:

Case 1 = 5

Case 2 = 1

Case 3 = 9

Case 4 = 3

Case 5 = 3

Case 6 = 4


Because of the small number of respondents to the study, it is difficult to say anything other than this effort verifies the existence of NDE-like electromagnetic aftereffects in the alien abduction population. Its relative frequency could not be determined because of the voluntary nature of case collection. Among the six cases collected, five were female and one was male. The respondents ranged in age from 20-24 to 45-49. Their blood types were:


1 = O+

1 = O-

2 = A+

1 = B+

1 = AB (Rh?)


The number of distinct E-M categories ranged from 1-9 with an average of 4.2. Only one individual reported being affected by the environment they found themselves in – atmospheric conditions. Two individuals noted that being agitated worsened the E-M effects. Three respondents noted another family member was abducted at the same time. Four individuals suspected having had multiple abductions. One individual is suspected having an implant and three reported having marks, bruises or scars.

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