Significant Observations Relating to Animal Mutilations

Part II

By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.

Bodies Dropped From Above

In addition to the actual mutilations, other attributes are frequently associated with the animal mutilations. For example, in some cases the ground beneath a carcass is slightly depressed suggesting that the animal was dropped from a great height. Consistent with this impression, their carcasses are sometimes twisted in unnatural shapes that become frozen by rigor mortis. Necropsies of these cases show major fractures of the animal’s limbs and ribs which are consistent with impact trauma. Furthermore, when these cases are found in wooded areas, branches of nearby trees are found broken or bent in way that would imply that the animal’s body was dropped to the ground.

This brings to up another unexplained phenomenon. For years, power and telephone companies have on occasion found carcasses of deer and other large animals inexplicably entangled in their lines. Often their bodies are suspended at great heights above the ground and require considerable effort to remove. What is not clear is how they became lodged there in the first place. Until now, these findings have been attributed to committed pranksters. However, animal mutilation cases suggest these carcasses may have been dropped onto the lines from above. It would be informative to examine the bodies of these suspended animals to see if they show any classic signs of cattle mutilation.

Then there is the factor known as “carcass avoidance.” Dr. George E. Onet, a doctor of veterinary microbiology and cattle mutilation investigator, has claimed that mutilated cattle are avoided by large scavengers “such as coyotes, wolves, foxes, dogs, skunks, badgers, and bobcats” for several days after its death. Similarly, domestic animals are also reported to be ‘visibly agitated’ and ‘fearful’ of the carcass.” [7] Dr. Onet’s claim is supported by numerous anecdotal reports gathered from cattlemen about their mutilated stock.

I am unaware of any significant statistical data relating to animal mutilation cases other than a finding reported by Dr. Howard Burgess [8]. His data showed that nearly 90 percent of mutilated cattle brought to his attention were between four and five years of age. Since the average longevity of cattle is between 15 and 25 years, it would appear that their mutilators have bias towards the selection of younger bovines. One cannot help but wonder why they seek this particular age group.

Associated with Extraterrestrial Activity

By process of elimination, the extraterrestrial hypothesis remains the most probable cause of animal mutilations. Ranchers who have lost cattle, horses, or even bison have unanimously concluded that the events are UFO related. In support of their opinion are numerous reports of strange nocturnal lights; spheres that glow in many different colors, then divide, merge and release both smaller spheres or beams of light into the countryside at night. The bodies of mutilated animals are often found in the vicinity of this activity shortly thereafter.

Also supporting this conclusion is the fact that no tracks of any kind are ever found at the carcass site. Therefore, it’s conceivable that a hovering craft of some kind is used to capture targeted animals and remove them to a different location. Discolored circular patches of soil ranging from 25 to 35 feet in diameter are occasionally found near the remains of mutilated animals. Often these patches remain sterile for years after they are found. And on a few occasions, triangular depressions in the ground have been observed as well. These signs could represent UFO landing traces.

Phantom Helicopters

Complicating the issue of causation are frequent reports of silent, unmarked helicopters operating in concert with mutilation activity. These sightings have fueled the suspicion among some ranchers that a secret government agency may also be involved in the mutilation phenomenon. The role of these phantom helicopters remains unclear, but their historical presence over past decades argues, at least in part, in favor of some type of government participation in these events.

It would be interesting to know if silent helicopters are being observed in other countries experiencing animal mutilations. It’s now well established that the mutilations are not limited to North America. Since the initial publication of Lady’s mutilation, thousands of similar cases have emerged from around the world. Recognized “hot spots” of mutilation activity include Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, parts of Europe, the Canary Islands, China, Southeast Asia and Australia. Many of these countries do not have advanced avionic technology. Therefore, their presence would enhance the notion that these mysterious silent helicopters are UFO related.

Wild Animals Also Mutilated

One European country that has become prominently involved in mutilation investigations is the United Kingdom (U.K.). There, a private organization known as the Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) has diligently investigated such cases since 2002. Their work and findings are now reaching public awareness though the lecturing efforts of Richard D. Hall [9]. The APFU is currently involved in the investigation of a wide range of sheep mutilations affecting the rural countryside. While these mutilations have dominated their concern, their work has led to the discovery that a wide range of wild animals are also being mutilated.

Sheep mutilations are similar, but not identical, to those reported in cattle. A few notable differences include occasionally finding sheep and domesticated animals such as cats and dogs cut in half with their internal organs gutted out.

The APFU has also discovered that smaller creatures such as badgers, groundhogs, and even small deer are often found decapitated with their heads dispersed a great distance away from their bodies. Interest in the skull of various animals is also evident. A commonly observed mutilation in foxes consists of a single hole bored through the upper skull from which the animal’s brains have been mysteriously removed.

Sea Mammals Also Victims

Surprisingly, land animals are not the only kind of mammals being found mysteriously mutilated. In the northern region of the U.K. near the Faroe Islands, large numbers of seals and dolphins have been discovered mutilated in a strange corkscrew pattern ranging over the entire length of their bodies. At first government officials attributed these findings to accidental deaths cause by contact with the propeller blades of large motor craft but extensive investigations have failed to verify their suspicions. Furthermore, the mutilations are often found some distance inland, far from where their carcasses would presumably wash ashore.

Being unable to resolve the mutilations through their own resources, British farmers, herders and the APFU have turned to law enforcement authorities for help. Results have been mixed. By and large, law enforcement officials have been frustrated by their inability to either determine the cause of these crimes or to capture those responsible for the mutilations. They, in turn, have sought the assistance of veterinary pathologists for forensic clues. That’s when a familiar reluctance appears to takes hold. Veterinarians are highly sensitive to the opinions of the medical and scientific community at large. Since the professional milieu in which they operate does not recognize the existence of UFOs or aliens, veterinary responses to law enforcement’s requests have been extremely cautious. As a result, veterinarians have largely restrained themselves from stating that the mutilations represent any cause of an unorthodox nature even though they, too, are baffled by them.

Even so, a small number of law enforcement officers and concerned veterinarians have ventured to state that the mutilations must be extraterrestrial in origin. This view has not been well received by their colleagues. Even the media has remained unsupportive of their conclusion. Reluctance to carry out more comprehensive investigations by agencies responsible for domestic livestock and national fisheries has only frustrated the situation. To date nothing has been resolved concerning the mutilation problem. All the while cattle, horses, sheep and a host of other domesticated and wild animals continue being mutilated.

Adding specific examples of mutilation reports would add little to what has already been presented. But cases similar to those seen in the U.S. and U.K. are constantly being reported throughout the world. Decades after Lady’s mutilation, innumerable other animals have suffered a similar fate. Their fate now remains linked to still another mystery; unidentified aerial lights and mysterious aircraft. Here for example is one such typical report dated July 15, 1984, from the Sunday Times in Perth, Australia:

Cover-up alleged over UFO-linked animal slaughter. Many reports of UFOs and strange lights in the sky. Farmers in the Adelaide Hills have discovered mutilated animal corpses and burn marks on the ground. ... In one incident, researchers say a farmer discovered four cows with holes drilled into their skulls and the brains removed...” [10]

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[9] Richard D. Hall is a graduate in electrical engineering from Newcastle University (1990). He initially worked on engineering projects for NEI (formerly Rolls Royce) until 2002 when he left the Company to pursue work as a freelance IT consultant and web designer. His book Aliens Before Gentlemen: A Guide to the Future, explores what information might become common knowledge in a post (UFO) Disclosure world. He now is a researcher and lecturer on the subject of UFOs and other related phenomena. In 2008 he established Rich Planet and has since produce two documentaries, Through the Psy Ops and The Information War as well as a series of TV programs about UFOs and Animal Mutilations.

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