Significant Observations Relating to Animal Mutilations

Part III

By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.


A Review of the Facts

At this point it would be worthwhile to enumerate a number of consistent facts relating to animal mutilations that define the phenomenon. What follows are observations made by those most intimately involved with the problem:

1. For nearly five decades a wide range of domesticated animals, particularly those that are grazers like cattle, horses, sheep, and goats, as well as a wide range of mammalian wildlife and even some aquatic creatures have been found mutilated in various locations around the world.

2. The mutilations appear to be premeditated and are carried out with surgical precision.

3. One of the defining characteristics of these mutilations is the complete absence of blood both within the carcass and at the mutilation site.

4. A typical mutilation found in cattle and sheep consists of: (1) a jaw swipe whereby all muscle and tissue are removed down to the bone usually on one side of the jaw, (2) the removal of one or both eyes and ears, (3) excision of the tongue deep at its root, (4) removal of internal and external genitalia, and (5) removal of digestive and other soft internal organs through small circular orifices cut through the flesh.

5. The orifices appear to be made with an instrument of intense heat which cauterizes the edges of the incisions leaving what resembles small “cookie cutter” like serrations.

6. Other kinds of mutilations are frequently reported as well. They include bifurcation of the body accompanied by the evisceration of the animal’s internal organs, decapitation, complete removal of particular organs from various regions of the body, and holes bored through the upper skull from which the brains are removed. In the case of aquatic mammals like seals and porpoises, deep corkscrew lacerations are found along the entire length of their bodies.

7. In some cases evidence exist that the carcasses of mutilated animals were deposited from a great height often causing secondary injuries from the fall.

8. Possible explanations for the cause of these mutilations have generally fallen into four categories; natural predation, satanic or other cult-like ceremonies, covert human intervention, or the product of UFO activity.

9. The presence of strange nocturnal lights, occasionally UFOs and silent helicopters in the vicinity of mutilation activity suggests an extraterrestrial causation. Their consistent presence and, in a few cases, direct human observation of their involvement with mutilated animals [11] makes UFOs the most likely culprits of these offenses. However, the observation of unmarked, silent helicopters in the near mutilation sites has added confusion regarding their causal significance. This subset of related activity could indicate a covert military involvement in the mystery as well.

Another Facet to the Mystery

Many diligent efforts have been made by local law enforcement authorities to investigate cattle mutilations. The willful mutilation and killing of another person’s livestock is an offense punishable by law. In England, such events can be prosecuted under The Criminal Damage Act 1971. [12] Yet throughout its decade’s long duration, no person in the U.S. or U.K. has ever been charged with, let alone convicted of animal mutilation.

To date, the scope of these mutilations is enormous. It’s estimated that over 10,000 cases have been reported over the past decades. [13] In order to better deal with the issue, assistance from the FBI has been repeatedly sought by various state officials and law enforcement investigators. At one point the FBI did briefly take up the challenge with preliminary findings stating that mutilations were the result of natural predation. However, shortly thereafter the Agency declared that they were abandoning further investigations because they lacked legal jurisdiction to do so: “The FBI was asked to investigate, but was unable to do so because of a lack of jurisdiction (except when such mutilations were found on Indian lands)”. [14]

Stonewalling by Federal Authorities

In his TV documentary Silent Killers, [15] Richard D. Hall carefully examines similar problems in the U.K. He concludes that there has been a deliberate effort in the United Kingdom to stonewall these crimes; sometimes by the very same agencies charged with their investigation. He even notes cases when government officials have required sheep herders to not only surrender the carcasses of their mutilated sheep for analysis, they have also to surrender private photos taken of their dead livestock as well. To add insult to injury, the herders are never notified of any results from these official investigations, nor for that matter are their photos ever returned. In Mr. Hall’s estimate, even the British media appears unofficially involved in this “pooh poohing” of the matter.

Linda Moulton Howe has encountered a similar lack of concern by government officials here in the U.S. Despite careful documentation of hundreds of mutilation cases on her website she has remained unable to elicit official concern or support for the ranchers’ plight. One would think that the financial burden associated with the loss of thousands of cattle would be sufficient to provoke some kind of official response to the problem but sadly this has not been the case.

By now, many ranchers have become so disillusioned by this kind of official unresponsiveness that they no longer bother reporting new mutilations. They openly declare being completely baffled by the government’s inaction and by facile explanations given them by public officials. Some ranchers even suspect that the government is actively working against their efforts to obtain any kind of viable explanation for the loss of their livestock.

It would seem that either U.S. and U.K. government agencies responsible for carrying out these investigations are seriously inept, or that they are cognizant of the mutilation problem but wish keep to it restricted from further scrutiny. The first explanation is certainly arguable, though I suspect that the second possibility is more probable.

Of course even if our governments knew of a relationship between animal mutilations and aliens, it’s seriously doubtful that they could do anything about it. We should recall that the U.S. Air Force skirted a similar issue by stating that since UFOs were not a threat to national security, there was no need for them to investigate any further. This official disclaimer only served to rationalize the obvious; if UFOs were a threat to national security what could our defense forces do about it anyway? Those responsible for national policy decisions may simply be choosing to ignore the matter in order to deflect any further consideration of the issue.

Government Collusion?

A couple of alternate possibilities are frightening. The first is that certain covert branches within the U.S. and U.K. not only know that animal mutilations are taking place by aliens, they may have already reached an agreement with the extraterrestrials under which the mutilation of livestock is permissible so long as human beings are spared from similar acts.

Another possibility is even more dreadful. Certain aliens, but most likely not all, may occasionally mutilate humans as well as animals. At present there is scant evidence that this is taking place. One notable exception is the 1988 human mutilation near Guarapiranga, Brazil. [16] This case has documented photographic evidence of a human cadaver showing mutilations over his body similar to those found in cattle. Even more gruesome, the autopsy report concluded that the procedure occurred while the victim was still alive. Apparently, it was the pain associated with the mutilations that resulted in the man’s death. A later investigation concluded that the man died from natural causes. However, this later investigation never explained the photographic evidence which accompanied his initial autopsy. [17]

Fortunately such cases are extremely rare. However, if covert government agencies are systematically “cleaning up” evidence of such crimes then we have a real dilemma on our hands. In that case, not only are aliens abducting humans, some of them could be mutilating us as well. If true, such a situation would be atrocious.

In reality, all possibilities mentioned above may be in error. I have no knowledge whatsoever about the motives of either the aliens or our own Government. What I suggest above are just logical possibilities for our Government seeming unconcern of a matter.

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Continue Reading Part IV: Discussion, Who and How, Why Mutilations May Be Occurring, Conclusions and Recommendations.

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