Alien Autopsy Casebook

The Spyros Melaris Story

Part II

By Philip Mantle

Going Public

The one thing that I first asked Spyros was why was it that he had decided to go public with this information now. It was twelve years since the alien autopsy film hit the headlines. Melaris stuck to his confidentiality agreement. From a legal point of view, if he broke it, he could have been sued. However, in 2005 he was approached by Santilli and Shoefield to be involved in the movie version of this whole affair. He asked both if they would now tell the true story and reveal that it was all a fake, but they said no, they were going to maintain that they really did have original film. Again, Santilli and Shoefield stated that there was no money in it and that they were doing it for “a bit of fun”. When pressed, they admitted that both Santilli and Shoefield would get paid a percentage of the profits. There was no such offer for Melaris. Melaris declined their offer. He left that meeting under the impression that the movie was not going to be made. However, the movie was made and distributed by Warner Bros and so Melaris felt that he was now able to speak as the story was now in the public domain.

The Doubters

To round off the interview, I asked Spyros Melaris what he had to say to the doubters out there, those that believe the alien autopsy film is the genuine article. I’m not going to paraphrase this and, instead, I will use his words in full:

Philip Mantle (PM): Time’s against us, Spyros. I’ll ask one last question. There are those out there who believe in this film and Santilli 100% and they think that you’re some kind of pathological liar. Playing devil’s advocate here, so please don’t be offended.

Spyros Melaris (SM): No. Go ahead.

PM: What would you say if you could say one thing to the doubters out there? Is there any one thing that you can say that would say to them Spyros Melaris is who he says he is and has made this film?

SM: I don’t think that there’s any doubt that somebody made it today. That’s fair to say that somebody made the film and even Santilli said it’s a fake, but it was made from original film. I think that’s really the question. The question isn’t whether I made it, because I can prove I made it. John Humphreys will tell you I made it. Ray would probably tell you I made it! He couldn’t deny it. There’s too much evidence. The question is, did I make it from original film? And the simple answer to that is no. There was never any original film, other than the tent footage. I’ve never seen any other film. Ray maintains that he’s got original film. My question to Ray is how would that film marry with what I made? It can’t. I haven’t actually seen the film. Now you may say, “Maybe you’re lying and you did see the film and you made it.”

The story’s a bigger story if there was a real film. There would be more money in it. There wouldn’t be a reason for me and Ray to be parted. Why would we fall out? The common sense has got to come into the argument. I’m part of something as big as real film of a real alien. Why would I jeopardise being part of that and go off on my own? There’s no reason to. That’s the first thing.

The second thing. I promise you, something happened in Roswell. I’m not an easy person… I’m a sceptic. I’m not an easy person to convince. Thirty people that I talked to out there, clever people, doctors, lecturers, all sorts of people, tell me they saw something. And I believe them. Something happened. A lot of ordinary people. Something happened. So, I don’t think there’s dispute about whether or not something happened in Roswell or other sightings or whether or not everything’s fake. No, I don’t think everything’s fake. I do know this is. I also know that if Ray had original film, he’d be jumping through hoops to let you test it. I’m sorry, but that’s what you would do. You would say, “Give me billions of pounds for this.” That’s what you would say. You would say, “I’ve got nothing to worry about. The cameraman doesn’t want to speak, but look at the film.” That’s what you’d do! That’s what you would do.

PM: Say no more.


Once again I would like to reiterate that this is only part of what Spyros Melaris had to tell me. The full, unedited interview can be found in the alien autopsy section of our web site.

Checking the Facts

So how do we check that what Spyros Melaris is telling us is correct? It is no easy task I can assure you. The documentary material shown to me by Spyros is intriguing, but not proof-positive. My colleague, Mark Center in the USA, checked the private pilot, Rodney Corn, for me and he does exist. Mark spoke to him on the phone, but he has no recollection of being hired by Spyros Melaris. This could be because he was hired by Geraldine and we are talking about an event which happened over twelve years ago.

At the UFO DATA Conference in October, 2007, was German researcher, Michael Hesemann. Michael was also one of the speakers that weekend. Michael investigated the alien autopsy film from 1995 through to 1997 and believes it to be authentic. After the conference, when Michael was back home in Germany, he sent me an email that, quite frankly, left me stunned. He admitted, for the first time, that in 1996, someone sent Michael an email, telling him that Spyros Melaris was the hoaxer. Hesemann had never shared this information with anyone. I asked him what he did with it and he simply told me that he phoned Ray Santilli and asked him if he knew this man, to which Santilli replied he did not. Michael told me he left it at that. However, Spyros Melaris independently informed me that, in 1996, he had received a phone call from someone with a German accent, asking him if he was the hoaxer and he, of course, denied it. He did not know who the caller was until he met Hesemann at our conference. I pressed Michael about this and, eventually, he admitted he did phone Spyros back in 1996.

Michael Hesemann’s Decision

Why Michael Hesemann never shared this information with anyone else is beyond me. In his defence, Michael has stated that there were others mentioned at the time and he did not want to spread false rumours, but these others names were circulated and eliminated. I have to be honest and say here and now that I cannot understand why Hesemann sat on this information and never told anyone. I leave it to you to make up your own mind. A colleague of mine, who is a veteran TV and movie special effects artist, also took a look at the interview with Spyros. In his considered opinion, the techniques and materials used by Melaris and his team to make the fake alien creature are 100% correct. There is no question in his mind that the dummies were made in the way described. He does have a few questions he’d like to ask, but these are purely little points of clarification and there is nothing wrong with what Melaris has had to say.

The other main person involved in all of this is, of course, US TV producer, Bob Kiviat. Several years back, my colleague, Tim Mathews, and I were tipped off about John Humphreys. Humphreys was part of the team and he made the dummies. Bob tried for years to get Humphreys on camera and make a TV documentary, but all to no avail. Eventually, Bob did make a TV show for Channel Five, but without Humphreys in it. This was never broadcast. Both Humphreys and Melaris have spoken at length to Bob Kiviat about their involvement in this whole affair, so I took the opportunity to ask Bob a few questions on December 4th, 2007. This mini question and answer session is reproduced here in full:

Q: How many times did you speak with UK sculptor, John Humphreys?

A: Once before the Ant & Dec movie came out. In approximately 2003. Once after that.

Q: Did Humphreys tell you on what he based the design for his alien creatures?

A: Yes, just on his own research, books and such. No other help.

Q: Did Humphreys ever see any original film, stills or otherwise?

A: No, never. He claimed it all came from his creative efforts and book research.

Q: During your conversations with Humphreys, did he ever mention the name Spyros Melaris?

A: Yes. He said Spyros was the one who hired him for Santilli, who he met perhaps twice and came to the set once. All the money came through Spyros. Also, Spyros was the cameraman.

Q: Did Humphreys provide the names of anyone else involved. If yes, what are those names?

A: No other names.

Q: Why was Humphreys looking to work with you on a documentary?

A: Yes, Humphreys wanted me to get him a network TV show based on his revelations that he made the autopsy footage, with Spyros acting as money man and cameraman, who he believed was working for Santilli.

Q: Was Humphreys going to tell all and sink the stories put out by Ray Santilli?

A: Yes, but until I got a commitment from a TV network and guaranteed money for his exclusive, he kept much close to his chest.

Q: Did you speak to Humphreys’ agent/advisor?

A: Yes, his business manager was my main contact for all of 2003 and 2004 and it was he who informed me John was going to do the Ant & Dec movie, without giving me the details. There would also be a companion documentary “that would be my worst nightmare,” he said.

Q: What did he tell you about Humphreys’ involvement and reasons for wanting to spill the beans?

A: Instead of Humphreys spilling the beans to me, his manager clearly implied John had lost patience and saw a payday elsewhere – the movie, etc.

Q: You made a TV documentary for Channel Five in 2006, in which I appeared, could you tell us why it was never broadcast?

A: Channel Five was rushing instructions to my productions offices in LA from England, telling me how the show needed to be styled and they also wanted to move the airdate up to an almost impossible deadline. We were working around the clock already to appease the Channel Five executive in charge, when one of the top people at Five actually listed the show in a TV guide of some sort. That’s when Gary Shoefield contacted Five and falsely claimed Ray Santilli was involved in the ownership of my original Fox show, which the new Five show was jumping off from. It was an outright fabrication, for my company has the only US copyright to the show AND THE ALIEN AUTOPSY FOOTAGE ITSELF! While we were sorting through this false claim, we interviewed you. When the Five executives saw you naming Humphreys as the guy who made the dummy and who was the key pro behind the footage, they wanted confirmation so they ILLEGALLY contacted Humphreys through a consulting producer. Humphreys freaked out, told them he wanted nothing to do with the Five show and said he had to contact Warner Bros. Ultimately, Five reneged on their agreement with my distributor, my distributor did not fight for the airing and this is how things were left. I’m still debating what course of action I can take to recover my substantial losses and DAMAGE!

Q: You have spoken on the telephone at length with Spyros Melaris. Are you convinced he is telling the truth?

A: For the most part, I can’t find any outlandish things that make his story unbelievable. But I do wonder how he could have been so naïve about the amount of money Santilli was making around the world. This part seems odd, as if he was playing dumb. On the contrary, he seems very bright. And if Ray gave him just enough work to keep him quiet afterward, I still wonder why he let all the other money go into Ray’s pocket without him demanding his share. This doesn’t add up, literally, pound for pound.

Q: You have been involved with the Alien Autopsy film since 1995, you have interviewed or spoken to most, if not all, the main players in it all, so, what now is your conclusion?

A: I’m going to need more time to answer that question. Spyros’ actions or non-actions in court will have a lot to do with this and I’m looking into another intriguing angle that could impact my conclusions.

Robert Kiviat. End of interview

It is clear from this brief interview with Bob Kiviat that there are slight differences between what John Humphreys says about his role in the faking of the film and what Melaris says. However, Humphreys does state, quite clearly, that it was Spyros Melaris who was the money man and it was Melaris who hired him on behalf of Santilli. Humphreys also confirms, without any doubt, that there never was any original film. It was a complete and utter fabrication.

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. In 1996, Spyros Melaris was outlined as the hoaxer to German researcher, Michael Hesemann. In 2003, US TV producer, Bob Kiviat, spoke with UK sculptor, John Humphreys, who confirmed that Spyros was the man in charge and that there was no original film. In 2007, Spyros Melaris goes on the record for the first time and tells how it was all made. Well, perhaps not all. Spyros is holding back certain things for his book, which will be available in early 2008. And, as for Ray Santilli, well, he’s pretty quiet at the moment, but I doubt if he will ever own up as he is quite simply in it too deep.

The long-awaited book by Spyros Melaris, ALIEN AUTOPSY: The Myth Exposed, comes with an accompanying DVD. It was originally scheduled to be released in 2008, but, for a variety of reasons, it has been delayed with no firm date yet for its release.

This article is published with the expressed written permission of Philip Mantle for publication on

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