Videotaping Alien Beings

The 1995 Experiment

Time Invested = 62 Hours

Part II

By Global ET Research

Possible MILAB

The following night the tape showed the AE family sleeping normally, but on April 30th, they again awakened to find that the tape showed nothing but a blue screen. An equipment check was made and a re-taped segment of the tape showed everything to be in working order. Curiously – we might even use the term incredibly – AE-2 retained conscious memories involving what appeared to be military personnel or possibly a SWAT team escorting an alien through an underground facility. The being was described as appearing similar to a species referred to as the Greys, but with white skin. He was wearing a black jumpsuit or flight suit, and his left eye had a red spiraling effect inside of it that appeared animated and rotated inward. We do not know if this was a real extraterrestrial, a sophisticated robot/android or if this being was a human dressed in a costume, but we have three important components to seriously consider:

(1) An AE in an underground facility,

(2) A militaristic presence,

(3) A possible extraterrestrial.

This incident might be labeled by some as a MILAB encounter, but this does not necessarily mean it involved humans from an Earth based military. It very well could have involved special ops personnel, but it could have also involved specially trained security personnel with military training and equipment.

A Technical Glitch

Subsequent to this encounter, the recordings did not show anything unusual occurring again until May 5, 1995 and this time it was determined that a technical glitch had in fact occurred. When the equipment operated properly the AE family could hear a very high pitched frequency associated with the camera. Before getting into bed that night, AE-2 listened for the frequency, but did not hear it and decided not to bother with the equipment since they were quite tired. The next morning there wasn’t anything on the tape, but there was a blue screen again. The AEs conducted a test tape and it still did not record, so they checked the camera and moved the wires around a bit. After checking the camera, it appeared as if the casing around the camera had worked its way loose somehow, even though it was not previously touched by either AE. In any case, we can safely deduce that in this case, an obvious technical problem occurred.

It is important to restate that after the previous instances during which only a blue screen was recorded, a test taping was always performed. The tape was always carefully placed back into the VCR without moving any wires or controls on the VCR (other than the eject button) and the camera was not touched. In addition, each time a blue screen was recorded; the entire tape was viewed on fast forward to make sure nothing occurred later on during the night’s recording.

Craft Lands Three Times

The last portion of the videotaping project covered the dates May 6th through June 7th. The AE family skipped two nights’ recordings and unfortunately, on the second of these nights they didn’t record, both AEs had very unusual dreams that involved “flying in a craft and landing in three different locations at very steep angles of descent.” AE-2 remembered being “escorted by an alien being into a dormitory-type building with a lot of small rooms that contained small beds with a communal bathroom at the end of a long hallway.”

Needless to say, the following night, May 31, 1995 was a night without much of restful sleep for both AEs. At 2:46 a.m. AE-2 awakened due to a mechanical humming sound that is associated with alien abduction and they experienced an unsettling event: a feeling of paralysis and feeling they were in a different location. Eventually they were able to reach out to AE-1 to make sure they were still there. When they looked at the clock again, 20 minutes had passed in a mere instant. They reportedly had a memory of seeing approximately “fifty boomerang-shaped objects flying through the sky” and of “flying very fast above a highway at night.”

It’s difficult to say whether this event involved an actual abduction so we will leave it as an unknown or a possible dream.


From the first portion of this videotaping experiment, it appeared that when the videotape recorded a blue screen, there was always some type of signal interruption from the camera to the VCR when nonhuman beings or extraterrestrials were present and an encounter or “alien abduction” was consciously remembered. This leaves us with the following possibilities:

(1) The experiences were telepathically induced by extraterrestrial beings, thereby causing a signal interruption between the VCR and the camera,

(2) The experiences were telepathically induced by human beings, thereby causing a signal interruption between the VCR and the camera,

(3) The experiences were physical events and either intruding humans or extraterrestrials were able to affect the signal between the VCR and the camera.


From this portion of the videotaping experiment, we can surmise that the phenomenon we interpret as “alien abduction” can somehow nullify the signal from a camera to a VCR, which was set up for the specific purpose of documenting the phenomenon.

At the same time, this phenomenon does not affect other electronic equipment such as a digital clock that was located in the same room during the AEs’ encounters.

When the AEs remembered a detailed experience that involved seeing nonhuman beings, or what they thought were extraterrestrial beings, the camera/VCR malfunctioned.

When the AEs had no memories, but experienced physical aftereffects, i.e., symptomatology of an alien abduction, the camera/VCR malfunctioned.

When they had an ordinary dream or no memory of an ET encounter, the camera/VCR did not malfunction.

These findings, at the very least, demonstrate to us that there was some force or energy or nonhuman beings which entered into the AEs’ home capable of effecting the electronic equipment which could have recorded its image; however, this same force or energy or nonhuman beings, did not effect any other electronic equipment in the same room or any other area of the home. In our opinion, these findings also indicate selectivity perpetrated by an entity with consciousness. © GETR/AJ






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