Videotaping Alien Beings

The 2010 Experiment

Part III

Time Invested = 181 Hours

By Global ET Research

Memories the Night of Video Anomalies

The following day, both AEs retained conscious memories and described what they remembered upon getting into bed. AE-2 states: “What I remember is that AE-1 got into bed and I got up to use the bathroom. I then got back into bed and I thought we went to sleep after that. After we got out of bed the next morning, the tape automatically began to work and record again, but it only showed a few seconds of the bed before I turned it off. The pillows are exactly in the same position as they were when I went back in to check the bed after watching the video. Realizing the tape signal was interrupted, I took a different camera and made a digital video of the pillows and the bed to show they were in the exact position and that they matched what was on the videotape for the few seconds prior to the tape turning off.”

“This demonstrates the tape was working fine except for some reason, it didn’t record our images after the lights and lines appeared. [Videotape Anomalies Pictured in Part II] We also conducted a test with another tape when we realized the signal had been interrupted for over 7 hours and that test tape worked fine, so there was nothing wrong with the video recorder. The view in the monitor showed the video was also functioning perfectly.”

Both AEs retained conscious memories from their encounter that night. AE-1 remembered more than AE-2 and stated that they felt they were being pursued and were in danger. A few interesting quotes from AE-1’s journal entry follow:

AE-1’s Memories

“I traveled somewhere….I found myself in an underground area. This felt to be a subterranean area where parking garages, roads, and subways come together – I was perhaps a hundred feet below a municipal complex or business area.”

“There was a guy there who had gray-green tattoos on each side of his face; where a beard would be. They formed symbols, nothing like writing but a type of block symbols. From a distance he appeared to have wide sideburns that went down to his jaw and a little toward his chin.”

“I was also aware that we – our bodies – are being changed or altered in some way…”

“The final scenario involved being in an emergency stairwell. We opened a door and it led into a large ballroom of a hotel or convention center. There were hundreds of people there. I don’t know what they were doing or why I was there.” [There could have been a mass abduction occurring. We have heard of this scenario many times.]

AE-2’s Memories

“I saw two short stout aliens – like the ones in Whitley Strieber’s movie, Communion, but they were dressed differently. I’ve seen them several times before…One was female and the other was male. There was someone else there that was taller, but I didn’t see them clearly. I also had a strong sense that time travel was involved. The ‘knowing’ about the time travel or time manipulation was a very strong feeling; I was almost certain that it occurred. The stout ones had dark skin and they seemed deceptive or conniving…. We have seen these stout Beings during other encounters where we witnessed time manipulation or at least, other dimensional transportation occurring.”

Both the tapes, as well as the AEs’ memories, remained clear and free of any anomalous events and encounters until the second week of June. AE-1 was out of town visiting family and AE-2 was abducted again. A short snippet from a much longer journal entry follows:

“Two of the male Beings let me see them. They slowly and occasionally would show me what they looked like a little at a time so as not to shock me. They were small and appeared very alien looking. They had black hair and black eyes and their skin was a sickly looking gray color. Their bodies were very thin. I would focus on their faces and then slowly I could see what they really looked like and then there would be movement and a bit of distraction. They seemed to smile in a devious sort of way….as the encounter ended, one of the beings said,

‘It will be a very long time before we see the _______ lights of Earth.’

“He said a word that was descriptive of a certain type of light here on Earth, but I didn’t recognize the word…what I saw in my mind however about the lights he was referring to were the large, oval street lights that have a soft white hue.”

Aftereffects: Symptomatology

AE-2 continues: “I got out of bed this morning and had a bad taste in my mouth…I have a red spot on my left cheek bone. It wasn’t there before going to bed. I’m certain it has something to do with them – as if they placed a device against my face near my temple. I also have a small ‘eraser’ type bruise on the inside of my upper left thigh. I took photos of it. It’s from them. I have no doubt about that.”

Videotape Anomalies Relating to Encounter

The tape [relating to the June 2010 encounter above] showed two bright puffs and a distortion of light after AE-2 got out of bed to go into the bathroom. They are approximately one minute apart. AE-2 is not in the tape when the bright puffs of energy showing horizontal movement occur. We believe this was the moment when the encounter occurred.

This image is a frame capture of exactly when the white line and “puff” sound occurred on the tape. The white line only appears for a second and it shoots across the bed, but does not seem to come from any particular direction. The clock is on a chair (covered with blankets) at the foot of the bed. According to the videotape, this happened five hours, 12 minutes and 25 seconds after the tape was started and AE-2 went to bed. The oblong object near the middle of the bed is a dark blue tube pillow. We believe this unusual distortion may represent the moment an abduction occurred.

Stresses of the Videotaping Project

Between June and July the AEs experienced more encounters, but they did not tape every night due to the stress of the project, and they did not feel the taping was helping them in making any new discoveries. The once felt sense of control they experienced when the project began was now quite the opposite. It is unfortunate because the encounters they experienced provided extensive knowledge about some of the Beings’ procedures.

Another Moment of Abduction Captured on Tape

The one night they did record an anomaly on tape was June 16-17th and that encounter yielded some very interesting data. The videotape from this particular night shows an abrupt flash of light followed by a black screen. Moments prior to the flash of light, the videotape shows AE-2 awakening and turning to look across the room toward the camera to see what or who made the noise that wakened them.

This image shows the AEs in bed and the clock reads approximately 3:30 a.m.

Approximately 1/2-second to 1-second later [the next frame in the videotape] the flash of light occurs. [The video counter reading does not relate to anything since this was rewound and played again so the AEs could film it with a digital camera.]

This is the next frame and the final image. Approximately 1/2-second to 1-second after this flash and subsequent image distortion, the tape goes black.


AE-1’s June Encounter

The sketch on the right is a depiction of two types of craft AE-2 saw during one of their encounters that June. The somewhat triangular shaped craft was similar to a giant moth in that it changed its shape from a barrel shaped craft [right] into the “moth” shaped craft [left]. The craft had a fire orange glow while in its barrel shape, and was a tangerine color in its “moth” shape. The other craft AE-2 saw was described as being the size of a house and had a white light in its center with three white lights on each extension. It was seen hovering over some trees. There were other craft flying at a higher altitude, but their shapes were indistinguishable.

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Photo of Moment of Abduction

Energy Shooting Across Bed
Possible Moment of Alien Abduction




















Face Markings during ET Event
























Photo of Moment of Abduction

Energy Shooting Across Bed
Possible Moment of Alien Abduction


Photo of Moment of ET Abduction Interference

Moment of Interference


Approximately 1/2-second to 1-second later


Below are the Craft AE-1 Saw During Their Encounter

ET Craft Night of Video of ET Abduction














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