Videotaping Alien Beings

The 2010 Experiment

Time Invested = 181 Hours

Part I

By Global ET Research

This is the second phase of a videotaping experiment an abductee-experiencer family (henceforth AEs) undertook in 2010. With the passage of 16 years and the availability of more sophisticated equipment, further information has been acquired regarding videotaping extraterrestrials.

Methodology and Equipment

The AEs’ second experiment involved the use of a night vision camera which was placed on the top of a cabinet in the bedroom. This allowed for an unobstructed view of the bed, and out to each side of the bed to about 2-1/2 feet.

Another change the AE family made was to place the videotape recorder and monitor in a separate room nonadjacent to the bedroom. Several weeks into the experiment, a 12 to 14 inch clock was placed on a chair at the base of the bed so it was viewable by the camera.

A large mirror was purchased about mid-way through the project and was placed at the foot of the bed and over the bed for a time. The mirror was moved across the room later on during the project. The AEs were curious if they could capture the aliens’ reflection if they approached them from different areas of the room.

Motion detectors were placed on adjacent nightstands and on top of a desk located across the room at different times during the experiment. The motion sensor on the desk was pointed toward the bedroom door, which was always closed at night. The two sensors on the night tables were approximately 18 inches away from the AEs and were positioned parallel to their bodies as they slept. This would make it impossible for the sensors to be set off unless one of the AEs got out of bed and walked in front of them.

In addition to this equipment, a dosimeter (radiation detector) was used to check specific rooms of the family’s house as well as to check their bodies after they remembered an “alien abduction” or experienced contact. Henceforth, we will refer to “alien abduction’ as an encounter and/or contact. The room and the AEs’ bodies were also checked under ultraviolet lighting after encounters to determine if there was any residue left behind that fluoresced.

As was the case with the first experiment 16 years prior, an 8-hour video tape was used each night. Each morning, or as soon as time permitted, the tape was viewed on fast forward until anything anomalous was detected. It normally took 45 minutes to view the tape each day. If anything such as movement, a light or any other anomaly was detected, the tape was stopped and rewound and viewed again in normal time. Viewing each videotape is still the most tedious part of the project, but it is also the most important. The tapes were viewed each day (or as soon after as was possible) regardless of whether or not the AE family suspected or actually remembered an ET encounter occurring the night before.

Telepathic Awareness

It is our belief that because these Beings are telepathic, they can pick up on almost everything we humans are thinking. Perhaps not surprisingly, you will see that some of the Beings were aware of the AE family’s plans to videotape themselves before the project even began.

The samples of video images that are included in this article were made by playing the video with a high definition television and VCR equipment while videotaping the screen with a digital camera. Still frames of a selection of video anomalies are being published for this article.

Aliens Express Their Displeasure

The second phase of the videotaping project began in March of 2010 and ran until the end of November 2010. Three days prior to taping, the AE family had an encounter. It involved an unknown Being who orchestrated a series of visual depictions described by AE-1 and AE-2 as “a teaching experience using screen imagery to hide their true appearance in order to send us a warning.” Parts of the message were quite threatening, letting the AEs know in no uncertain terms, how displeased they were with their plans to videotape themselves at night while they slept.

AE-2 described the message in the imagery from one ET as such: “During the imposed imagery, I was allowed to videotape a being. I was then shown how I would be treated after I revealed what I had captured on film: People, at first, would be very excited, but then they would quickly lose interest. I was also told that the majority humans ‘…don’t care about alien life coming here or being here.’ ”

“Later in the experience, not knowing exactly where I was, I watched as a mass abduction occurred outside of a sports stadium. I noted how no one else seemed to realize what was happening to them as several dark craft hovered over the stadium as part of the ‘pregame show.’ I then watched as the hoards of people bowed down in prayer as if they were worshiping the very ballgame itself...The beings were, in their own way, ridiculing humans for having such misguided beliefs regarding a mere form of entertainment.”

There was much more to this encounter and the others that we will summarize in this article, but most of the details have been omitted for reasons of conciseness. As with AEs such as Jim Sparks, David Huggins, Whitley Strieber and a few others, AE-1 and AE-2 retain the majority of their memories of their encounters and do so consciously, without the aid of hypnosis.

A Very Odd Power Outage

The day this second phase of the videotaping experiment began, the electricity went out in the AEs’ office. AE-2 turned on the light, followed by the ceiling fan and saw a flash of light followed by the loss of electricity, but only in their office. The following day, when the breaker had been turned off, AE-2 flipped on the light switch and the light came on even though the breaker was off. A check of the breaker was again made and it was indeed off. The AEs also used an electronic “bug” detection device with both an analog and digital setting in their office that went off continuously, even with the modem turned off.  Nearly each time they spoke about the electricity problem in the office and used the detector, it would beep wildly. Both AEs felt as though the aliens (or someone) was telling them, “We know what you are doing.”

That same night, they noticed the plug next to one side of the bed wasn’t working. The AEs’ bedroom was on the opposite side of the house from their office. A light next to the door in their bedroom was also out so they made arrangements to have an electrician come to the house the upcoming Monday. Curiously, the same plug which was affected was the plug they used to keep a lamp on during the times they used the motion detectors at night since the motion detectors require a light source in order to work properly.

When the electrician came to the house, he traced the problem to the plug next to the bed, but he was perplexed and at a loss to explain how or why it stopped working. After he repaired that one plug, all the other electrical problems seemed to repair themselves. It was a strange set of events for the light to turn on in the AEs’ office when one of them touched the switch, even though the breaker was off to that room. In the back of the AEs’ minds, they wondered if it might have had something to do with the aliens and they felt as though the Beings were toying with them.

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Photo of Moment of Alien Abduction

Energy Shooting Across Bed
Probable Moment of Alien Abduction




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