Animals, Experiencers and Extraterrestrial Visitors

Love, Care and Preservation of Animals

Part I

By Global ET Research


Images of animals and real animals play a larger role in extraterrestrial contact than the average person realizes. When people speak of seeing large raccoons, deer, oversized owls or penguins appearing outside or inside their homes – often at night, but not always – it normally generates a laugh or two at best. Those who have read about the ET Visitors will readily recall Whitley Strieber’sowl” he thought he saw in his cabin in New York State. In 2013, a new book was published by Lorie Barnes with an “Owl Man” Visitor illustrated on the front cover, and experiencer Mike Clellend speaks and writes about what he terms “Owl Synchronicities” that have occurred repeatedly during his life.

There are many instances of unusual animals and animal figures seemingly appearing from out of nowhere in proximity to experiencers and in relation to the Visitors. This article explores the presence of animals in the context of ET contact and the possible reasons behind it. A review of the literature points to at least four general categories into which animals and extraterrestrial or Visitor contact might be categorized. This article explores the first two of these: Love for Animals and the Care and Preservation of Animals.

Love for Animals

In his book Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, Dr. John Mack wrote about the deep love for and closeness to animals that some experiencers have. One subject Mack highlighted in his book is a man named Carlos, a successful artist and educator.

“Carlos believes that identifying with other species in his abduction experiences also helps create and develop ecological values...he has always had a strong connection with animals.” Carlos sums up this statement succinctly by stating, “I think I’m really good with animals. I feel we communicate.”

Dr. Mack described another man named Arthur as “...a kind of contemporary St. Francis,” and says “...he would communicate with animals, including porcupines, skunks, woodchucks, rabbits, and birds.”

“Arthur and his former wife would train the rabbits on their farm to be affectionate by lying down on the ground ‘...with your chin on the floor;’ at that height the rabbits would not be afraid of a human being. Then they would be ‘incredibly quiet,’ and the rabbits would become curious, come closer, and ‘let you scratch their heads.”

Like Carlos and many other experiencers, Arthur has great respect for animals which is evident when he states: “Rabbits and other animals think in as a profound a way as we think...You know it is beautiful in its own sense because it is so trusting, and there is a tremendous amount of love and trust and affection. It is just basic. There is a life energy there.”

Arthur’s description of the bonds he has created with his interaction with animals demonstrates the ability on the part of the experiencer to reach out to, and communicate with, beings who are different from themselves.

Is it this ability to connect with beings other than ourselves, that some of the aliens find interesting about us? Is this care and concern for the animals and the environment of our planet something that draws certain ETs to specific human beings?

These are important questions; unfortunately, clear-cut answers are not always easy to come by. For example, there are experiencers who had lived their lives not caring about the environment and not connecting with nature and animals. However, after they became aware of their experiences, they changed their thinking and behavior and incorporated these other ways of thinking and additional values into their lives.

Dr. Kenneth Ring wrote about an interesting case in his book The Omega Project: Near–Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large. Dr. Ring included a female subject who had a near-death experience as well as a UFO sighting. The woman described how her experiences – a NDE and a UFO sighting – made her feel:

“These experiences made me cherish all life as I had never done before. I really began to be aware of everything in my experience on a deeper level. I even began to ‘salute’ animals I would meet, recognizing their individual worth, and of course, my recognition of human individual worth began to grow.”

Keep in mind that there are experiencers who did not begin life as animal and nature lovers and have not changed their thinking or behavior along these lines, even though they have had many Visitor experiences.

Some strongly believe it is an experiencer’s ability to feel love and nurturing feelings for animals – and the possibility that some empathic abilities they have might carry over to an extraterrestrial species – which draws the attention of some of the beings who have interacted with them. 

Care and Preservation of Animals

An early experiencer case that involved animals is the case of Betty Andreasson-Luca. Betty told the story of how, when she was a child, she used to set traps in the woods for wild animals. One day – either while in the woods or during an contact experience – the aliens related to Betty that her behavior was terribly wrong. They were sad because of what she was doing. They instructed Betty not to trap and hurt anymore animals. Fortunately for the animals, Betty complied. Many people have been deeply touched by Betty Andreasson’s message the beings relayed to her as a young girl, and believe the beings who interacted with Betty did a wonderful thing by helping her to understand the pain and suffering she was causing.

As most people are aware, Betty’s case was investigated by Raymond Fowler and published in a series of well known books. The third book in this series, titled The Watchers: The Secret Design Behind UFO Abduction, includes a hypnosis session about an abduction that occurred in 1973:

“Betty took advantage of [a] rare opportunity to communicate with the aliens and asked them some questions: Betty: ‘Who are they?’ I asked. I was trying to ask him. [sigh] He says that [sigh] they are the caretakers of nature and natural forms – The Watchers. They love mankind. They love the planet Earth [sigh] and they have been caring for it and Man since Man’s beginning. They watch the spirit in all things...”

While inside an ET craft, Betty enters an artificially created environment called a vivarium – an enclosure for keeping or raising plants or animals indoors.” She then came upon a pond that, to her surprise, emptied itself through an opening in the bottom of it. As the water rushed out, Betty could see many fish flipping around. When she saw the fish flipping and struggling, she became very concerned for them. Her anxiety eased when she realized the fish were falling through the hole into some water “way, way down,” perhaps into a pond or a lake. Betty said, “It’s like the fish are being put into another place or something.” When Betty asked what was going on and what the ETs were doing she said, “…they are just replenishing, just replenishing.”

Were the aliens replenishing a lake or pond on Earth with fish and fresh water? Or – were they taking samples of different fish from our planet and placing them in a holding tank for transport to another World? It would appear that in this particular instance, the ETs were preserving the fish for some purpose.

In Secret Vows: Our Lives With Extraterrestrials, experiencers Bert and Denise Twiggs share their perspective about the ETs’ interest in Earth animals:

“We were shown to a room that I recognized immediately from my own memories. This room is a veterinary clinic. Animals that they have ‘collected’ from Earth are taken to this room before being brought into their society. If they locate an animal that has been injured to the point that it will not live and there are no humans in the area, they may take the animal with them and try to save it....If the animal lives, it is worked with and taught to communicate, and if it is a natural animal of the wild, it is put in the reserve, free to roam. [ETs] and humans walk freely among these animals. The domestic animals are given to families.”

We have come across several cases where experiencers onboard the ETs’ very large craft were allowed to walk about freely to explore certain areas of the craft. One of the areas where animals – sometimes very unusual appearing animals – are kept is often described as a large area filled with glass rooms. Sometimes these areas are backlit with very low light so as not to disturb the animals in the enclosures. They are also described as being somewhat similar to the interior of a coliseum; however, instead of chairs and different levels for seating there is one level that is filled with large glass rooms. Other times these areas are reported as large and open and have natural appearing environments with plants and soil.

One experiencer described this area of the craft, or vivarium as Betty calls it, as appearing as two large glass enclosures. “One had two gorilla type beings inside with a large cat. The two hairy beings were sleeping. The cat appeared to be a domestic breed, but it was very large, weighing at least 50 pounds.” The subject stated the primate looking beings and the large cat seemed to get along as if in a family relationship.

Another animal was described as “…half lion and half reptile…. lying on its back.” Its mouth had fallen open because it was sleeping. While looking at the animal’s mouth they could see, “rows and rows of teeth” similar to those of a shark. They knew what species of animal it was because they told the people standing next to them. They also sensed the animal had been saved from extinction.

We believe many experiencers have the ability to empathize with other species of animals prior to becoming consciously aware of the ET presence in their lives, and this may be a quality that attracts the attention of certain ETs to certain people. There is also the reverse: the empathic and telepathic abilities of pets to connect with their – “humans” shall we say? Additionally, over forty years of contact research indicates many people are being contacted due to a strong familial connection and that transgenic beings, including transgenic humans, are intimately involved in the overall process of contact.

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