UFO Repetitions
A Challenge to Scientific Investigation

Summary Conclusions


By George D. Fawcett












Aspects of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that have been repeated time and time again over the past 47 years – and have proven themselves both persistent and consistent on a global basis – are a challenge to science. Any future solution to the growing worldwide UFO enigma will have to deal directly with these UFO repetitions:

1. Sightings of unknown flying objects that demonstrate superior speeds and intricate maneuvers beyond those of present satellites, aircraft and missiles.

2. Radar trackings of UFOs.

3. Photographs and movies of UFOs.

4. Pursuits of UFOs by planes in the skies, by ships at sea, and by cars on open highways.

5. Falls of fragments and angel hair from UFOs overhead.

6. Increases in background radiation, ground markings, changes in soil samples, and deposits of both metallic and non-metallic residues after UFOs have been reported in the skies or on the ground (especially magnesium, aluminum, silicon, boron, and calcium).

7. Near-collisions, pacing and head-on passes by UFOs reported by civilian, military and commercial pilots.

8. Physiological and psychological effects, such as electric shock, radiation burns, dimming of vision, blackouts, temporary paralysis, headaches, blood disorders, nightmares and dreams, reported by observers in close UFO encounters, both in the air and on the ground.

9. Electromagnetic interference reports caused by UFOs on compasses, plane and car motors, headlights, houselights, searchlights, radar beams, radios, TV, power-stations and other instruments and communication devices.

10. Sky quakes, explosions and sonic booms in the skies during UFO appearances.

11. Propulsion sounds and smells attributed to UFOs.

12. Landings and near-landings (hovering) of UFOs and their occupants.

13. Hostile acts due to UFOs, both towards and from these objects.

14. Reports of so-called “contactees” of space visitors and UFOs.

15. Straight lines of flight related to UFOs, along with their other kinematic, geometric and luminescent characteristics.

16. Reputable sightings by scientists, astronauts, engineers, astronomers and other trained observers of UFOs.

17. Appearances of “little men” (apparently humanoids) and other entities in relation to worldwide UFO landings, who were reported to have taken rocks, vegetation, soil, water, and animals, flowers, etc. Several hundred cases of human kidnappings, abductions, physical examinations, etc.

18. Periodic cycles of increased UFO sightings [approximately] every 26 months, 5 years and 10 years in large numbers.

19. Unique shapes of UFOs, especially nocturnal lights, daylight discs, domed saucers, cigar-shaped or rocket-shaped objects, crescents, half-globes and Saturn-shaped.

20. Revolving wheel-like machines in oceans, seas and vast masses of water reported by ship and plane crews and passengers, and other witnesses nearby.

21. Depressions, craters, denuded vegetation, holes, ground markings, burned areas and landing-gear marks on the ground due to UFO landings worldwide.

22. Power failures due to UFO appearances, both locally and on a widespread basis.

23. Severe animal reactions reported during UFO encounters.

24. Levitations in close proximity with UFOs of persons, cars, helicopters, trucks, garage roofs, fishing bobbers, UFO occupants, horses, etc.

25. The historical evidence of UFOs found in archaeology, cave-wall drawings, Holy Scriptures, legends, mythology, ancient manuscripts, frescoes and folklore throughout the world.

To investigate any phenomena in or outside of a laboratory requires that they must be repeatable, and such UFO encounters are recurrent in nature regardless of where they occur. Thus, the challenge in future scientific investigations remains.

Future science must meet the challenge posed by these UFO repetitions among over 140 world nations in order to solve the growing, global UFO problem – otherwise, it will become part of the problem itself. The people of the world deserve better than that!

This article was originally published in International UFO Library Magazine, volume 1 number 4., 1991.


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What We Have Learned From UFO Repetitions

Revised and Enlarged: 1947-1984, 2005


George D. Fawcett served in the United States Army and later became the director of the YMCA in his hometown in North Carolina. George Fawcett is probably best known for his 65-plus years as a UFO researcher, investigator, teacher, writer and organizer.

He was the founder and chief advisor to five civilian UFO study groups: The New England UFO Study Group (1957); The Pennsylvania and New Jersey Two-State UFO Study Group (1965);  The Florida UFO Study Group (1968), The Tar Heel UFO Study Group (1973), and The Mutual UFO Network of North Carolina (1990).

He wrote the book titled “Quarter Century Studies of UFOs in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee” (1975) along with over 100 UFO research articles spanning nearly five decades.

George Fawcett also taught accredited college UFO courses at Gaston College (1979-1982). He served as a movie consultant as well as a contributor to various UFO encyclopedias.

He gave his illustrated lecture to almost 670 groups and organizations from 1944 until his death in 2013. He made a tremendous contribution of his UFO collections to the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

In December 1999, the International UFO Museum and Research Center appointed Mr. Fawcett as one of four prominent researchers to an Honorary Board of Directors. Other appointees were Stanton Freidman, Linda Moulton-Howe, and Donald Schmitt.

George Fawcett died at the age of 83, on Sunday, January 20th, 2013.


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