What We Have Learned From UFO Repetitions



By George D. Fawcett













Abstract and Introduction




UFO Sightings, UFO Trackings, UFO Photographs and Movies, Angel Hair Phenomena, Pursuits by Planes, Radiological Evidence of UFOs


Physiological Effects of UFOs, Electromagnetic Effects of UFOs, Sky Quakes Caused by UFOs, Smells Caused by UFOs, UFO Landings and Entity Sightings


Hostile Acts by UFOs, UFO Contact Cases, UFO Straight Line of Flight, Sightings by Scientists


UFO Humanoid Sightings, Cycles of UFO Sightings in Years, UFO Shapes, UFOs Exiting Water, Revolving Wheels in Oceans


UFOs Leave Physical Trace Evidence, UFO Power Failures, Animal Reactions to UFOs, and UFO Levitations


Names of UFOs in Different Cultures


Physical and Chemical Changes Caused by UFOs




Sketch of UFO with Occupant as Witnessed by Mrs. Harold Eggers, 1968


George D. Fawcett Biography and Photograph


Sketches by UFO Witnesses of UFO ET Occupants


UFO Occupant ET Sketches


UFO - ET Craft Shapes


[Some of these Groups and/or Addresses are now Defunct]


Fawcett's UFO Reading List




UFO Repetitions: A Challenge to Scientific Investigations



Read Human Reactions to UFOs and UFOnauts Worldwide from 1940-1983

UFO Repetitions A Challenge to Scientific Investigation Summary Conclusions

Top of Page What We Have Learned From UFO Repetitions (Revised and Enlarged: 1947-1984, 2005)

George Fawcett


Also by
George Fawcett

Human Reactions to UFOs and UFOnauts Worldwide: 1940-1983

Revised and Enlarged: 1947-1984, 2005

George D. Fawcett served in the United States Army and later became the director of the YMCA in his hometown in North Carolina. George Fawcett is probably best known for his 65-plus years as a UFO researcher, investigator, teacher, writer and organizer.

He was the founder and chief advisor to five civilian UFO study groups: The New England UFO Study Group (1957); The Pennsylvania and New Jersey Two-State UFO Study Group (1965);  The Florida UFO Study Group (1968), The Tar Heel UFO Study Group (1973), and The Mutual UFO Network of North Carolina (1990).

He wrote the book titled “Quarter Century Studies of UFOs in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee” (1975) along with over 100 UFO research articles spanning nearly five decades.

George Fawcett also taught accredited college UFO courses at Gaston College (1979-1982). He served as a movie consultant as well as a contributor to various UFO encyclopedias.

He gave his illustrated lecture to almost 670 groups and organizations from 1944 until his death in 2013. He made a tremendous contribution of his UFO collections to the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

In December 1999, the International UFO Museum and Research Center appointed Mr. Fawcett as one of four prominent researchers to an Honorary Board of Directors. Other appointees were Stanton Freidman, Linda Moulton-Howe, and Donald Schmitt.

George Fawcett died at the age of 83, on Sunday, January 20th, 2013.








































































































































Names for UFOs in Different Cultures

Aerial Cars

Pearls of the Sky

Silver Flying Dragons

Flying Sky Boats

Sun Discs

Fire Circles

Solar Boats

Star Ships

Ships of Light

Arrow Ships

Flying Shields

Luminous Shields


Sky Dwellers

Star People

Sky Baskets

Wheel Within a Wheel

Wise People

Stick People

Flying Rolls

Flaming Chariots


Ghost Rockets

Ghost Riders

Pillars of Fire

Metallic Birds







Italy: Bruno Facchini

Pear Shaped ET Footprints

Campinas, Brazil UFO Leaves Silver Liquid Substance

Wallingford, Kentucky UFO Landing Traces

North Carolina UFO Landing


















Gaffney, South Carolina UFO Sighting, 1966


Jonesville, South Carolina UFO Landing with UFO Occupants, 1973
































Blackford County UFO Occupants Dressed in Silver



Copeland, North Carolina UFO Occupant Dressed in Golden Metallic Suit, 1973

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