UFO Abductions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

By Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D. Global-ET-Research: UFO-Abductoins-Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Fiebag.jpg

The modern UFO age began on the 24th of June in 1947, when an American pilot named Kenneth Arnold observed several crescent-shaped objects. Arnold described the objects as looking like a saucer might look if it were skipping across the water. The media adapted the term “flying saucer,” hence, from this sighting a new term was born.

In the middle of the sixties, a new aspect of the UFO phenomenon became known, which until that time, nobody had any knowledge about. However, it was not until the seventies that UFO researchers became interested in it. This aspect - one that could be considered a sub-phenomenon - is the abduction of a human being into a UFO by alien beings. Today the abductions themselves appear to be at the heart of the UFO phenomenon. Without a deeper understanding of abductions, it is difficult to explain the presence of the UFOs.


What occurs during an abduction that causes the individual to feel both alarmed and euphoric? What kinds of changes occur to individuals who experience an abduction? What happens to their environment and with the people who are with them?

To be honest, we do not really know the answers to all of these questions. We have only the reports from those people who have encountered this phenomenon first-hand. We have statistical results, identical statements from people who do not know one another, and experiences that seem to repeat themselves. However, we still do not know why the abductions are occurring in the first place.

Abductees almost always report the same thing: strange figures appearing in their room; they are taken - kidnapped - from their environment to suddenly find themselves inside a strange room. Once there, they are subjected to bizarre physical and psychological procedures. For example: the artificial insemination of women, followed by the removal of the grown embryo months later. After such procedures the abductee is then returned to their home or to their car in each case.

However, with all this in mind, we must be aware that until now, only a sub-set of experiences representing the phenomenon has been made public, and even this sub-set may be an illusion: it may not correspond to what really happened to the abductee, but rather, what they “believe” occurred to them.

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Johannes Fiebag

Johannes Fiebag was born in 1956, and was Germany’s leading abduction research specialist until his untimely death in 1999 from a virulent form of stomach cancer. He was only 43 years old. He published many books about alien contact in ancient and modern times, and four books specifically about the abduction phenomenon in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. His last two books about the UFO phenomenon are titled Sternentore [Stargates] and Das UFO-Symdrom [The UFO Syndrome]. Both books were published in 1996.

Johannes Fiebag studied Geology, Paleontology, Physics and Geophysics at the University of Wurzburg, earning a Ph.D. in 1988, with his thesis in a special branch of Planetology. He wrote many scientific papers in his field, and also worked as a freelance science writer. He also co-authored several books with his brother Peter Fiebag. His latest book, written with Torsten Sasse, is titled Mars - Planet de Lebens.

Dr. Fiebag was one of the most well-known researchers in the field of contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences in the German-speaking countries of Europe. He was also the Chief Editor of the German-Swiss-Austrian editions of Ancient Skies and Scientific Ancient Skies. Dr. Fiebag first published his conclusion – what he aptly termed “The Mimicry Hypothesis” – in 1990, in Ancient Skies, a magazine of The Ancient Astronaut Society.

Dr. Fiebag also founded CE-IV-Report, a newsletter for abductees and began annual meetings through an organization he named Project Exchange, which provided abductees the means to network with one another. In addition to CE-IV-Report and Project Exchange, Dr. Fiebag also formed an interdisciplinary organization of psychiatrists, psychologists and other medical professionals to help alien abductees.


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