UFO Abductions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Part III


By Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D.


Abductions in Europe

The phenomenon of alien abduction is not limited to America. I am currently working with several abductees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are very normal people like you and me. This sketch [slide: unavailable at this time] shows the evaluation of an investigation that I undertook with the German test psychologist Gerd Höchsmann, on 100 people who claimed to have been abducted. The Maudsley Personality Inventory or MPI matches the test subject to one of the different psychological and psychopathological groups we know exist. Only five out of 100 of the subjects who were tested classified as psychopathic, and therefore, were psychologically ill. Clearly, the majority of the test subjects are in the upper field. In other words, they are completely normal people. The distribution tells us that out of this sample, 95 percent of the subjects who claim to have had abduction experiences are psychologically healthy individuals.

The number of abductees who go public with their information is also very small. Hardly anyone wants to put him or herself in the spotlight of this type of “fame,” which in the final determination has very doubtful consequences in our society. However, in one respect, they all seem to be ahead of the rest of us. They have met the unknown - they have met with The Others.

Important Cases

At this point, I would like to provide you with some brief examples and descriptions of a few cases.

Nicole is a 38 year-old television journalist from Munich. She invited me to a TV program about the abduction phenomenon in January of last year. After the television show she reported to me that she has experienced something similar to an abduction.

During a vacation to Hawaii, Nicole had to go to the bathroom one night and she looked at the window. She then saw a round object with a dome-like structure at the top. It landed on a hill, one hundred meters away from the house. Something like a porthole opened. Nicole stated,

“A flashing white light appeared in it and a figure emerged. The figure went down an invisible stairway. However, it stopped after two steps. I had the feeling that he detected me, saw me or felt my presence. I panicked. I ran into the bedroom as fast as I could and hid in the bed under the bedspread. I do not know how long I stayed there and trembled. I don't know how much time passed until I finally got up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. It was already becoming daylight when I went back to bed again.”

If anything else occurred that night, Nicole cannot remember it. Most of these experiences and subsequent abductions in the individual's life are somehow deleted from their memory. Nevertheless, my conversation with Nicole caused a spontaneous memory of an earlier experience to surface. Nicole wrote to me a short time later. In her letter she said,

“I remember a dream which was so dreadfully real. I dreamed that men came into my apartment and into my bedroom. They seemed amused and whispered to each other wondering if I was asleep or not. I had heard a crash on the terrace earlier, so I was not asleep. The men applied some devices to my back. After a while I heard them leaving the room. I jumped from my bed and was surprised to see that my nightgown wasn't on me anymore. However, on the roof terrace, I noticed that two small limbs had been broken off a tree.”

Many people have had similar bedroom visitor experiences. In numerous cases, the abductions began in their early childhood. For example, Eva-Maria from Berlin, remembers an event that occurred when she was about five years old:

“I lay awake in my bed. Something moved above my head. It seemed to be a feminine presence. Suddenly, I saw three light bullets [three lights] hovering above my forehead in the air. Even when I had closed my eyes, I still saw the light glimmer through my eyelids.”

Hans-Joerg is a retail businessman and lives in Dortmund. He reported the following to me:

“Some years ago, when I was living with my fiancee, something happened that made me completely confused. It made my fear of darkness in my own apartment become almost pathological. I cannot remember the precise date. It was at the end of 1990, or at the beginning of 1991. One night I awakened and saw a small male passing by me. I know how mad this sounds... He was about a meter tall and seemed to be wearing something like a hood. He did not look at me, but he passed by me and went into the corner. However, there was no door at all. Since I was afraid he would be able to tell that I was awake I followed him with my eyes only and did not dare breathe. My girlfriend did not wake up. Later she saw that all I could do was sit in a cramped manner in the bed. I couldn't do anything else the entire time because of my intense fear.”

Thirty-six year old Carola is a photographer from a small village in the German state of Mecklenburg. She had a very impressive experience at the end of March of 1994:

“It was around eleven o'clock in the evening. The children were already asleep and I was by myself. On my way to my room, I suddenly felt uncomfortable, as if I were being watched. I checked everywhere, including the windows. The courtyard was dark. I suddenly became panic-stricken and ran into the bedroom and got into bed. After I had calmed down a little bit, I suddenly heard a strange humming sound. I was frightened and wanted to sit up so I could hear better, but I could not move. I was paralyzed. I recognized several small gray figures at the end of my bed. They seemed to be saying something in relation to me.

Two similar figures also stood next to my son's bed. My fear for my 15 month old son was indescribable. I wanted to call my daughter, but I could not. At this moment I knew that it would have been pointless because they were also with her in her room. I sensed that precisely. She groaned aloud in her sleep.

Then suddenly - I wasn't able to hear or see. And the worst was when I noticed that my mind was unable to form words and sentences. It was as if all of my abilities were suddenly taken away. All I knew was that it was all connected to the hideous figures. We are handed over to them now, and perhaps forever. I don't really know what happened to my family and me.”

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Johannes Fiebag

Johannes Fiebag was born in 1956, and was Germany’s leading abduction research specialist until his untimely death in 1999 from a virulent form of stomach cancer. He was only 43 years old. He published many books about alien contact in ancient and modern times, and four books specifically about the abduction phenomenon in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. His last two books about the UFO phenomenon are titled Sternentore [Stargates] and Das UFO-Symdrom [The UFO Syndrome]. Both books were published in 1996.

Johannes Fiebag studied Geology, Paleontology, Physics and Geophysics at the University of Wurzburg, earning a Ph.D. in 1988, with his thesis in a special branch of Planetology. He wrote many scientific papers in his field, and also worked as a freelance science writer. He also co-authored several books with his brother Peter Fiebag. His latest book, written with Torsten Sasse, is titled Mars - Planet de Lebens.

Dr. Fiebag was one of the most well-known researchers in the field of contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences in the German-speaking countries of Europe. He was also the Chief Editor of the German-Swiss-Austrian editions of Ancient Skies and Scientific Ancient Skies. Dr. Fiebag first published his conclusion – what he aptly termed “The Mimicry Hypothesis” – in 1990, in Ancient Skies, a magazine of The Ancient Astronaut Society.

Dr. Fiebag also founded CE-IV-Report, a newsletter for abductees and began annual meetings through an organization he named Project Exchange, which provided abductees the means to network with one another. In addition to CE-IV-Report and Project Exchange, Dr. Fiebag also formed an interdisciplinary organization of psychiatrists, psychologists and other medical professionals to help alien abductees.


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