UFO Abductions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Part VI

By Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D.

Reptilian-Nordic-Blonde ETs


Shapeshifters, Transformers and Camouflage

Some of the abductees who - during their frightening experiences - found the courage and the strength to ask questions about the deeper meaning of their experience; questions for “why” these things were happening to them, usually received the stereotypical answer: “It is our right!” If it is truly their right, we must ask: Who has given them this right?

In a case that Professor David Jacobs quotes, an abductee reacted with a very frightened response to the Greys when she shouted at them: “Your are transformers!”

This is exactly what they are: transformers! They are not what they seem to be. Their camouflage and their behavior conceals what they really are. And who or what is hiding behind the camouflage? We may never find an answer to that question. The explanations we offer will most likely be wrong. This makes the study of this phenomenon all the more complicated. The deeper we attempt to penetrate this phenomenon, the more confusing it may become. However, one thing is certain: these events are happening and they leave their victims with physical and psychological aftereffects. These events occurred in the distant past and they continue to occur today.

Combined Experiences

There is another subject that is important to mention at this time. The abduction phenomenon appears to be connected with other boundary-type experiences involving human beings. Ina from northern Germany describes an abduction from the year 1991. What's really unusual is that it seems to have been a combined out of body / near death / UFO abduction experience, since the event includes elements of all of these experiences. Ina reported to me:

“I lay in the bed. It was around 11 o'clock in the evening. My husband was already asleep and I looked to the window. We have no curtains in the bedroom and because of this I could see the sky very well. Suddenly, my reality changed. It was somehow modified.”

Modification of reality - what does this mean? Abductees are describing this effect again and again. For the first time, it was recognized by the British UFO researcher Jenny Randles and called “The Oz Factor” according to the old English tale of the magic land of Oz.

It is possible that a real modification of the individual's environment is made or that the consciousness of the person is extended in some way. Both possibilities are conceivable, and both would lead to The Oz Factor. The modification of the subject's reality begins the actual event for the experiencer.

Back to Ina’s experience:

“I saw a light beam in my room and I floated in it to the outside of the house. Strangely enough, I passed through the window pane in this beautiful bright beam of light.”

“I felt perfectly fine and somehow sensed a being of light on the right side of me. I somehow saw it from the corners of my eyes. I could not recognize the face, but I am certain that it was feminine. I was very excited and happy and I said or thought,

‘You really exist!’

Oddly enough, I immediately thought about UFOs although I only saw the beam of light and the bright being. This being emitted an unbelievable warmth and kindness and I felt as sheltered as never before in my life. The being answered:

‘Surely, what did you think?’

She responded very natural and lovingly like a mother would respond to her child who asked a silly question. I was pleased and felt perfectly well.”

What did Ina experience here? An out of body journey during which her soul floated through the window? A near death experience during which she was accompanied by a being of light into another dimension of existence?

It is exactly these types of experiences that are described by many people who have stood at the threshold of death and returned with conscious memories of their mysterious journey. Was it a classical UFO abduction during which she was taken into an object hovering over her house or was it a combination of all of these? Ina reported further:

“I can still remember that we floated upward together in the beam of light. We came to a big oval light which also had an aperture in the light. I saw that I was at this aperture - when suddenly I was back in my bed again. It is strange because everything was the same as before. My husband was asleep and I was still lying with my face to the window. It was as if nothing had happened. However, I am certain that it did happen. I felt and experienced everything. I was excited - and then I fell asleep.”

It is difficult to decide where precisely the boundaries are between the so-called “classic” abduction model and experiences such as this one, which may possibly take place in the brain or with the soul of the experiencer. It may indeed, be a combination of an abduction, out of body and a near death experience. It may be that these boundaries are so liquid and blurred, that at the present level of understanding we are unable to recognize or define them.

Global Modification Plan

It is also possible that what is occurring with abductees may be the beginning of something much larger. It may be the beginning of a global modification plan which will eventually include more and more people. Some estimates from the United States indicate that approximately 20 percent of all Americans are already describing events related to the abduction phenomenon. From my own work with abductees I believe that a similar number of individuals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland may also be involved. In the past three years, more than 200 people have contacted me, all reporting nearly identical experiences with the unbelievable. This is, however, only the tip of the iceberg. Twenty percent is much more than a single hypothesis can explain. “Perhaps,” as Harvard psychiatrist Professor John Mack wrote, “…we are all abductees - in one manner or another.”

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Johannes Fiebag

Johannes Fiebag was born in 1956, and was Germany’s leading abduction research specialist until his untimely death in 1999 from a virulent form of stomach cancer. He was only 43 years old. He published many books about alien contact in ancient and modern times, and four books specifically about the abduction phenomenon in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. His last two books about the UFO phenomenon are titled Sternentore [Stargates] and Das UFO-Symdrom [The UFO Syndrome]. Both books were published in 1996.

Johannes Fiebag studied Geology, Paleontology, Physics and Geophysics at the University of Wurzburg, earning a Ph.D. in 1988, with his thesis in a special branch of Planetology. He wrote many scientific papers in his field, and also worked as a freelance science writer. He also co-authored several books with his brother Peter Fiebag. His latest book, written with Torsten Sasse, is titled Mars - Planet de Lebens.

Dr. Fiebag was one of the most well-known researchers in the field of contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences in the German-speaking countries of Europe. He was also the Chief Editor of the German-Swiss-Austrian editions of Ancient Skies and Scientific Ancient Skies. Dr. Fiebag first published his conclusion – what he aptly termed “The Mimicry Hypothesis” – in 1990, in Ancient Skies, a magazine of The Ancient Astronaut Society.

Dr. Fiebag also founded CE-IV-Report, a newsletter for abductees and began annual meetings through an organization he named Project Exchange, which provided abductees the means to network with one another. In addition to CE-IV-Report and Project Exchange, Dr. Fiebag also formed an interdisciplinary organization of psychiatrists, psychologists and other medical professionals to help alien abductees.


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