UFO Abduction Research: The Early Years

Part II

By Budd Hopkins


“The IF [Intruders Foundation] data bank contains a huge amount of pertinent information, and functions as a resource for other investigators in the field.”


Budd Hopkins – Position Statement on Alien Abductions (Circa 1980’s)

From the beginning I’ve held few preconceptions about the UFO phenomenon, and as any scientifically inclined investigator would do, I’ve simply gone where the data led. I was originally suspicious of UFO abduction accounts, but the sheer preponderance of credible people reporting these events and the accompanying physical evidence persuaded me that these accounts were generally truthful. The data unavoidably makes clear that UFO abductions - like UFO sightings of any sort - have a physical dimension as well as a “paranormal” psychic dimension.

The specific patterns I have discovered in my years of investigation of UFO abduction cases are central to my over-all view of the phenomenon, and it might be helpful to list them here:

1. Unlike the classic Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton or Hickson and Parker cases, an abduction can easily occur with little or no conscious recall on the part of the abductee - who often does not even remember having seen a UFO. The evidence shows that the phenomenon is vastly more widespread than had been thought in the first three and a half decades of UFO investigations, and involves at the very least hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. The sheer scale of the phenomenon is staggering and the number of abductees literally unknowable.

2. The phenomenon almost invariably entails decades-long abductions of the same individuals at irregular intervals. The abductee becomes, in effect, a “tagged animal” whose earliest experiences begin in childhood, even as early as the first year of life, and continue afterwards with special frequency in the first ten years or so of adulthood.

3. A “cell-sampling” operation is often inflicted upon the abductee, leaving scars of two types: a round, shallow depression or “scoop mark” or a long, thin, scalpel-like cut. (These three discoveries were detailed in my first book, Missing Time. The following were stated for the first time and expanded upon in Intruders).

4. The central focus of the entire UFO phenomenon is the “study and laboratory use” of human beings with special attention to our physical, genetic and reproductive properties.

5. If individuals are “tracked” very nearly across their entire lifetimes, these individuals’ bloodlines are apparently of equal interest to the UFO occupants. Members of the same family are often abducted in what seems to be a longitudinal genetic study or experiment.

6. Apparently at the center of this ongoing genetic experiment is a systematic attempt to create a hybrid species, a mix of human and “alien” characteristics.

7. An extremely widespread use of advanced artificial insemination techniques results in human pregnancies; during subsequent abductions these pregnant women are abducted again so that the developing embryos can be removed and “grown” in “laboratories” or nurseries within the UFOs themselves. As a corollary, many men are abducted and sperm samples are taken from them, presumably to be added to “alien” ova in the converse of the artificial insemination procedures.

8. The final event involves the re-abduction of the ostensible human “mother” - and sometimes the “father” - so that the human can hold the infant or child in a kind of bonding procedure.

9. The alien personality, for want of a better word, seems to lack emotions of the most basic human sort, such as maternal or paternal feelings, human sexual need, humor, nuanced emotional variety and richness, and so forth. Abductee accounts suggest that the aliens are interested in acquiring, or at least understanding, the basic human emotional spectrum, and that this interest is behind some of the incidents which occur during UFO abductions.

In the years since I first published these nine characteristics of the abduction phenomenon they have been encountered again and again - replicated, as it were - by many other investigators in other countries. As to what all this portends, I can only guess. I have not seen any signs of malevolence or acts of deliberate harm on the part of the UFO occupants, neither have I seen any signs of consistent, believable good will. I see no evidence that different groups of “aliens” are working at cross purposes or from different moral standpoints; all seem to be doing the same thing. I see vast psychological damage and an inexcusable level of physical harm resulting from these alien “experiments” upon innocent human beings, and for those acts they deserve our heartfelt anger and condemnation. We are given no opportunity to refuse these often frightening procedures, nor any explanation as to why they are being inflicted upon us. I have dealt with too many terrified little children ever to condone the UFO occupants’ blithe disregard for human rights and feelings, no matter how desperate their needs may be.

Though they are not cannibals or body snatchers bent upon invasion and war, as certain imaginative and somewhat paranoid writers would have us believe, they are most certainly not benign “visitors” or space brothers either. They seem to be coldly following their own private agenda, though with a routine attempt to lessen the pain and psychological suffering they inevitably inflict. One gets the idea that they are desperate, that they do need to revivify their own species from our ostensibly more primitive and more vital gene pool, but that explanation is only a guess. I also sense an escalation of their abduction activities, a widening of scale, and a lessening of the attempt to operate covertly. I do not know where all this is leading, but I am not encouraged. Speaking optimistically, what the future may bring is a heightened sense of the richness of our own species and the value of the love we humans freely share with one another. Other men and women in other times of crisis have been brought together this way by these same shared feelings. But this time I fear the crisis may be deeper and more profoundly wrenching than human history has ever known.” – Written by Budd Hopkins and adapted from UFOs in the 1980’s by Jerome Clark / Published with Expressed Permission from Budd Hopkins.


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