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Part II

By Joseph Flammer, New York Field Investigator

“That’s the day the military was all over the place like ants...I was outside burying the goose and the crow out near the road and they stopped here in front of my house to ask me where they could buy coffee, and how to get to the bay.”

People who lived on Long Island, and knew that UFOs were often seen over Moriches Bay, suspected a UFO brought down the Boeing jumbo jet. They suggested that perhaps aliens shot down the jetliner in retaliation for the UFO that had reportedly been shot out of the sky in the same place in September, 1989. In this scenario, alien bodies were collected by elite black military ops soldiers in black helicopters or so the legend goes.

People such as Carmela Somma of Manorville, 80 at the time I interviewed her, now deceased, said she couldn’t remember the exact date in September, but couldn’t forget the day the UFO got shot down by the military because it was the day a Canadian goose fell dead out of the sky right into her dirt driveway with a mushroom cloud of dust rising 10 feet into the air above it; and a crow flew headlong into her living room bay window, breaking the glass while also breaking its own neck. “Something was going on in those skies!” feisty, white-haired Carmela insisted, pointing her tea cup at my chin with fire in her eyes, spilling a quarter of its contents on the fine cherry wood table in her country home in the woods. She didn’t care about the table because her story was more important at the moment. “That’s the day the military was all over the place like ants,” she went on. “I was outside burying the goose and the crow out near the road and they stopped here in front of my house to ask me where they could buy coffee, and how to get to the bay.”

Mrs. Somma said she never saw anything written in local newspapers about all the activity of those two days out on Moriches Bay and thought it odd that such an event could go unnoticed by television and newspaper reporters. People in town whispered, however, that two UFOs had been shot down by military jets, she said.

Then, in the weeks and months to come after Flight 800 exploded in 1996, UFOs started appearing regularly again over Moriches Bay. According to Preston Dennett, author of UFOs Over New York (Schiffer: 2008), in November, 1996, a Swissair 747 on the way to JFK on Long Island related to air traffic control in Boston, MA a near miss with a white object traveling in the opposite direction. The captain said the object went right over the airplane. A transcript from the call with the Boston controller has the captain saying, “It was too fast to be an airplane.” This took place over Moriches Bay.

Then a month later, a Saudi 747 had to be diverted away from Moriches Bay after the captain spotted a green, flare-like object hanging over the jet when they were in the exact area where Flight 800 exploded. The object appeared on the plane’s radar. The jet was headed to JFK, but it was diverted to Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. There had been other documented sightings of UFOs over the bay around that time.

Now let’s get back to Gary and his girlfriend, who were the victims of a UFO close encounter while at Moriches Bay.

Gary’s experience was Case #62629, emailed to me by Nick Voulgaris, New York MUFON’s Chief Investigator in mid-January, 2015. Like other MUFON Field Investigators who take reports of UFOs from witnesses, I was eager to hear Gary’s story and take notes for the CMS file I had to complete, even though I was aware the event happened over four decades earlier.

After talking with Gary on the telephone, here’s what I put in my report:

“Witness is a former Long Island resident. He currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is 62. He told me of a bizarre episode of a sighting and missing time that has disrupted his life and the life of a fellow witness to the point that it ruined both their lives. Witness reported his story to MUFON 43 years after the event took place because he never knew who he could tell, he said. It wasn’t until he saw a story about missing time that aired on the television show, Hangar 1: The UFO Files, that he realized he could relate his experience to MUFON “that there was somebody out there who would actually listen to me and not laugh,” he said. “Everybody always laughs.”

According to the witness, he was on a beach near a jetty with his girlfriend at a lovers’ lane area at Moriches Bay Inlet on Fire Island in August, 1972, watching the Perseids meteor shower in the vast sky. Neither he nor “Jean” had been drinking alcohol or doing drugs, he attested.

“It was a romantic evening,” Gary began. “It was August and warm, a nice breeze was blowing, when suddenly my girlfriend said, ‘Hey, Gary, what’s that?’ ”

“I turned and looked out at the water and saw what I thought was a meteor heading right towards us. It was scary. It was flying above the water in a straight line. It didn’t look like it was on fire, it was more like a giant white light with a yellowish tinge, but not a blaring white light like a headlight, but more like a bright white object. It was getting closer quickly and getting larger as it got nearer. It was absolutely silent, too.”

The witness stated the object might have been the size of a 707 jet, “maybe 70 or 80 feet across.”

“Suddenly the object went into the ocean and submerged at a place about a half mile from us,” Gary continued. “We could still see the light. It was maybe 50 feet below the water. It was coming at us fast, a light under the dark water. Then it just stopped and made a 90-degree turn to the left.

“I ran along the rocks of the jetty to a light beacon,” the witness continued. “It was like a small tower, and I climbed onto it so I could get a better view. My girlfriend was still taking her time along the rocks of the jetty on her way to me. Then I suddenly noticed the light was coming at us. It was moving very fast at us, moving maybe a 100 miles an hour under the water coming to us!”

“Then the next thing we knew we were beside a road about 300 yards away from where we were on the jetty, not knowing how we got there or what happened. My girlfriend was sitting on the ground shaking and crying. I kept asking her, ‘What just happened? What just happened?’ But she couldn’t answer. She just sat there trembling and crying, unable to speak because she was so traumatized, so scared of something. We both felt terrible fear.

“I looked at my watch. Four hours had passed since we were on the jetty. It was three in the morning. I thought my watch was broken, but it wasn’t. It worked perfectly. We couldn’t account for the four hours of missing time. Something had happened to us, but we didn’t know what.

“After that the girl never wanted to see me again,” Gary went on. “She had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized. It’s kind of a sad story because she has been in and out of mental institutions ever since. She became anorexic and... well, she didn’t want to have anything to do with me again, so I lost touch.

“Later in my life I went back to New York just before 9/11 in 2001. I asked people at that time what they knew about “Jean.” They said she wasn’t doing too good. She was in and out of hospitals. Yes, she was alive still after nearly 30 years, but I didn’t know where she was or what was happening to her. I was back in New York another time since then and asked about her again and people shook their heads. Her life was not right, they said. Not right ever since she experienced the UFO on the beach with me.”

According to the witness, he went on to become a Green Beret and later even started a family, but like “Jean,” things were not right for him, either.

The major consequence of the UFO experience was that he could never sleep properly afterwards, he told me. “For 40 years I have the same dream every night; and if I wake up to try to end the dream, it starts all over again as soon as I fall back to sleep.”

“In the dream I’m being pursued,” the witness continued. “Something is after me. It’s chasing after me. I don’t know what it is. I can never see it. I can run fast and for miles in my dreams; I know I’m dreaming because after many thousands of times having the same dream, I know even as I’m dreaming I can’t run for miles any more because I’m older now, and I wake myself up. I never sleep more than two or three hours a night.”

“I signed into sleep studies where they hooked probes up to me to monitor my brain and studied my sleeping patterns. Even with all that they never could tell me why I couldn’t sleep. They told me that I would die of exhaustion if I don’t achieve a delta state of sleep soon. But I’m still here after 40 years. I really want to sleep. I want to sleep.”

Witness said he does not see strange beings in his dreams. “I know I don’t scream or anything in my sleep,” he said, anticipating my next question.

Gary said he knows his dreams have much to do with his experience of missing time and the white object that rapidly advanced upon him and his girlfriend as they peered out over the dark UFO infested waters of strange Moriches Bay from the jetty.

When asked if he recalls any faces or strange beings in his dreams, he said, “No, never.” When asked if he recalled any scoop marks, strange markings on his skin, bumps or rashes on his body immediately after the episode of missing time, he said, “No, I really didn’t look for anything when it happened, and I don’t remember any.”

At no point did Gary state that he had been abducted; nor did he call the object that approached him a spaceship. He never used the word aliens, either. He seemed to go out of his way to avoid these words, sometimes giving me the impression he wanted me to say the words for him, which I would not because MUFON has experts for the job of determining whether or not a witness is also an Experiencer – an abductee who had been taken into a spaceship by aliens. It’s not my job to figure all this out. I’m not that experienced with abductions. As a Field Investigator, I take the reports.

However, the witness stated he has met people who have had similar experiences as him and they claimed to have been abducted; and while he feels a connection to their stories, he does not necessarily believe or want to believe he had been abducted by creatures from some other world. “People laugh at me when I tell them this story,” he said. “That’s why I contacted MUFON, I knew MUFON wouldn’t laugh.”

I told Gary of the MUFON Experiencer Research Team and said I would send him an email explaining how to get to the Experiencer Questionnaire on the website which he could complete in a few minutes online. He said he would fill it out and submit it. Gary is near deaf so he has great difficulty hearing voices on the telephone. I told him I would correspond with him henceforth by email.

A few days after interviewing Gary he wrote me an email telling me he forgot to say that following the UFO experience he had he lost his sense of taste and has since had to use spices to taste anything. He said he didn’t know if his dulled taste buds had anything to do with his UFO experience. I think he wanted me to tell him it probably did. But, you know, that’s not my job.

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