Thoughts on Budd Hopkins

Part II

By Peter Robbins

Undermining Linda Cortile & the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Incident

During the years Budd was actually working with Linda I saw Carol befriend her, film her on a number of occasions and certainly support her allegations of abduction. But in her article, Carol goes out of her way to undermine Linda’s credibility and character, in effect suggesting that she masterminded an incredibly complex hoax which would have had to involve no fewer than twenty individuals (and her young son), all of whom freely gave their accounts (and often drawings) at no financial or other kind of benefit to themselves concerning what remains the best documented multiply witnessed UFO abduction in history. Carol looks down on Linda’s boring life as a high school educated mother and wife in comparison to her own active life as a documentary filmmaker and leaves us to believe that Linda was colluding with Hopkins or a victim of his malicious intentions.

Linda told me recently that a few months ago, Carol sent her a registered letter asking if she might continue to film Linda for the documentary she is now at work on, which, according to her website, serves the purpose of discrediting Budd and most likely the Linda case as well. Linda, of course, did not know at the time that Carol now thinks she’s a hoaxer, and Carol certainly didn’t state that in her letter. Had Linda agreed, I can only wonder how this footage might have been employed along with that she has already shot when she and Budd were together.

As stated, I’ve known Linda Cortile (her last name is a pseudonym) since 1989 and continue to think of her as a dear and close friend. Yes, Linda is a mother and has been married to her husband Steve since she was just out of high school. They have raised two sons together, both of whom have grown into fine and decent men and given her two grandchildren who she cares for regularly. Linda is also a woman of extraordinary character who has faced adversity throughout her life, not just as an abductee, or as a caring parent when an accident left one of her children near death after his car was hit by a semi, but as a survivor of the World Trade Center catastrophe. Four of her and Steve’s relatives who worked in the complex were not as fortunate and their loss was as devastating as we can imagine.

Following a period of extraordinary and understandable depression, she somehow found it in herself to volunteer for the arduous job of being one of a handful of specially trained Red Cross workers whose assignment was to accompany family members from around the world who lost loved ones in the cataclysm, down into the pit that had been the site of the towers and to stay with them throughout their mourning and personal ordeals, then escorting them out and into the hands of the wonderful professional support team which the Red Cross had in place at the time.

There is nothing about Linda or her life that is banal or mundane, and she is as fully engaged in living it as anyone I have ever met is in living theirs. The values she lives her life by are ones I certainly respect, and which Carol might benefit from considering. But please do not take my word for the veracity of the Brooklyn Bridge abductions investigation. You can find a used copy of Witnessed on line for a few dollars or may have a friend who can loan it to you. It’s also in the collections of some libraries. I only ask that you read it and decide where the truth lies for yourself.

Budd Hopkins Use of Hypnotic Regression: Ethical or Manipulative?

I was asked to witness a number of hypnotic regressions during the years I worked for Budd, either by him or the subject or by both of them, but always with the subject’s full approval. I cannot say how many times I was called upon to do this, but can safely say I did so between ten and twenty times. As a beginning practitioner, Budd worked under the watchful eye of the respected hypnotherapist Aprhrodite Clamar for seven long years, then under the guidance of other professional hypnotherapists as well. His patience, sensitivity and concern for his subjects is extraordinary and it was not unusual for him to take up to half an hour to make sure that the subject was as relaxed as possible before asking them a first question. Transcripts of some of these sessions are included in his books and are very worth reading. Additionally, the complete transcript (including both questions and answers) of the long and memorable session he conducted with Larry Warren, my co-author of Left At East Gate is included in that book and is exemplary of the manner in which Hopkins conducts this aspect of his work.

The Women’s Issue

In his defense of Budd and critique of Carol’s article, the highly regarded author Jerome Clark takes Carol’s actions to task as those of a disgruntled ex-wife. Carol responded that such a criticism was an example of standard knee jerk misogynist comments often leveled against women in yet one more male dominated field, an argument I categorically respect, except that in this case I agree with Jerry. Male ufologists have been as guilty of this offence as men in any field, and should rightly be taken to task for it when they do. Ufology is the richer for the contributions made by an outstanding cadre of intelligent, articulate and courageous women and a shining example is the Women In Ufology Web site. I only hope that more are welcomed into the field in the future. I placed Carol herself in this category based on her collaboration with Budd in their book, Sight Unseen. I only wish that she had continued to hold herself to the level of investigation and research she manifested there rather than that exhibited in her current writing. Yes, women are regularly maligned in the manner she suggests, but from where I sit she has not made a credible argument for this being the case here.


My late sister Helen was, among many other things, an abductee who struggled with her anger over what had been done to her by the intelligences behind the abduction phenomenon, and was also someone who benefitted tremendously from her regressive hypnosis with Budd, as well as from the many support group meetings she attended, some of which Budd has specifically established just for women. Helen did not make a lifestyle out of it however and at a certain point struck out on her own to continue following her dream of being a singer songwriter and a truly gifted and electrifying performer. Budd’s tastes in music run from the big bands to great jazz to the classical and I still have to smile at the level of support he offered her when he would be a part of the audience at CBGBs for one of her earsplitting punk rock shows. I know that he despises this genre of music, but loved my sister and wanted to support her in her pursuits. My family and I will always be in his debt for the unique assistance which helped Helen to live the incredibly full life she did, rather than being at effect of what might or might not happen to her in her bedroom in the middle of some dark, unannounced night. I note this here to again establish that I am far from fully objective in my critique of Carol’s article, but also to wonder out loud that in a subject “afloat with hoaxes,” if Carol also feels that Helen lied about her experiences (to what end I do not know) along with Linda Cortile and apparently so many others.

Let me close by saying that I have disliked every minute it has taken to think through and write down these remarks. I take no pleasure in criticizing someone I once considered a friend.

I have no doubt that if humanity is not extinguished by some natural or manmade cataclysm, there will come a time in the future when students studying the history of the late Twentieth and early Twenty First Centuries will learn about that tiny but dedicated group of individuals, like Hopkins, Jacobs and Mack, who put the trajectory of their otherwise normal, comfortable lives aside and sacrificed a great deal to study and learn about the presence which has invaded the day to day lives of uncounted numbers of people who live with the reality of UFO abduction, and then did their utmost to teach the rest of us about the seriousness and implications of that reality. How extraordinary to appreciate the gravity of this historic moment, to understand that those who rise to such historic imperatives have routinely been trashed by their detractors throughout human history, and that their names and their work will live on long after those of their critics have been forgotten.

Thank you Budd - for your friendship, for the things I’ve learned working with you all of these years, for helping to keep me laughing when I did not think it was possible, but most of all for your pioneering efforts which have helped the rest of us see and grasp the nature of what truly confronts us. Peter Robbins, February 2011

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Peter Robbins

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