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A Supportive Community That Truly Understands

If you feel you’ve experienced alien abduction or extraterrestrial contact, it’s important to know you’re not alone.

Starborn Support, founded in Maine, is a welcoming group of experiencers and those who care about them. Our group was founded by twin sisters Audrey and Debbie Hewins, themselves experiencers who truly understand the complexities of dealing with these encounters.

Simply put, we’re a collection of regular people who share the common feeling these encounters – abduction, contact, or sightings – have deeply affected our lives in some way. Starborn Support and its members are dedicated to exploring safe and reasonable ways of helping each other come to terms with the impact of these understudied paranormal phenomena. We have banded together to lend each other the moral support and understanding only those who share such experiences can give.

We invite you to join our community of like minds and experiences as we help each other endure and understand these events. Anyone is welcome, and all will have the opportunity to share their stories and endeavor to support their fellow members. If you’re interested in being a part of the group, or just wish to lend your support, we encourage you to contact us.

With a home base in Northern New England, we have 12 chapters on the East Coast of the United States and chapters in the UK, Latin America, and Columbia. We are glad to help and support anyone who has experienced an encounter.

Stay Up-To-Date with Starborn Support by visiting their Facebook Page

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Our Friends and Partners at Starborn Support continually reach out to help others while providing a much needed Educational platform for the public.

Their Guest Speakers in 2016 were:

Master of Ceremonies
Richard Dolan

Travis Walton
Fire in the Sky

Charles Foltz
Allagash Abductions

Rey Hernandez
Abductee/Experiencer/ Attorney

David Chace

Eric Mitchel

Kewaunee Lapseritis
The Psychic Sasquatch

Andrew Robson
Sasquatch Revelations

Yanick Aumond

For more information, please visit their conference website at Experiencers Speak 2016 or stay up-to-date with Starborn Support by visiting their Facebook Page


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