Super Conscious Beings


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Wise Man Super Conscious Being ET

Super Conscious Beings

It is difficult to describe what an “alien” presence feels like, but if you are an Experiencer, then you know that it takes time and guts to open yourself up to it ˗ to really feel and experience it rather than fearing it. Most of us learn at a relatively early age what it feels like when the Beings are nearby but cannot be readily seen, and we also know that different types of Beings have a different type of presence associated with them.

One of the most benevolent types of Beings are called Super Conscious Beings, Guides and Wise Ones. They often appear human and convey concern for our welfare. In the early 1990’s, I conversed for some time with one of these Beings, who appeared to me as an elderly man. We talked about some of my past experiences and I drew a picture for him of a Being with red eyes, which I then handed to him. This Being seemed to be there just for me. It is difficult to convey the level of intensity of the type of emotion associated with these particular Beings. It is a synthesis of platonic love, sexual love, nurturing love, and a parent’s love ˗ all rolled up into one emotion. The emotion is positively overwhelming and it is telepathically conveyed between Experiencers and Super Conscious Beings, Guides or Wise Ones.

Having had interaction with them for well over 20 years, I’ve observed that Super Conscious Beings can literally manifest their energy into any form they choose, whether it is a humanoid form or a solid object. When they are an object, which is rare and as far as I can tell is done for teaching purposes, the object itself radiates a consciousness – a life force.

They interact with people when they are undergoing difficult times or when it is time for the individual to learn a new concept. This involves the ability to see beyond time, dimension and other realities. This sometimes involves being on “the other side” or where we go after we pass from this physical existence. These Beings appear as both male and female and in one experience, they appeared as child-like angels who fluttered down from the night sky like leaves slowly swaying and falling with the wind. In that experience, they allowed me to touch a piece of a golden “rope” that they were gently touching, perhaps holding onto, when they descended. The rope itself emanated the same synthesis of love and consciousness that I described earlier with the Super Conscious Being. From what I have witnessed, these Beings are able to transform that which is material into consciousness itself.

During this particular encounter, I was walking with these child-like angels at three o’clock in the morning through the neighborhood I was living in at the time. There were other Super Conscious Beings along my route that appeared as large animals. I believe they took this form because I have a great love and respect for all animals. Their presence is always the same, which is how I know it is them and not, for example, a Grey using a mental, telepathic screen image, or camouflage as I sometimes refer to it.

I realize how strange this account may sound to some people, but I believe I was really walking with them through my neighborhood at night. I walked, while the “angels” floated close to the ground, to a nearby park located in our neighborhood and it was there where they ascended upward and then disappeared. I did not see a craft, only the night sky. Telepathic communication occurred between us when they telepathically told me I was asking for too much when I requested to keep a piece of their “golden rope” for proof that they were real.

The next morning I walked my dog along the same route I had walked just a few hours before. My dog became frightened when I passed the area the “angels” descended from. My dog also became agitated as we passed each place where I stopped and looked at the Super Conscious Beings projecting themselves as animals. It is a well documented fact that dogs, cats and other animals react strongly to extraterrestrial craft and the ETs’ presence. I was not afraid when I approached these locations, but my dog had a strong fear and an avoidance reaction the next day at each of these specific locations. Needless to say, this was an incredible validation that this was indeed a physical experience and my dog was sensing some type of residual aftereffect.

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Wise Man Super Conscious Being ET

A Super Conscious Being appearing as an elderly human male

















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