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“Do not ever give up. Do not let anyone discourage you or frighten you and do not allow yourself to be disillusioned. People will try ˗ you must keep to your own truths of your experiences with us. We depend on you...”

If you are somewhat new to this phenomenon, Hybrids are alien Beings with varying degrees of human characteristics. The difficulty in being precise about who is and who is not a Hybrid is because there are several different types of aliens interacting with us. Generally speaking, Hybrids appear more human and exhibit more emotions than the Greys and other Beings.

From descriptions provided by Contact experiencers it has been noted that over the past four to five decades, Hybrids are becoming more human-like, and that includes exhibiting emotional behavior. Some of my own experiences have involved Beings that look so human, others would not be able to differentiate them from humans if they saw them in public. One has to be in very close proximity to them and also know what to look for, and what to feel or sense, in order to determine that they are not in fact human beings. However, many Hybrids are easy to detect, such as the one pictured below.

Human Hybrid with dark hair on Earth


This memorable event occurred in 1995, when I had an experience with this Hybrid male. He was thin, had wavy, dark, medium length hair and was a little over six feet tall. He seemed fairly human, except he was telepathic. There were other Beings with me... They told me telepathically that I should spend some time with this male Hybrid so I walked over to him.



The Hybrid began to telepathically communicate with me, telling me that he was working on a method to eradicate a type of crustacean life form from the desert zone of a planet. He also confided that he was always away from his home, and that he was frustrated and had grown cynical because of his work. I responded to him by saying,

“I was away from my family so often as a child, that a real space developed between my family and me. They began to view me as being different.”

I had tears in my eyes and I was a bit surprised that this would evoke such sadness in me. The Hybrid and I walked together and as we did, I found myself thinking about disturbing events that had occurred. I felt the Hybrid inside my mind telepathically reading my thoughts and emotions. He seemed to understand and somehow I knew what I had been dealing with was something I had to experience.

Although I had a feeling of being different, I had not previously remembered the amount of time I had been away from my biological Earth family. It was as if some great hand picked me up and placed me in another life somewhere else in time for special training purposes. One of the oddities of my early life made sense to me finally. That I, as a very young child, would be relaying historical details of the Sumerian culture to “adults,” although I am uncertain who these “adults” actually were... Then I was brought back, but with no one ever noticing I was away. It was as though time on this side stood still, while time on their side moved… always educating, training and reinforcing the joint mission between extraterrestrials… interdimensionals… humans and our link: the Hybrids.

After the telepathic exchange with this Hybrid male, I came to a realization. It was from an exchange of feelings and emotions between the two of us. I understood the importance of his mission as well as my mission. It was in fact, our mission. There are a lot of us involved and it hasn’t been easy for any of us: Human, Hybrid or Extraterrestrial and perhaps even the Interdimensionals.

The Hybrid told me that certain relationships and falsely perceived friendships had to change and that it was for the best in the long term. Similar circumstances would occur again many years from that moment in time. The Hybrid wanted me to understand that I had to move forward in order for our work to continue. It is moments such as these, when I am reminded of a warning they gave me 25 years ago:

AJ's Hybrid Group


“Do not ever give up. Do not let anyone discourage you or frighten you and do not allow yourself to be disillusioned. People will try ˗ you must keep to your own truths of your experiences with us. We depend on you...”


Having overcome dark events and the people involved in them, I have left the past where it belongs. It was not very long ago when those of my ET group came to me and telepathically relayed their positive and supportive feelings regarding the task I undertook decades ago and continue to fulfill. Those of you who are out there and are forced to walk alone on this path are probably the only ones who truly understand the exactness of their communications.

Never stop doing the positive work you are doing, no matter how negative humanity treats you. The mission is a positive undertaking and more important than most people will ever understand.

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