Diamond in the Sky

By Jim Sparks

Edited by Global ET Research


March 1995, Fort Myers, Florida

…I decided to attend the “Shrimp Festival” at Fort Myers Beach. The county fair-like festivities take place on the beach not far from my home. It was late morning as I walked there, a clear and beautiful day, without a cloud in the sky…. I wanted to be home before dark, so I started to walk down the beach to a more isolated area. That day though, a young man and woman were wading in the water, waiting to watch one of our gorgeous sunsets.

As I approached them, a strange thing happened. My heart began to beat hard and adrenaline began filling me.

“Not here!” I whispered, thinking I was about to be abducted again. “Not now!”

An extremely loud voice inside my head said, “Watch us enter the atmosphere.”

So strong was this voice that my entire body vibrated and swayed uncontrollably to every word. I attracted the attention of the woman, and I managed to get a hold of myself.

“You’re about to see something fantastic,” I said.

“I know,” said the woman. “The sunsets here are beautiful.”

I felt sheepish. Why had I said that? But then as I turned to hurry away the woman cried out,

“Oh my God! Is that a UFO?”

I turned, and for some reason, I knew exactly where to look. Right there, hanging stationary in the sky in broad daylight was a diamond-shaped ship. It looked as though the sky had partially opened up to let it in because directly behind the ship was a streak of bright white light with a hue of blue…We stared at the magnificent thing.


Jim Sparks Beach Diamond UAP Encounter

“Remember what you are seeing here today,” I said. “There are people who spend an entire lifetime investigating these things and never see one.”

Then, in a flash, it disappeared.

“It’s not gone yet,” I said to the woman. “Keep watching. It will come back.”

“How do you know that?”

I hesitated for a moment, and then said, “I seem to have some sort of connection with these things.”

Sure enough, it came back and performed quite a splendid show. When it was over, the man started to jump up and down, yelling “Yahoo! Yahoo!”

The woman just shook her head. “No one will ever believe that we really saw a UFO,” she said.


The Keepers Book Cover

Excerpted from The Keepers, by Jim Sparks. Forword by John E. Mack, M.D.
© 2006; ISBN 1-930724-0-5


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Jim Sparks Beach UFO Encounter

“There are people who spend an entire lifetime investigating these things and never see one.”

























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