Dimensional Entities

By Alec Newald

Edited by Global ET Research

February 1989

In February of 1989, I set off on what should have been a three hour drive in New Zealand, but I arrived at my destination feeling tired and confused, and was even more confused to learn that Monday was now Thursday 10 days later. I had no idea of what had happened…. When I did retrieve my memories of those missing ten days, I realized my life had changed forever…. Eventually I remembered that I was abducted by what I term Dimensional Entities.

What started me to recall was a lot of bits and pieces in dreams. I just kept on waking in the middle of the night with the same dream and I started to write down what I believed the dream was about….The last conscious recollection was that it appeared that I had lost control of the car, and for some reason the steering wheel had frozen and I couldn’t use the brakes and the car appeared to me to be going to crash.

…After the car crash…I was in a large cavern space surrounded by a blue light. I didn’t appear to have a body, which certainly would sit with a near death experience, so I appeared to be bodiless, weightless…. And when I looked around me in the distance after some period of time, I noticed there were other entities in the distance which didn’t look human...

I never actually, during the whole event, saw what I would call a UFO, and it was only much later in the interaction that I finally realized, because basically they had to explain it to me, that these entities were not of this Earth… they had cat eyes and they had white skin and they were warm blooded… [not insectoids] The communication was telepathic. I was having thoughts and they were answering me, but I wasn’t actually saying anything and strangely enough, neither were they.

I was told that there was a period of time where I went through some sort of phase change…this took about 24 hours…they were actually building another body for me… something that would take me to a different dimension. There was certainly dimensional travel involved and they did go to some lengths to explain to me what was going on, but the technicality of it was way beyond me….there was a shape involved and a vehicle that was involved…the shape of a pyramid… they told me this shape is definitely required for dimensional travel.

Their planet, I call “Haven,” seemed to be about the size of our moon. I couldn’t see any stars in the sky at night and yet the sky was black both day and night. There seemed to be some sort of a force field or network or grid in the atmosphere that seemed to pulse, so maybe I wasn’t able to see directly out into space, but I could see what was pretty obviously a sun – the sun was reddish in colour, very, very potent – in fact, we had to wear very sophisticated anti-radiation suits if we ever went outside… sort of a yellow-gold reflective skin suit really, nothing more than a skin suit but these were very, very high tech, so it was a hostile environment – like being in the middle of a desert.

….They did describe basically what time travel is all about and they were very succinct…that there is no physical matter in the universe that is solid. Everything is constructed with wave and vibration resonance patterns (this includes man at a quantum level). The more deep the resonance pattern, the more solid the object. And, the same is true for time. Time is just a frequency wave.

Different Child Book Cover

Excerpted from Different Child, by Sandy Nicholas. Originally titled “Ten Days on an ET Civilization.” © 2001; ISBN 0-9714272-1-6.

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