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It was the year 2000, when I found myself standing next to a Super Conscious Being again. He was looking at a brick wall; a quite innocuous object.

I turned my gaze from him to the brick wall and experienced an “inner knowing,” and saw that the wall was symbolic and represented the human genome. This knowing came from the Super Conscious Being and I understood I was being instructed again.

The Super Conscious Being then telepathically told me that all of the knowledge humans had always wanted was contained in the human genome and it had been right before our eyes our entire existence. Humans are just now reaching a level of intelligence and awareness where this knowledge can be revealed and understood. This Super Conscious Being was monitoring humanity’s progress in unlocking the secrets to our existence. There was much more to this experience, but I did not write it all down, and this is all I have been able to remember, unfortunately.

For more information about how Human and Extraterrestrial DNA figure prominently into the ET Contact phenomenon, see our partner’s site at Hybrids Rising, particularly The Hybrid Project.

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