Evolution of ET Contact - 101

By Global ET Research

ET Grey Holding ChildThese continuing essays are a series of non-fiction accounts of ET contact. Today, rather than “alien abductee,” many people prefer the term “experiencer” because they do not view their involvement with ETs as a form of victimization, but rather as one of participation. Because of this change in peoples’ perception of their encounters, we sometimes combine the two terms and use abductee-experiencer (abbreviated AE) instead of “alien abductee.”

People who have experienced Contact may live their entire lives with limited memories of what has happened to them, while others remember their encounters consciously and completely. Some remember their encounters when they surface in dreams, and sometimes their memories will occur spontaneously when something in their environment triggers sudden recall of the incident; for example, discovering an unusual bruise or body mark that wasn’t there the previous day or seeing a large eyed animal, such as an owl or a deer.

Abductee-Experiencers may not always remember traveling to where they interact with non-human Beings, but some remember being inside light beams, and/or of being floated or levitated out of their homes and into what appears to be an extraterrestrial craft. Sometimes the Beings interact with the subject in their home, face-to-face, while at other times they may take them to what is believed to be another planet or dimension. Importantly, these interactions occur both during daytime hours as well as nighttime hours. These experiences are by no means limited to the “dream world,” and although some AEs report them as sometimes feeling dreamlike, many, if not most, are described very vividly and include sounds, smells, colors, vibratory effects and other exceptional details, including discovering physical marks on their bodies as well as experiencing electromagnetic aftereffects.

From decades of research, personal experiences, and reviewing the available literature, we know these Beings are extremely technologically advanced compared to humans and this allows them to succeed, more often than not, in keeping their activities secret. Many of these Beings are also capable of erasing or eliminating people’s memories and are capable of successfully implanting “screen memories” or memories of events that did not actually occur. These screen memories and other types of memory management are used to deceive or confuse AEs, which may also protect AEs from psychological harm. They are also used for educational and training purposes. After a time, many subjects are able to differentiate between screen memories and their real experiences thus allowing them – and others – to understand more regarding the true nature of their ET Contact experiences.

It is apparent that “alien abductions” have evolved into “extraterrestrial contact,” which may be evolving into something completely different from what began approximately 70 years ago when the modern era abduction accounts began to emerge. We believe we have reached a point where the Beings want us to remember and may also want us to share our knowledge with others in preparation for a transition that is said to be occurring to the human species.

People who are familiar with this subject will understand the notion of the Beings preferring it if we did not remember our interaction with them. We know this because they carry out their activities under the cloaks of secrecy and invisibility and we suspect this is for both the protection of the AEs as well as for the continuation of humanity’s “status quo world view.” In other words: The “aware” having to exist among the “unaware.” It is challenging to continue living among “unawares” after one becomes aware of the ET presence in their life, and the Beings understand this.

ET Contact in the Here and Now

As we continue to add more ET essays, we hope this discovery process will not only be helpful to others experiencing Contact, but will also nudge the general public to be more open to the likelihood that there is much more going on around us than what we perceive in our normal everyday existence. These essays demonstrate how your fellow humans live between the reality of what we are taught to believe, and the multi-dimensional, ultra reality that actually surrounds us.


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Evolution of ET Contact






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