Higher Dimensional Capabilities


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Interdimensional Capabilities

There are Beings interacting with us who are teaching us about subjects of an interdimensional nature. They apparently want us to understand that we have multidimensional capabilities.

In 1995, a Super Conscious Being took me to a place that appeared as a large room with a very high ceiling. I did not know where I was or how I got there. I was instructed to use my mind to move myself to a different area in this room. I looked up and I concentrated on the high ceiling. I used my mind to pull the space that was above me, down toward me. This had the effect of lifting my body upward through what seemed to be part of the structure, possibly the ceiling. It was mentally exhausting, but I was told that it was time for me to learn this.

Immediately after I had achieved this mental feat, I remembered my future at the moment I decided to come to Earth. I was to leave my time (what we would consider the future) and travel back in time to where I am now:

It’s because of my life mission that I am here. We all have a mission in this and I have chosen to be an educator. We are to wake a sleeping world to the aliens’ presence.

I am aware of other people who have experienced nearly these same identical lessons. There are many who know it is time for people to understand how little we truly comprehend the nature of our own existence, which is why information like this is so important. These space-time experiences are an integral component of the Contact Phenomenon.


This same year I found myself again with a male Super Conscious Being. We were standing in front of a door and he wanted me to look through a small opening constructed from an emerald cut crystal lens. As I did, I saw myself. It was another me and I was at a conference relating to this phenomenon and I saw myself walking across a room. I was wearing clothing which I don’t own in this reality (or dimension) and my hair was longer... I knew it was me, but it was another me in another dimension.

The Super Conscious Being wanted me to know that I was looking at myself in another dimension and in this other dimension I am also involved in the education process regarding this phenomenon.

Removed From Earth

In a subsequent experience, I was being graded on my performance as an educator of this phenomenon here on Earth. A “chalkboard” appearing object was rolled in front of me that had papers hanging off of the bottom part. The papers had numbers on them. I looked at the papers and realized I was being graded. I looked at my score and my mean (average) was about the same as the other people who were with me, so I felt like I was doing okay: still educating and helping people. I felt relieved to know that the Beings still considered me of value. I wrote in my journal,

“…it’s hard to keep this up, but I’ve survived another test.”

Just after the test results were given to us, a male Being telepathically said to me,

“You have been here for one year.”

My mind reeled from the information. I immediately began recalling some of what happened while I was with them. I had been with Betty* and a male humanoid who had very mottled, pink and purple skin. Betty and this male humanoid told me that I was in the process of becoming more telepathic. I was to turn my back to them and try to telepathically hear their thoughts. I did as I was requested. Betty’s voice was calm and encouraging and she said to me,

“Yes, that’s it… you’re getting closer.”

Just after that, I felt a very warm sensation in my upper back. The warm feeling continued and Betty told me that this had something to do with telepathic abilities. The session continued for several minutes with Betty calmly encouraging me,

“You’re doing it now…Very good.”

When this was over, I happened to look in a mirror and I saw my face. I was appalled. I had the same mottled skin as the male humanoid. I panicked and said to myself,

“I’ve got to get out of here! A year…unbelievable. I’ve been here for a whole year...”

The next day and for two weeks after this experience, I had a peaceful, wonderful feeling come over me. I felt extraordinarily good, mentally and physically. My skin was not mottled pink and purple any longer, which tells me that either they corrected the skin ailment or I did in fact travel back in time to where I originally was when they took me. It appeared that the longer I was in their time or dimension, the more my skin aged. If that is not the case, then my consciousness was inside another body which exists in this other dimension, similar to what Alec Newald described in his experience with his Dimensional Entities.

I believe it is likely that I was in fact removed from Earth for an entire year and then brought back to my current time. This was yet another indication that some of these Beings have perfected time travel or that we can move our consciousness into physical bodies other than the ones we inhabit on Earth or in this timeline.


*Abductee-Experiencer Betty Andreasson-Luca

These experiences occurred in 1995 and were remembered immediately afterward, without the aid of hypnosis or meditation.

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“What being could possess such God-like power? The answer: a being from a higher-dimensional world.”










Theoretical physicists have postulated for some time now, that instead of the four dimensions of length, breadth, width, and time – that ten dimensions are required to make enough room for our four fundamental forces of nature.



“Imagine being able to walk through walls… or having the ability to repair the internal organs of patients without ever cutting the skin… What being could possess such God-like power? The answer: a being from a higher-dimensional world.”



























“There is a growing acknowledgment among physicists worldwide, including several Nobel laureates that the universe may actually exist in higher-dimensional space. If this theory [of Hyperspace] is proved correct, it will create a profound conceptual and philosophical revolution in our understanding of the universe.”




– Quotes by Michio Kaku, Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps and the 10th Dimension.

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