Strive to Become a Guardian

By "Alexander"

Edited by Global ET Research


Guardian Unveiled Symbol


You typically don’t hear much about the Guardians, but their purpose is to restore, protect, and maintain the structural integrity of our Time Matrix.

They restore and activate key energetic circuitry within the Earth’s Templar. The Guardians’ teachings hold the space for truth and integrity, providing an ongoing, comprehensive study of the “Cosmic Context, Structures and Dynamics” of space-time-matter creation and spiritual evolution, of planetary, galactic and universal “lost history” and of the contemporary “Big Picture Drama.”

Guardians have been consumed with creating a new consciousness grid around the planet of pure helion light, energized by Source Creation, since the older one had been compromised by The Dark. They also preserve the balance necessary to assist Creation while going through the on-going massive transition. Guardians maintain an equilateral continuum and therefore, support the orbital fields and axis for the purpose of facilitating the hologram’s massive metamorphosis with the least number of Earth changes.

Their bodily structures have a natural ability to withstand and funnel massive amounts of Light into the Earth’s new grid, and are therefore involved in holding open selected star gates for the ascension process, as well as reconnecting portals throughout the planet.

The GRT (Galactic Round Table) is a united front and an impenetrable force committed to accomplish what they intend to do. Each one of us is “chosen by Source” for this table and this task, demonstrating the ability to present ideas with great professionalism and discuss feelings without antagonism. Dissension, competition, and inner sabotage were the reason for ascension mission failures in prior World ages, so we have done everything we can to avoid this now. We have succeeded. We journey whole-heartedly forward as ONE, serving Source and Humanity as we know what we are here to do. We look forward to working alongside other spiritually galactic teams to further our goals.


The Essential Characteristics GRT Members Strive For

1. Integrity, honesty, and loyalty

2. Good communication skills

3. Warm, friendly, and approachable

4. Ability to discuss without overreacting or taking things personally

5. Confident yet not ego-driven

6. Works well alone, independent thinker

7. Team oriented and true to yourself despite the discomfort

8. Tenacious, persevering, faithful in outcome

9. Leadership qualities and takes lead in sub-groups

10. Particular skills or assets assist the whole

11. Flexibility to get to meetings, making this a priority

12. Expansive, galactic thinking, universal

13. Health-oriented, has a preference for natural healing

14. Craves a connection to The All - That Is first and foremost

15. Continuously holding or working on prosperity consciousness

16. Believes in the Project and adds ideas to enhance and further the ideals

Unveiled Guardian

Symbol Modified from Unveiled Mysteries ©1939, which reveals that the Blondes or Nordic appearing Beings have been with us for a very long time

Article excerpted from: Guardians and The Galactic Connection © 2009

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