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It was late one night when I came face to face with four female Beings that I suspect were Tall Whites. The five of us were standing outside at night in what appeared to be a large paved area. Oddly, I could not remember how I got to this location, especially so late at night.

There was a huge structure or object nearby. There was also a light source that was not overly bright, but bright enough to allow me to see them. They looked very much alike except for one. This particular Being had four arms; what I took to be a genetic defect. She is the Tall White pictured second from the left in the image below.






Tall Whites Standing in Group

When I saw these four Beings, I made particular note of their eyes because they were so beautiful. They were dark brown and had a liquid like appearance to them. Each female stood about 5’8’’ tall and they were very striking. They had white hair – not blonde, but completely white – and they were wearing grayish sliver body suits that had a slight shimmer to them. Their ankle boots were tan-gold and also had a shimmer to them.

When they walked, they stayed very close to one another. The three females with normal sets of arms appeared to be shielding the female with four arms, as if they were protecting her. Initially, I did not think there was anything about them that was different from a human until they came closer to me and I saw their eyes and then focused on their bodies. I was face to face with them for a few moments, and then they walked past me and that’s when I saw the female with four arms. As they passed me, I focused on this particular Being’s arms and I am certain of what I saw. I did not want to vocalize anything or focus too much on her defect because I thought it would be rude of me.

They walked very gracefully and almost in unison. They seemed to walk, not float; but the way they walked was very different from the way humans walk. It reminded me of the way the Type Four or Tall Greys walk, except their backbones did not move in a rocking motion and sway like the tall Greys do. These females walked very gracefully, yet purposefully, and I found them amazing to see. My feelings at the time were that they were walking back toward the large structure or object with the dim light shining from it. My gut feeling about this object is that is was their craft.

The encounter was quite vivid, and the following day I discovered a new abduction body mark; the now familiar pencil-erasure type bruise that we believe is left behind after a wand-like, possible stunning device is touched against human skin.

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Bill Burt of Tall Dwarf Graphics created the professional rendering on this page, and my own sketch is included for reference. Bill Burt’s version is based on additional written descriptions that I provided to him. To view more of Bill Burt’s artwork, you can visit him and his company, Tall Dwarf Graphics on Facebook.

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Tall Whites Standing in Group

Tall Whites, Original Sketch


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