Three Extraterrestrial UAPs Hover in Triangle Formation Over Gulf Coast Town


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1976, Gulf Coast

A memorable and vivid sighting occurred when I was 16 years old. It involved three disc-shaped craft with lights circling their midsections, and when I saw them, I instinctually knew they were “alien” as in, not human. Although they were silent, they were structured craft. Their color was silver-gray and they had red, blue and yellow lights moving around their midsections. They were also hovering in a triangle formation. Several children who were playing on my street outside that night also watched as these craft hovered in the sky.


UFO Close Up of UAP Hovering


We watched as they made hairpin turns and then shot off and “blinked out.” It was an incredible moment in my young life; one that I thought would change the world. The reason why? Not only did I and several people, including adults, see these incredible craft, but there were also dark colored helicopters flying over us shining their spotlights all around, so they – the “big guys” – knew about these UFOs as well.



UAPs Hover Over Gulf Coast Town


Oddly, I don’t remember any of the other children ever speaking about that incredible sighting, and no one flying the helicopters said anything to the press – at least it didn’t make it to the “mainstream” news of the time. After being ridiculed by my friends in school after I told them about my sighting the following day, I didn’t speak about it again for a long time. Today, we know that these types of events have occurred to thousands of children on our planet with the same or similar outcomes depending on their own “cultural norms.”

Years later, after I began my personal investigation into the incredible ET related events that continued to occur to me, I would remember other sightings of what appeared to be extraterrestrial craft as far back as my early childhood. In fact, I would remember these Beings in my life as far back as my memory could take me. As with most people experiencing similar phenomena, I discovered “they” have always been a part of my life.


UAP Extraterretrial  Hovering 1976

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3 ET Craft wtih Red, Blue and Yellow Lights

Position of 3 ET craft hovering over cul-de-sac of neighborhood in 1976 during multiple witness sighting.


Three Extraterrestiral UFO Craft Hovering in Triangle Formation

Arrows show the direction the craft shot off to at unbelievable speeds just prior to “blinking out.” The third craft moved slowly toward the west and hovered for approximately 45 minutes as if it wanted to be seen or could not move at the same rate of speed as the other two.


Extraterretrial Craft Hovering 1976

This is the third craft as it hovered in the western sky for approximately 45 minutes.




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