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Research has shown that ET Contact experiences tend to run in families and continue throughout most experiencers’ lifetimes. Sometimes people will be abducted only once due to their proximity to another abductee. Others feel they “marry into the phenomenon,” while some people believe their relationships are or were arranged by the Beings themselves.

One theory suggests that the Greys may be a dying species who desperately need us for the continuation of their species and have a great interest in obtaining human sperm and ova. On the other hand, if the coming earth changes Contact experiencers have been shown, will in fact become reality, it could turn out to be us – the human species – that is in need of help surviving.


Tan Alien Non Human Infant


Ova and sperm would be required if their species cannot clone and require an infusion of human DNA, so it makes complete sense that the Greys or Beings who look similar to them would be combining our genetic material with theirs in order to strengthen their species and/or to create a Hybrid race. This is one of the ideas behind the Hybrid Program, which many people suspect has been going on for so many decades now that the hybrid babies we used to read about are now grown and are young adults.





In what could not be a more direct explanation for the continued, repetitive nature of contact experiences, one individual [a thoroughly vetted contact experiencer] was told outright by an extraterrestrial that she was taken to see her child every so often so “the child would know [her] as her birth mother.” She was also told that “emotional bonding is very important” to them and she “will be reunited with [her] children from time to time in the future.” As we know, physical and emotional interaction is imperative for the infant bonding process in humans and other animals on our planet.

There are witness reports of some of these Beings being able to transfer their life force into another body and engage in the sharing of consciousness between themselves and humans.  Their need for sperm and ova is an obvious one. We also know they are collecting genetic material other than sperm and ova. For example; skin samples, hair samples, blood samples, bone marrow samples, etc. They have also been observed collecting soil and water samples, as well as plants and animals. All of this has been repeatedly documented through witness reports dating as far back as the early 1900’s (and perhaps even further).

The Proud Parents

Tall Grey ET Pregnancy

There are many fascinating events associated with this phenomenon, but one in particular stood out for me. During an encounter in 2005, I found myself with two tall Greys with light tan skin: a male and a female. We sat down together on a bench-like object and it was then that I realized the female was pregnant. Her stomach was not very large, but she was definitely pregnant.


The male was touching her stomach and I could see parts of the baby inside her womb. When the baby would move I could see dark areas through her skin. Her skin appeared very thin and she was very frail looking. She leaned back slightly to accommodate the weight of the baby and when she did so, she had to hold her lower abdomen to help support the skin and therefore the baby inside her womb.

I watched, completely amazed at the baby moving inside of her while the father gently touched her stomach. I felt happiness and as well as the sense of them being extremely proud of their child. I telepathically sensed that what I was witnessing was very rare. With a mere look, the male telepathically told me that I could touch the female’s stomach and that I could feel the child within her. I did so and it was absolutely amazing. While I was touching her, I felt a great sense of joy from them.

This was the first time I had ever seen a pregnant Grey and it was an amazing thing for me. I felt so honored to have been allowed to touch her because during my past encounters with the tall Greys, I have had to have permission to touch them. I suspect this has to do with our emotions and their being telepathic. I believe we are emotionally overwhelming for many of them and because they are telepathic, physical contact may have an “emotional amplification” effect on them.

So many people have gone public with similar accounts of interactions with these Beings that it certainly appears the Greys and other Beings who appear similar to them, need humans for something very important. And perhaps we need them as well, especially if the coming earth changes occur. Global warming is already upon us and there is no telling what, exactly, the full effects of it will be.


Earth's Possible Future


However, if what contact experiencers have been shown is indeed in our future, then we will definitely need some sort of major technological intervention. Perhaps that is why there is a definite sense of “mission” involved on both the side of the experiencers as well as on the side of the extraterrestrials.

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