Elaine Douglass

Activist and UFO-Alien Abduction Researcher


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Elaine Douglass worked for the Department of Defense, and after retiring became a full time UFO investigator from the mid-1980s until her death. Elaine was an expert on UFO-alien abductions and appeared on CNN during ORTK’s 1993 White House demonstration, which resulted in 24 hours of continuous TV coverage. At that demonstration, Elaine told the nation,

“The UFO cover-up is the most spectacular deception of a people in the history of the world.”

In 2007, Elaine Douglass joined with friends and co-researchers John Carpenter, Barbara Lamb, Rosemary Guiley and Manuel Lamiroy, to create a new publication titled The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research (JAR), an email quarterly magazine.

“At JAR we’re trying to find out: What are the aliens doing? And what do the aliens want?...There is a great divide in the UFO community,” Elaine says, “between people who think the aliens are here to help, and those who don’t. But at JAR we publish ALL points of view.”

“The other part of the picture is the U.S. government, the secret UFO cover-up. This deeply buried part of the bureaucracy is, along with the aliens, profoundly violating the rights of Americans. At JAR, we’re trying to find out: What is the cover-up doing? What does the cover-up want?”

Elaine has written a number of JAR articles showing that elements of the U.S. government are involved with the ETs, including joint abduction activity. These articles are available on the Internet.

Operation Right to Know (ORTK)

In the 1990’s Elaine was an organizer for Operation Right to Know, which sponsored street demonstrations calling for an end to UFO secrecy.

“Of all the things I’ve done in ufology, I’m proudest of ORTK, and I want to see public protest demonstrations get started again….The public’s rejection of the reality of UFOs is not rational and the effort to fight it with rational argument is exhausted. As for the government, its silence is purposeful and political, and we must respond with public political demands.”

“In the 1990’s, when ORTK was active, the UFO community lacked the will to insist on the truth, and we lacked the will to demand our right to be free from abduction, by the US government and the aliens. In the meantime, there was and is a monumental struggle going on behind the scenes for control of the earth and its people.”

“In this struggle, individual citizens are inconsequential and expendable. No one is protecting our rights, the rights of the people, so we must act to protect ourselves. The cover-up is precarious and could not withstand a determined public effort to blow the whistle. This is the way out of our dilemma that ORTK pointed to in the 1990’s, but the community hesitated. Have we progressed since that time? I want to see an ORTK-like organization and public demonstrations start again.”

The JAR webpage has expired, but Elaine’s research materials can be accessed at The Elaine Douglass Files while the JAR Journals can be accessed here.

Sample Tributes for Elaine Douglass

Born: 3/29/1944, New York, New York
Death: 1/27/2014, Moab, Utah

3/19/2014 - We would like to express our sincere condolences to the Family of Elaine Douglass. We knew Elaine through her work with MUFON, ORTIK, JAR and Women in Ufology; four of her great passions and organizations she helped to promote and/or create after leaving the Department of Defense. Elaine was an adamant proponent for the truth surrounding UFO secrecy and she fought hard for many decades for that truth. We are saddened she did not live to see it come to fruition, but through her diligent efforts, we are many steps closer. Rest In Peace Elaine. – In Sympathy, Global ET Support, our Partners, and Friends of JAR.


3/21/2014 - I wish to extend my sympathy to the family and friends of Elaine Douglass. Ufology has suffered a major loss with her passing. Elaine contributed so much to the movement. She was an extremely talented investigator and writer and an early, insistent advocate of UFO disclosure. Her organization skills were phenomenal. The various demonstrations she organized, particularly at the White House in 1993, are a testament to that. I came to know Elaine in the early 1990’s through my participation in ORTK. I thought she was the most amazing person: a tireless fighter for disclosure of UFO reality and personally courageous in uncovering specifics of the massive government cover up. She will be greatly missed by her friends and colleagues in the UFO community. – Mary Kerfoot

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Elaine Douglass


“The public’s rejection of the reality of UFOs is not rational and the effort to fight it with rational argument is exhausted. As for the government, its silence is purposeful and political, and we must respond with public political demands.” JAR-Banner.jpg

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