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Steven Talbott


In the 1950’s, when my brother and I were small boys about 8 and 9 years of age, we saw an orange object over San Francisco. There were spotty clouds and it was broad daylight. There were ‘two’ suns in the sky that day...

The object was at 2 o’clock as seen from our hillside location looking South, right over San Francisco City College. We estimated our distance to be about 3 miles away from the College. At first, it appeared to be an orange ball about the same size of the sun. My brother then looked over to the East and actually saw the sun ‘over there’ at about 10 o’clock !!! Then, looking back to the right at the second sun, it began to spin and quickly flopped over like it was on a hinge like a tea-kettle lid shutting down, thus forming the classic flat saucer shape. The whole top of the craft was an overall shallow dome shape like an arc segment.

It then swung like a pendulum, arched quickly upwards, and then disappeared from sight into the cloud cover. My brother said he noticed the ship begin to spin as soon as he shouted out to me, “Look, it’s moving.” He thought they had actually heard him.

Growing up with that experience has made both of us realize UFOs are not an illusion, swamp gas, or a flock of geese reflecting a light beam off the planet Jupiter.

My entire professional life has been focused on art and design in one way or another.

My cartooning is about seeing things from a different perspective or different point of view. I chose the main angle to be taken from the alien” point of view, i.e., that of an outsider looking in.

I hope to educate people, in some small way, about the UFO phenomenon, in that everything we perceive is not just in our way.










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