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Steven Talbott


My entire professional life has been focused on art and design in one way or another. Drawing always came naturally to me as a kid. I'm the one who drew pictures of the teacher on the chalkboard!

I learned the art of drafting and geometrical design at Heald's Business College in San Francisco and in 1980 our family moved to Spokane. I worked there for several architectural firms designing kitchens in hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. Later, I met Suze and we opened our own art studio creating commercial art, hand painted murals, signs, stained and etched glass.

In 2000 we moved to Las Vegas where I had a great opportunity to work for MGM Mirage Events, where I did event design and production of theatrical props and stage sets at all of the MGM properties. I am now currently freelancing as a designer/artist serving the Southern Nevada and California areas.

The mediums I use for cartooning are pen & ink. I then digitize them and fill in the colors on the computer, combining both worlds of hand drawn and computer artwork.

My cartooning is about seeing things from a different perspective or different point of view. I chose the main angle to be taken from the “alien” point if view, i.e., that of an “outsider looking in.” They represent something unknown and mysterious and no one can say what is right or wrong when it comes to space, other worlds or other beings… so it's a wide open field of new thought and concepts.

I hope to educate people in some small way about the UFO phenomenon too, in that everything we perceive is not just our way. I use aliens, people, animals, fish, bugs and even clouds as caricatures in the strip to aid in seeing things from this different perspective. This work allows me to explore many facets of human experiences from innocence to intelligence, and from fear to faith.


Steve F. Talbott lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and has won the following awards:

Award Winner for Glass Art - Signs of the Times magazine (On three occasions).
Nominee for Best Design - Gala Awards 2009 – “Jersey Boys” grand opening at Venetian.
Featured artist: “A Reflection of Talent,” Journal of Business magazine.
Featured artist: “Cooler with Color,” Special Events magazine.

Steve Talbott's Recent Shows

Theme: Children's book illustration themed show.
Date: June 6th 2011
Where: Green Valley Library (2797 N. Green Valley Parkway) Las Vegas, NV
What: 22” x 30” watercolor rendition of “The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe”.
Duration:  3 months
Theme: “One World Many Stories”
Date: July 16, 2011
Where: Green Valley Library  (2797 North Green Valley Parkway) Las Vegas, NV
What: Children's short story illustration 24” x 30” Ink and watercolor.”The Hazel-Child” a Romanian folktale. With another drawing piece- Poker Faces.
Duration: 3 months

Theme: “Meet and Mingle” open to all mediums
Date: July 28, 2011
Where: Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Caramel room
What: Freestanding piece: “Reclining figurine #1” carved glass figurine in illuminated base.
Duration: One day show
Theme: Black White & Night
Date: September 13-30, 2011
Where: Marriott SpringHill Suites, Las Vegas, NV
What: Glass art pieces for show.
Duration: 3 weeks with artist's rooftop reception.

Theme: Halloween
Date: Oct. 19, 2011
Where: Green Valley Library (2797 North Green Valley Parkway) Las Vegas, NV
What: “Famous Aliens” Ink drawings; poster reproductions
Duration: 30 days

Theme: Book cover art show and reception
Date: Dec. 22, 2011
Where: Green Valley Library (2797 North Green Valley Parkway) Las Vegas, NV
What: display of illustrations from drawing out-of-a hat; classic novels.
Duration: three weeks with reception at end.

Theme:  Juried art show by Jerry Schefcik; director of Barrick 
Date: Feb 6, 2012
Museum at UNLV campus- 150 applicants entered, 15 accepted.    
Where:  Pallettes Gallery and Bistro; Marriott SpringHill Suites, Las Vegas, NV
What: Stained glass interpretation of a famous children's book.                          
Duration: 3 months








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