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Baby Presentations and Hybrid Children Interaction


Childhood Alien Abduction

Extraterrestrials, alien-hybrids and other beings come to us, and they bring us to them. This begins very early in life and for some, the journey lasts a lifetime. These beings want and need their parents to know them, and many of us want and need to know our children. For those who are awake in the here and now – this is sometimes a challenging reality. The Merging is coming, there’s no doubt about that. The question is: Will humanity endure? Will we be replaced? Or, will we be transformed?

Meet some of the children involved in The Hybrid Program and discover what we have learned from our interactions with them.


Alien Abduction African American Hybrid Baby
This infant was described as the offspring of a Caucasian female and an African or African-American male, both obviously Abductee-Experiencers; henceforth called AEs. The spots on the infant’s face are moles and freckles. It was not injured and appeared healthy in all respects. It also did not appear to be a hybrid, but was most likely a human child created from an “arrangement” by extraterrestrials to become a participant in the Hybrid Program. The infant was presented to the mother by a male hybrid doctor who has had interaction with her for 40 years. These particular types of beings are referred to as “personal projects hybrids.” We speculate that this human infant is likely also an AE and has been active in the Hybrid Program their entire lives. We guesstimate his/her age today [2020] to be approximately 32 years old.





Alien Hybrid Baby in Glass Container

Text reads: “Position of black infant when viewing it. Front of glass box is open; waist high.”

“This is some kind of white fabric. No padding or bed. Surface was glass and hard underneath the material.”





Alien Abduction Child in Glass Container

Text reads: “This is the glass box the boy was in. It is enclosed except for the front. The front part of the glass box is open. It stands about waist high to me. It is on some kind of ‘stand.’ ”

“The child looks as though he is about five years old – he is very thin, weak and frail. His eyes were closed when I approached him. I think he was sleeping.”




Alien Abduction Hybrid Child with Gold Eyes

Text continued...“I lifted him up, looked at him and put him back in the same position. Then his eyes fluttered and he looked at me. His eyes were golden – totally different from anything I have seen before. This frightened me and I backed up – away from him. Then I noticed his physical condition. At this point he was looking at me, his body moving uncontrollably, but slowly. He looked so worried and frightened. I felt hopeless and afraid.”

This child appeared to be very weak and we do not know if he survived. We can only hope he did. If we guesstimate his age at the time of this encounter as being around 3 years old, he would be approximately 32 today [2020].






Alien Hybrid Child Presentation


This shows another presentation of an AE’s hybrid child. This child was very timid and kept his eyes closed. It is possible he was instructed to do this, as the spotted beings were instructed, so as not to allow anyone to see their eyes and therefore not frighten the AE since the beings’ eyes are much larger and different from human eyes. The boy was described as young and frail with light gray skin and seemed somewhat “oriental looking.” This encounter occurred in 1989 and today [2020] we guesstimate this hybrid male would be approximately 36 to 38 years of age.





Blue Hybrid ET

This is from a case that an abductee had carefully documented and shared with Budd Hopkins which in turn, initiated his investigation into the individual and their family.

The encounter involved this young and frail, but highly intelligent female ET who, as most beings, communicated via telepathy. One of the things the Blue ET told the abductee was, “I always have blue-gray skin when I incarnate into the Earth plane.” We take this to mean her skin and body appears as illustrated when she comes to our planet in physical form as opposed to a non-physical form. During this encounter, the being described others of her kind as being “recycled” and “reborn” via technology.



Alien Abduction Child Floating in Haze

Text Reads: “Small female child in haze/smoke/fog in bedroom; a feeling of being drawn to her and the haze; small mechanical voice – higher pitched / mechanical.”

Notice the hand and arm of the AE’s spouse grasping theirs as they attempt to keep them from following the floating child into the haze.





Grey ET  Infant 1992


This tiny Grey infant with tan skin was described as “healthy and vibrant” with “its little arms flailing about” as a typical infant would move. The infant was in a basket-like bed surrounded by many layers of paper similar to tissue paper to insulate its body. The abductee and other ETs nearby viewed the infant as “beautiful.” The subject described this as a very positive experience.

We guesstimate this Grey would be approximately 28 years old today [2020] as measured in Earth years.








ET Spotted Tan Infant

Approximately one year after the experience involving this tiny infant, this same AE would encounter several of these spotted children again. Their spots also had slight indentations in the skin which might be related to a type of medical procedure that is discussed further on this page.

The three children pictured below were approximately 17 inches tall so even though they remained quite small, they appeared to have grown. We guesstimate that today [2020] these children would be approximately 30 years old in Earth years. And, when you read further, if these indentations were in fact related to medical procedures, their skin today probably appears smoother and without the spots.






Alien Abduction Children with Spotted Skin

The text on this image reads: “A woman was instructing a room full of these little beings… ‘You must never allow anyone to see your eyes while you are here.’ Military base.” The text at the bottom of the page reads: “Actual Size – recent – military base.”

This encounter occurred on what the AE (abductee-experiencer) described as a typical military base, and we suspect it was most likely either an abandoned base or an Earth base dedicated to extraterrestrials and ET activities; the latter, from what we know today, is certainly plausible.  



Alien Abduction White Hybrid Father and Son

This is an illustration of a father and son who came to visit the AE mother of the child. The father and son looked identical to one another. The child and mother recognized one another immediately, subsequently; this was a very positive experience for the two. The father on the other hand, was extremely cautious and guarded and did not approach the AE (abductee-experiencer).




Alien Abduction Hybrid Male with Blue Eyes


When it was time to leave, the AE watched in amazement as the father, still with the cautious look on his face, walked through a concrete stucco garden wall as if it weren’t of solid construct.










Alien Abduction Hybrid Female ChildAlien Abduction Hybrid Female Child

Happy hybrid children who were allowed to visit their parents.




Alien Abduction Floating Grey ET Child

This Grey female being was presented to an AE while in a floating state. The AE reached out and touched the child after being told the little Grey was sick and would not live much longer. The AE on the other hand, felt hopeful and relayed positive sentiments about the child stating they felt she would be okay, which surprised the adult beings. We cannot be certain of the age of this Grey female child or whether she in fact survived, but if she did, in human years, she would be at least 30 years of age today [2020].







Alien Abduction Hybrid Child in Germany


This is the child of a German AE whom the late Dr. Johannes Fiebag investigated and worked with (including on Das CE-IV Lexikon). The child had stunning, beautiful large blue eyes and upon first sight of her apparent hybrid child, the mother experienced feelings of deep love and bonding.











Alien Abduction Hybrid Children in Stasis ChamberThese are hybrid children sleeping in what appear to be deep sleep units, most likely stasis units. The AE viewed them from an open, second level while onboard a large ET craft. This has interesting implications and we have heard of similar descriptions regarding this type of deep sleep. Another detail we know about their travel across vast distances is that at least one of these beings, in this case a young Grey, said he had been born on a spacecraft and was sad because he had never seen his home world.

A fascinating account regarding this topic comes from “DI,” who was shown similar sleeping quarters for hybrid children in the early 1990’s. “DI” was told the children would be placed in suspended animation until they reached their travel destination, which she was told would take approximately 24 years. This means their aging process would most likely be slowed down or perhaps even halted so that when the children reached their destination, they would probably be close to the same age they were prior to leaving. “DI” was also shown one of her hybrid children and told the two of them needed to bond because they would be seeing one another again in the future.

What is even more curious about this meeting and conversation is that “DI” passed away less than a decade later and the beings knew she would die young since they told her about her cancer before she knew she was ill. Still, the beings told her she would see her child again after their 24 year journey. If they were really aware of “DI’s” future, they obviously can either “see” and/or travel through time. One can only imagine where “DI” is today.

** We believe these childen, who may be adults if they were not placed in stasis, or still children if they were in stasis, have finally reached their destination - their new homeworld.



Alien Abduction Amphibian Infant ChildrenThese are two very small ET-Amphibian infants that are sitting up on their own atop a table with a white cloth underneath them. Their eyes are milky white (or perhaps are closed) and their white skin is very moist and smooth. Their noses and mouths appear as one joined orifice with two apparent small nostrils. They have roundish arms and bodies and flipper-like feet. Although very unusual in appearance, these beings appeared healthy and full of energy. Other more mature Amphibian ET types have been reported since this encounter and they were shown in water (or some type of liquid) and their skin was light gray. They were playful and very curious about their human visitors. They can be out of their water habitat for short periods of time as long as their skin remains wet. They have been seen in tanks onboard ET craft in the presence of humanoids and hybrid beings who were seen feeding them a liquid diet.



Alien Abduction Hybrid Child Emergency EvacuationThis infant was either involved in a tragic accident or was born with a terrible deformity involving the right side of its face and cranium. The AE was onboard a cigar shaped craft which was making extremely erratic flight maneuvers. The AE experienced G-forces, but not to the extent one might feel inside a terrestrial craft flying in such a manner; therefore, we believe there was an artificial gravity field inside the craft. The craft landed on what was described as a “huge object in the ocean” floating on the surface of the water. After the AE exited the craft, this child was handed to them to hold. The pilot (referred to as navigators in the ET world) was a tallish female wearing a tight fitting light gray bodysuit, and appeared to be an early stage hybrid Grey who had long blonde hair. The AE was nearly sickened at the hopelessness of the situation and did not believe the child would survive. However, since we know these beings are medically and technologically sophisticated, we believe it is possible this child’s genetic deformity and/or accidental injuries were most likely repaired. This alien-human-hybrid child, if it survived – and we certainly hope it did – would be 28 years old today [2020].


Possible Answers
To Some of our Questions regarding Medical Procedures


Alien Abduction Hybrid Human DNA RecipientThis young hybrid female was the recipient of human DNA via a sub-dermal implant collection process from at least two AEs. Objects were placed deep into the bodies of two, possibly more, AEs which, by detecting specific types of DNA, were triggered to collect the DNA (tissue of some type). After the devices were removed from the AEs, they were implanted into the body of at least one hybrid who is pictured here. After the procedure was completed, one of the AEs was allowed to meet with the hybrid recipient of their DNA who seemed very happy and thanked them (telepathically) for helping them.

Note the indentations in the skin of the hybrid. She is not wearing a bodysuit; this is what her skin looked like. It is not possible at this time to know exactly what this transference of DNA did for this young female, but the AE was told it had the potential to be lifesaving. However, the adult female hybrid who was monitoring the interaction between the AE and the hybrid child hinted that the child would not live a normal lifespan by stating,

“She will not live long enough to complete her studies.”

We hope the DNA transference was successful and that it only had to be repeated in order for the child to survive, therefore providing the means for her life to continue. We suspect this is why certain procedures are repeated on AEs over time as it would seem this is obviously not a full-proof method for survival or prolongation of life unless the DNA transference process or therapy is continued.


Alien Abduction DNA Implant Extract Device


The implanted DNA transference devices had small tentacles on them that seemed “alive” (nano-technology) and this was described as a semi-painful procedure. Many of these devices were placed into multiple areas of the AE’s body.







Alien Abduction Implant and Extraction DeviceThis is another type of implanted DNA transference device. These devices went into the bone tissue of an AE’s shin and the procedure was described as extremely painful. We suspect these devices were extracting bone marrow.




Alien Abduction Tissue Extraction DevicesWhen the AE looked down at their leg, from their perspective it appeared that as with the previous AE, many of these DNA retrieval devices had been inserted into their shin bone just above the ankle.

If we return to the spotted beings pictured at the top of this page, we can see a similarity between their skin (indentation marks) and the indentation marks on the body of this hybrid female.

Another case involving these types of skin markings was reported and involved a young hybrid male who also had pale gray skin and appeared quite frail. We believe this is a common procedure being performed on hybrid children in order to keep them healthy and/or prolong their lives. They require specific types of human DNA and these are examples of how they harvest that DNA and how they then re-implant it into sick or weak or needy hybrid children. Is it lifesaving? Is it DNA transference for reasons we do not yet understand? Or, are they becoming more like us – more human – through these DNA transference processes? Could AEs even be carriers of certain types of extraterrestrial DNA that these beings require?


Update Regarding Implants from AJ

“Two Human hybrids I interacted with in 2015 told me they had steroidal implants implanted in themselves. A male with tan skin had two of his implanted in his neck and a female with white hair and fair skin had hers implanted in her feet. They shared this information with me because they wanted us to understand more about their implants and their purpose. It is not just Experiencers who are implanted, but Hybrids as well, and these are mostly for DNA and Hormone replacement or enhancement therapies and not for tracking. As a matter of fact, they have never said the implants were for tracking purposes, but rather, for medicinal or healing purposes.”



Alien Abduction Implant Locations




The following two groups of images are from the late Dr. Karla Turner’s book, Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda (1994).

This subject was an AE who had a tic-tac sized object implanted near the base of their ear which was believed to have been inserted near the subject’s cerebellum.








Alien Abduction Implant Devices

This image depicts what two other implants looked like. Notice the similar dendritic-like appendages coming off of both implants that are similar to the ones in the image below. It is probable these implants are composed of nanotechnology and possess a level of intelligence.




Alien Abduction DNA Transference Device


Implanted DNA transference devices with dendritic-like tentacles.








The Girl with the Golden Eyes has Grown up...




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These interactions were of a physical nature, and all of the information presented in this gallery was remembered consciously, without the aid of hypnosis.

Readers should be aware that we are open to the use of hypnotic regression for memory retrieval by qualified mental health professionals and certified hypnotherapists who are well informed about this subject matter.

AE = Abductee-Experiencer

About The Illustrations

This AE witness continues to live a healthy and happy life working fulltime as a writer, editor and transcriptionist. They are also a MUFON Benefactor and an avid reader and researcher who continues to network globally with other researchers about experiences pertaining to the Contact phenomenon.

In 1987, this AE (abductee-experiencer) and the illustrator of these images answered a questionnaire in Omni Magazine regarding the phenomenon of “missing time” and the possibility of alien abduction.

Subsequently, Budd Hopkins (with whom they remained close friends with until his death on August 21, 2011) met with the witness two times, conducted in-depth interviews with them, and put the witness in touch with an investigator from MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

Through MUFON, the subject was referred to a prominent clinical forensic psychologist who had practiced clinical psychology for over 35 years and was working with several abductee-experiencers in and around the Florida panhandle. One of the most well known of these was Ed Walters, co-author of The Gulf Breeze Sightings.

During the psychologist’s investigation into multiple possible alien abductee subjects (including the witness who is featured on this page of our gallery) he administered the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, the Rorschach Inkblot Test, the Thematic Apperception Test, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, and the Draw-A-Person Test. The results of each test were carefully explained to this subject and the findings were as follows: [Subject’s name] is a psychologically stable individual with an above average IQ who is not fantasy prone or suffering from any psychological abnormalities. However, the subject is exhibiting symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD (which we now know is common for AEs as well as for veterans returning from war zones).

Since the time of their initial evaluation, this AE witness has undergone further physiological testing including CAT scans, X-Rays and MRIs involving their brain and sinuses. One of these was for the detection of a possible “alien” implant. The subject has voluntarily been evaluated by four neurologists in four different geographic regions of the United States. Neurological and psychological testing has never demonstrated any abnormalities of a physiological or psychological nature to account for this subject’s memories of ET abduction experiences.
















































































































































































































































































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