How the Covert-Ops’ Reverse Engineering of ET Abductees Shifts the Abduction Paradigm

Part V

By Melinda Leslie

“Recently, I heard an insider say that ‘ET technology is an infinite source of wealth for the management cabal and their secret programs.’ ”

Dereliction of Duty?

I go so far as to say, again, it would be a complete and total “dereliction of duty” for those who are managing the subject to not be involved in monitoring abductions and thus monitor the abductees involved. Anything happening to that many people, especially something as covert in nature as ET abductions, would have to be a matter of national security. So, it should come as no surprise whatsoever to anyone who seriously looks at the abduction subject, the numbers of cases, the nature of the whole problem with ETs taking people seemingly against their will, and all the forms of complex evidence that goes with this subject, to hear that abductions have become a matter of national security. Enough to warrant monitoring and surveillance of the participants, and even occasional questioning of those involved!

To this, add the justification for a huge black budget expense, a rather convenient one of military technology, and the only questions that should be remaining are why didn’t the abduction research and/or greater ufology community figure this out earlier?  And, why aren’t there even more cases involved?  An obvious answer as to why there aren’t even more cases popping up of RE-AB involvement is that same budget that is justified to a great extent may also be limited to an equal extent. If you are an abductee with military/intelligence involvement, they must really think you have information they want; after all, they’re spending all that money on you. Congratulations, you are a black project!

From my research, there are four predominate categories of information the covert-ops cabal wants as reported from the RE-AB experiences. They are the ETs’ motives and agenda, ET and abductee genetics, ET and abductee psi abilities, and ET technology and its operation. In the covert-ops cabal’s efforts to get their hands on ET technology they gather and reverse-engineer craft, and just like they gather craft, they also gather and reverse-engineer abductees. It appears they are doing this for the exact same reasons: the development of advanced programs and technologies, back-engineering of ET craft, information on the ETs themselves, and control over every aspect of these issues. I have deduced their push for technology may exist for the following three reasons:


The old military mindset may be at work here and would certainly apply if the military/intelligence community thinks the ETs may be a threat. Whether they are preparing for a “hot war” or a “cold war” with ETs, it sure justifies a whole lot of black project spending. Even if they are only preparing for some possible future scenario, that could be seen as justification enough for a military buildup in the form of ET-tech.


They may be attempting to level the playing field and hold their own with the ETs, or working towards eventually joining as an equal partner in the “galactic community.”


The bottom line may be the bottom line. ET technology would be potentially lucrative in preparation for commerce and trade with ETs, as well as in the military-industrial complex’s development and application for more mundane uses, let alone the economic potential from the advancement of military technology and any development of breakthrough ET-related technologies. Recently, I heard an insider say that “ET technology is an infinite source of wealth” for the management cabal and their secret programs.

Covert-Ops’ Reverse Engineering of ET Abductees

All of this begs the question: What specifically does the military/intelligence/ET-info management cabal want to reverse-engineer from the abductees?  Here is a list of important questions derived from the abductees’ accounts shared with me thus far:

[Ed. Note: Since this article was originally published, many of these questions have been answered on this site, as well as at Hybrids Rising (See Hybrid Program and Technology) and The Object Report’s Hybrid Project]

1. What makes us an abductee and why are the ETs interested in us?

2. What is it about our genetics that interests the ETs?

3. What genetic changes or enhancements have been made to us?

4. What do we know about ET motives or about an ET agenda?

5. What mind control procedures can they learn, develop, or practice from/on us?

6. What are our psi abilities and have they been enhanced?

7. What are our mental abilities and have they been enhanced?

8. How do we do ET psi (i.e. telepathy and psychokinesis)?

9. What have the ETs told, shown, or taught us?

10. What do we know about ET technology (i.e. propulsion or weapons)?

11. How do abductees operate ET hardware and can we operate M/I  hardware?

12. What types of training procedures can they develop from us?

13. What medical information can they develop from us or practice on us?
14. How do we process and retain ET information?

15. How do we adapt to the ETs or to living with our experiences?

16. What can they duplicate and apply to our technology or to our person?

These questions come directly from the abductees’ accounts of what the interrogators asked during the re-abduction scenarios. They make logical sense when you follow a crash-retrieval and reverse engineering developmental curve. First, there were the retrieved ET craft, then there were the retrieved components and gadgets from those craft, then there were the pilots, operators, and technicians. These individuals would otherwise be known as the personnel. It is logical when you develop the hardware, you’re left with asking who’s going to operate it and how are they going to do it?  Logical, right?

Don’t you think those involved with the management, these military/intelligence covert-ops people, ever thought to consider the personal accounts of those with first-hand hands-on ET technical experience? Those who may have operated it, worked its components, navigated, or flown it? Of course they would have! Let’s suppose that crash retrievals are about having ET tech and reverse engineering it is about having human tech that does what ET tech does, or at least mimics it. Then, reverse engineering crashed, shot down, or retrieved alien craft is not about the cabal having ET hardware, but it’s really about having human tech that does the same thing ET tech does.

Reverse engineering the abductee may also be about learning how to abduct people; hence all the practice and development of mind control procedures. Obviously, they’re getting better at it. But, that would more likely be secondary, a useful byproduct. Reverse engineering the abductee is more likely about having personnel that are able to do what abductees are able to do. Besides abductees having lots of hands-on ET tech experience, some have also proved to be very resilient in dealing with the effects of interaction with the ETs and adapting to their experiences.

No wonder I’ve also come across the use of abductees in military and covert-ops training exercises in my research. Not because they plan on using abductees in some future scenario, although they may be, but more likely to develop training procedures vis-à-vis the abductees. After all, it would be too big a risk to use abductees directly. We are too unreliable, prone to go public at any moment, too talkative, would insist on disclosure, and usually don’t have the military, covert-ops, or intelligence training needed.

Face it, we’re just not “yes men!”  But, what we do have can possibly be taught to these kinds of folks. It appears they may be trying, anyway. To put it simply, if reverse engineering the craft is about the technology, then reverse engineering the abductee is about the personnel! Or, better yet, it’s about the personnel and the technology. Because, when the covert-ops cabal interrogates and tests [or tortures] an abductee, they get both technical information and operational information.

Another way to look at this is: you need a hybrid person to operate a hybrid technology. No wonder they also have an interest in abductee genetics. And, to possibly be even more accurate, you need a hybrid functioning person to operate a hybrid functioning technology.

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Melinda Leslie is a researcher, investigator and lecturer in the field of ufology. She has been public with her own abduction encounter experiences for over 20 years and has researched covert-ops and military involvement in abductions for nearly the same length of time. She has interviewed over 80 abductees who have experienced MILABs, which involve military appearing personnel who use drug induced interrogations and hypnosis in order to retrieve extraterrestrial related information from alien abductees. Melinda’s research is featured in the book; Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure: Deconstructing a Cover-up of the Extraterrestrial Presence by Randy Koppang.


Melinda Leslie has lectured for numerous organizations including MUFON, The X-Conference, The Bay Area UFO Expo, UFO Expo West, The International UFO Congress, The Whole Life Expo, and others. She has been a guest on numerous popular radio shows including Coast-to-Coast AM, and has appeared on several television shows. For nine years she was the Producer and Director of a UFO lecture series hosting the most prominent names in ufology. In addition to her abduction work, Leslie has been a paranormal researcher for over 25 years and a founding member of the Orange County Paranormal Researchers Group, an organization which conducts formal paranormal investigations.

Melinda Leslie, also known as “The UFO Lady,” co-operates the Center for the New Age in Sedona, Arizona. Among other duties, she hosts UFO Sighting Tours and Tours of Vortexes. Her company also houses a UFO Research Center which holds regular UFO Discussion Groups. MILABS-Alien-Abduction.jpg


Melinda Leslie is available to present her research regarding How the Covert-ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees Redefines UFO Cover-ups and Abduction Paradigms. Leslie speaks about the management of extraterrestrial related information and technology that includes the monitoring and re-abduction of alien abductees. She explains that just as covert-ops personnel gather and reverse engineer extraterrestrial craft, they also gather and reverse-engineer abductees – and for the same reasons: furthering the development of secret technology programs and control of extraterrestrial information. She explains how military surveillance enables them to re-abduct and interrogate abductees in order to gather information on ET motives, ET genetics, abductee psi/paranormal abilities and ET technology.


Melinda believes covert-ops’ involvement may be the best evidence for the reality and importance of UFO abduction. Additionally, her presentation demonstrates why there can’t be official disclosure without it addressing the abduction phenomenon. Melinda also conducts weekly UFO Discussion Groups for those who wish to share their personal experiences or to hear about her abduction and sighting experiences and/or have questions. All things UFO and ET are discussed and everyone is welcome.




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