How the Covert-Ops’ Reverse Engineering of ET Abductees Shifts the Abduction Paradigm

Part VI

By Melinda Leslie

“ET abductions can no longer be considered the bastard stepchild of the UFO research community, relegated to being considered only in very separate terms as if somehow unconnected, or at best marginally connected, to the other areas of ufology research. ”


Know RE-ABS, Know Disclosure: No RE-ABS, No Disclosure

Interestingly, my research ends up redefining the UFO cover-up and policy of non-disclosure along with the abduction paradigm. There can’t be a truthful official disclosure without addressing the abduction phenomenon. It is likely ET abduction remains one of the prime reasons why the policy of non-disclosure remains. If this is true, it helps one to understand that disclosure may not be forthcoming anytime soon. And, there certainly can’t be disclosure without someone answering for the obviously illegal and unconstitutional actions of those involved in perpetrating the events experienced in RE-AB scenarios. While I do support some need for amnesty, as suggested by fellow RE-AB abductee Jim Sparks in his book The Keepers (2006), for those involved in the ET information management cabal, certainly not everyone gets off the hook!

I believe we may be able to learn a great deal about the cover-up from the RE-AB abductees by looking at what they have experienced, and what they’ve been questioned about by their human abductors. RE-AB abductees have witnessed things in their covert-ops experiences that the cabal is involved in. Just as the cabal learns about ET tech and ET plans from the abductees, ufologists may be able to get a better idea of the cabal’s plans by carefully examining these cases! For example, here are some possible areas of inquiry suggested by the study of these experiences:
Suggested Areas of Inquiry

1.Why are people being abducted by ETs in the first place and what does the cabal know about it?

2. What does the cabal know about ET genetics and have abductees been genetically enhanced?

3. What does the cabal know about the ET motives or agenda?

4. Are the military/intelligence communities interacting with ETs and are they training people to interact with them?

5.What medical breakthroughs have we learned or discovered in this process?

6. How much ET technology have they developed and what are its capabilities?

7. Do we have fully functioning gravitational craft or “free energy” devices and where are they?

8. What are the unanswered technological questions?

9. What are the problems and has our knowledge of physics advanced?

10. How much ET technology is being used and how is it being used?

11. Why is it being used, what are the plans for it, and to what ultimate end are they developing it?

Knowing the answers to these questions would go a long way in providing ufology a roadmap for how to bring about official disclosure. It is time for the ufology and abduction research communities to take the RE-AB evidence out of the closet. After all, it is some of the best evidence we have for the reality and importance of ET abductions. It is imperative to understand the RE-AB scenarios and the impact these experiences are having on covert technology development programs, and in so doing, the impact they are having on the cover-up.

Policy of Non-Disclosure

Could it be that abductions are a central reason why a policy of non-disclosure is still in place?  What if abductions are the main reason the ETs are even here? And what if the military/ intelligence/ET information management cabal has known this?  Hence why abductions became a matter of national security. Maybe they always were.

With RE-ABS research, ET abductions can no longer be considered the bastard stepchild of the UFO research community, relegated to being considered only in very separate terms as if somehow unconnected, or at best marginally connected, to the other areas of ufology research.

Ufologists can no longer afford to separate crash retrievals, reverse engineering programs, technology development, the accounts of insiders, national security issues, UFO history, the cover-up, and our disclosure efforts from the abduction phenomenon. To leave out any aspect of the UFO equation that may lead to a better understanding of a human military/intelligence cabal agenda, an ET agenda, or of a human/ET cabal agenda, is to have only an incomplete picture of the phenomenon. RE-AB research builds the bridge for the inclusion of abduction in the disclosure discussion. Partial disclosure is no disclosure at all. All you have then is a repackaged, new and improved cover-up.

Avoidance, Reluctance, and Denial

There are additional problems I’ve come across that contribute to our not seeing as many of these RE-AB cases in the literature as one might expect. One major factor is that many abduction researchers have RE-AB cases, but fail to acknowledge them in their writings or presentations. This reluctance is greatly influenced by their misperception of the subject, as I’ve already detailed here. My thought is that many abduction researchers have become so careful to not undermine any credibility they’ve sweat blood to achieve, that it becomes easier to ignore or downplay the controversial subject of MILABS.

Instead of seeing these experiences and the evidence for them as the ultimate evidence in support of all their research efforts, instead of seeing it as the evidence that they are right, that abductions are real, ETs are here, and technology is used, they see it as something that complicates and possibly undermines their main thesis – that abductees have experiences with ETs. But, in so doing, they are left with troubling dichotomies. On one hand they sidestep a major piece of evidence in favor of their thesis being correct rather than risk having the “baby thrown out with the bathwater” by leading people to consider that a human involvement might somehow diminish an ET one. I can’t help but wonder if this is due in great part to their misperception resulting in a military in-lieu-of ETs concept instead of what the experiences show; that it’s “a military because of ETs” concept.

As a case in point, I challenge the reader to pick up just about any book written by an abductee since 1990 and you’ll discover that nearly all of them include some aspect of the RE-AB scope of activities. They include everything from accounts of low grade surveillance by humans, technology used in the harassment by human agencies to full-blown re-abduction accounts by covert military and/or intelligence types. What is curious is that these same abductees in their books often thank major abduction researchers for helping them with their experiences. Many of these books have glowing forwards in support of the author’s experiences written by these researchers. Yet, these same researchers, when approached or asked if they have MILAB cases, are quick to discount such experiences! Yet, they count these cases in their research totals since they are working with these abductees.

What we end up with is RE-AB cases being suspiciously absent in abduction research. It’s a strange dichotomy that these same abductees’ ET experiences are recognized while their RE-AB ones are conveniently overlooked. And unless you read a majority of these books, you do not notice that RE-AB related information is so prevalent in them. The researchers’ failure to mention these aspects, or reluctance to look at them, can now be better understood.

I’m sure I don’t need to remind the abduction researchers that their first responsibility is to the abductees, especially if they are attempting to provide therapy in some form. The reluctance to address these types of experiences or their negative position towards MILABS overall has resulted in many abductees being extremely reluctant to share these types of events with them. Instead they find me, and when I ask them if they shared these accounts with a researcher, the abductee is quick to tell me, “Oh no, they wouldn’t understand.”  It’s unfortunate that I’ve had to hear this so many times. Sometimes, the abductee says they did try to share it, only to have this part of their abduction account ignored. Or the researcher expressed some negative comment that let them know not to “go there” and they self-edited their account.

More Avoidance, Reluctance, and Denial

In all fairness to the abduction researchers, the RE-AB abductees are guilty themselves of having contributed to the misunderstanding. We’ve contributed by not insisting that the researchers address these experiences. After all, part of the reason abduction researchers don’t have many accounts in their case files is because the abductees are not sharing their harassment, surveillance, or re-abduction experiences with them. The truth is many abductees have experienced RE-AB type of activity (see original list in this article), even if they don’t report it. Recently I had two opportunities to be reminded of this. Both situations were in abduction support groups I attended.

At one of the meetings I mentioned my research when I was asked by the therapist leading the group to share about myself. In an effort to keep my response brief, I only mentioned my research in giving my background and because I assumed this group did not have many RE-AB experiences or interest in this aspect, but apparently I was wrong. Upon my mention of the research, I immediately noticed more than half the group (of approximately 20 people) were nodding their heads hard in the affirmative and making facial expressions clearly implying they had experiences relative to what I was explaining. Even I was surprised by their reactions. And the therapist who leads this group remains unaware of the possible MILAB experiences amongst her own cases.

Then I attended the support group at this year’s International UFO Congress conference. As various attendees shared their abduction experiences, I noticed that some of them were including experiences of different RE-AB related activities. Struck by the number of people who were including such information, I interrupted the therapist leading it to ask the group a question. After getting the okay, I asked how many people knew they had military involvement in their experiences and seven people raised their hands. There were only about thirty people present. Once again, I was surprised. It’s important to note that this group was a completely random sampling of abductees who were experiencing various forms of ET abduction and who were at different levels of acceptance of their experiences.

From my seventeen years of RE-AB research, I have come to know that many abductees have these experiences, and I’m constantly reminded of just how prevalent they are. But on seeing those seven hands go up, I couldn’t help but realize how surprised many abduction researchers, not to mention general ufologists, would be by this. This very random sampling of abductees represents a statistically bigger picture of RE-AB involvement. Even I have a hard time conceptualizing that eight (adding myself) out of every thirty abductees may have involvement with RE-ABS! Such numbers would have staggering implications. Even two out of every thirty would be staggering. Even though I’ve lived with my own RE-AB experiences, I’m constantly amazed at the depth and complexity of the experiences shared by others. I’ve also noticed that the number of cases seems to be on the rise.

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Melinda Leslie is a researcher, investigator and lecturer in the field of ufology. She has been public with her own abduction encounter experiences for over 20 years and has researched covert-ops and military involvement in abductions for nearly the same length of time. She has interviewed over 80 abductees who have experienced MILABs, which involve military appearing personnel who use drug induced interrogations and hypnosis in order to retrieve extraterrestrial related information from alien abductees. Melinda’s research is featured in the book; Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure: Deconstructing a Cover-up of the Extraterrestrial Presence by Randy Koppang.

Melinda Leslie has lectured for numerous organizations including MUFON, The X-Conference, The Bay Area UFO Expo, UFO Expo West, The International UFO Congress, The Whole Life Expo, and others. She has been a guest on numerous popular radio shows including Coast-to-Coast AM, and has appeared on several television shows. For nine years she was the Producer and Director of a UFO lecture series hosting the most prominent names in ufology. In addition to her abduction work, Leslie has been a paranormal researcher for over 25 years and a founding member of the Orange County Paranormal Researchers Group, an organization which conducts formal paranormal investigations.

Melinda Leslie, also known as “The UFO Lady,” co-operates the Center for the New Age in Sedona, Arizona. Among other duties, she hosts UFO Sighting Tours and Tours of Vortexes. Her company also houses a UFO Research Center which holds regular UFO Discussion Groups. MILABS-Alien-Abduction.jpg


Melinda Leslie is available to present her research regarding How the Covert-ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees Redefines UFO Cover-ups and Abduction Paradigms. Leslie speaks about the management of extraterrestrial related information and technology that includes the monitoring and re-abduction of alien abductees. She explains that just as covert-ops personnel gather and reverse engineer extraterrestrial craft, they also gather and reverse-engineer abductees – and for the same reasons: furthering the development of secret technology programs and control of extraterrestrial information. She explains how military surveillance enables them to re-abduct and interrogate abductees in order to gather information on ET motives, ET genetics, abductee psi/paranormal abilities and ET technology.

Melinda believes covert-ops’ involvement may be the best evidence for the reality and importance of UFO abduction. Additionally, her presentation demonstrates why there can’t be official disclosure without it addressing the abduction phenomenon. Melinda also conducts weekly UFO Discussion Groups for those who wish to share their personal experiences or to hear about her abduction and sighting experiences and/or have questions. All things UFO and ET are discussed and everyone is welcome. MILABS-Alien-Abduction.jpg MILABS-Alien-Abduction.jpg



“ET abductions can no longer be considered the bastard stepchild of the UFO research community, relegated to being considered only in very separate terms as if somehow unconnected, or at best marginally connected, to the other areas of ufology research.”

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