How the Covert-Ops’ Reverse Engineering of ET Abductees Shifts the Abduction Paradigm

Part VII - Conclusion


By Melinda Leslie

“It’s no wonder that the MILAB subject is overlooked by the abduction research community, and almost completely ignored by the ufology community. It turns out that ET abductions, their significance in the policy of non-disclosure, their relationship to other areas in ufology such as crash retrievals, back-engineering, and technology development, are more important and more deeply entrenched than has ever been recognized, and thus plays a more integral role than has been previously known.”

REABS More Difficult than ET Abductions

Additionally, I have noticed a denial amongst many abductees much like that of the researchers. As the overall confusion persists regarding the nature of the MILAB subject, I notice abductees sharing in it. Some of those abductees move into a state of denial regarding the possibility of their own MILAB experience. I can’t help but wonder if this may be for the same reasons too. Even more so than the researchers, abductees are concerned about issues of credibility. It’s understandable that they might shy away from admitting to an experience that could be perceived as somehow discrediting their ET experience. I understand how difficult it is to accept these experiences. I’ll share one thing I hear across the board from all the RE-AB cases I’ve worked with:

They have all said their military/intelligence experiences are more difficult than their ET experiences – harder to experience, harder to come to terms with and harder to live with.

In one such recent example of denial, an abductee expressed to me that she just assumed it was normal for military personnel to be involved during some of her abductions. It’s funny if you think about it. What could possibly be normal about seeing military people during your abduction in any capacity whatsoever?  I’ve spoken with many RE-ABS who’ve shared similar sentiments, especially those who’ve experienced only the most minor of surveillance or harassment, such as phone calls or black helicopters.

I, and other abduction researchers, have cases of military personnel who’ve had ET abductions and sure, seeing military personnel as other abductees, in the context of being taken themselves by ETs, would make some kind of sense, but if they appear in the abduction in any other “official” capacity, suddenly the whole paradigm is different. Additionally, I and other MILAB researchers have military personnel who also have RE-AB experiences while serving – that is, they’ve been abducted by military while in the military.

The involvement of these military/intelligence agencies in any aspect of the UFO abduction phenomenon takes the concept of “cover-up” out into the stratosphere. At that point, we’re well beyond a mere cover-up of information regarding ETs, when we include a joint participation or collusion between ETs and military/intelligence personnel in abduction practices!

Yes, many abductees rationalize their experiences of harassment, surveillance and seeing military personnel as just “par for the course” in the high-strangeness of their personal experiences. Some of this attitude is understandable given that it’s hard enough to just come to terms with having ET experiences. Once you wrap your head around that one, suddenly the presence of military humans doesn’t seem so strange. What you end up with is a comfortable denial of sorts, regarding the presence of these humans.

Some abductees also find comfort in the view as expressed by Dr. Jacobs, that these experiences are somehow being perpetrated by ET hybrids who just look human. But one needs to ask, why would hybrids even be wearing human military uniforms? Many RE-AB abductees have determined they saw authentic military uniforms from specific branches of service. Also, why would hybrids be flying black helicopters circling repeatedly over our roofs in broad daylight?  Why would hybrids be confronting us in public settings or in front of family or co-workers?  Are hybrids monitoring our phones, tampering with our emails, breaking into homes and offices, and parking in vans on the streets right outside our front doors?  Probably not! Yet, all these occurrences are common in MILAB research.

Once the denial of their military aspects is fully realized by the abductees, they get angry - very angry. After all, it’s one thing to be abused at the hands of something other, something “alien,” but it’s altogether different at the hands of humans, let alone humans we’re taught to believe are there to serve, protect, and defend mankind! Unfortunately, the anger over any human involvement often throws the abductee back into denial of the experience, avoidance of its implications or causes them to retreat into denial of the ET part of the equation.

This may be the cause for why some RE-AB abductees conclude and think “all my experiences are only the military.” Never mind what caused them to realize they were having ET experiences to begin with, i.e. the history of their own discovery process that led them to that conclusion, their evidence for ETs, or the fact that the only reason the military is interested in you is because they want to know about your ET experiences. And how do we know this?  Because, in the interrogations the questions are about the ETs (why, how, agenda, genetics, psi abilities, technology, etc.), and because they pick up the abductee after they’ve had…what was that…oh yeah…an ET experience!

It’s actually uncanny. For some abductees, fessing-up to their own RE-AB experiences forces them to re-examine their ET experiences: to realize that not only were their experiences absolutely real, but that their experiences and they, themselves, are actually a matter of national security!  For the abductee, this is a big pill to swallow. The strategy of avoidance, reluctance, denial, and an unwillingness to share their experiences with researchers comes much more easily.

It’s no wonder that the MILAB subject is overlooked by the abduction research community, and almost completely ignored by the ufology community. It turns out that ET abductions, their significance in the policy of non-disclosure, their relationship to other areas in ufology such as crash retrievals, back-engineering, and technology development, are more important and more deeply entrenched than has ever been recognized, and thus plays a more integral role than has been previously known.

I’m not really trying to get anyone to change the name – to replace one acronym with another. Many say that ufology has too many acronyms as it is. Even I’ll continue to occasionally call the phenomenon “MILAB” out of sheer habit. The actual problem is not the name, it is the paradigm.

I am asking ufology to expand its current abduction paradigm to include an even greater appreciation for the reality and significance of the abduction phenomenon as it relates to the overall UFO subject. And in particular, appreciation of the fact that abductees are being reverse-engineered by a military and/or intelligence ET management cabal, to access many forms of ET information and for all of the benefits and possibilities that information holds. Ufology must shift its paradigm to include the fact that abductees are being reverse-engineered because these experiences are an indispensable and integral part of the picture - the complete UFO and ET presence reality picture - that abductees are reverse-engineered in experiences known as MILABS…I mean…RE-ABS. © Melinda Leslie, July 2009

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Melinda Leslie


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Melinda Leslie is a researcher, investigator and lecturer in the field of ufology. She has been public with her own abduction encounter experiences for over 20 years and has researched covert-ops and military involvement in abductions for nearly the same length of time. She has interviewed over 80 abductees who have experienced MILABs, which involve military appearing personnel who use drug induced interrogations and hypnosis in order to retrieve extraterrestrial related information from alien abductees. Melinda’s research is featured in the book; Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure: Deconstructing a Cover-up of the Extraterrestrial Presence by Randy Koppang.


Melinda Leslie has lectured for numerous organizations including MUFON, The X-Conference, The Bay Area UFO Expo, UFO Expo West, The International UFO Congress, The Whole Life Expo, and others. She has been a guest on numerous popular radio shows including Coast-to-Coast AM, and has appeared on several television shows. For nine years she was the Producer and Director of a UFO lecture series hosting the most prominent names in ufology. In addition to her abduction work, Leslie has been a paranormal researcher for over 25 years and a founding member of the Orange County Paranormal Researchers Group, an organization which conducts formal paranormal investigations.


Melinda Leslie, also known as “The UFO Lady,” co-operates the Center for the New Age in Sedona, Arizona. Among other duties, she hosts UFO Sighting Tours and Tours of Vortexes. Her company also houses a UFO Research Center which holds regular UFO Discussion Groups. MILABs.jpg


Melinda Leslie is available to present her research regarding How the Covert-ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees Redefines UFO Cover-ups and Abduction Paradigms. Leslie speaks about the management of extraterrestrial related information and technology that includes the monitoring and re-abduction of alien abductees. She explains that just as covert-ops personnel gather and reverse engineer extraterrestrial craft, they also gather and reverse-engineer abductees – and for the same reasons: furthering the development of secret technology programs and control of extraterrestrial information. She explains how military surveillance enables them to re-abduct and interrogate abductees in order to gather information on ET motives, ET genetics, abductee psi/paranormal abilities and ET technology.


Melinda believes covert-ops’ involvement may be the best evidence for the reality and importance of UFO abduction. Additionally, her presentation demonstrates why there can’t be official disclosure without it addressing the abduction phenomenon. Melinda also conducts weekly UFO Discussion Groups for those who wish to share their personal experiences or to hear about her abduction and sighting experiences and/or have questions. All things UFO and ET are discussed and everyone is welcome.




“ET abductions can no longer be considered the bastard stepchild of the UFO research community, relegated to being considered only in very separate terms as if somehow unconnected, or at best marginally connected, to the other areas of ufology research.”

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