The MILAB Experience

Our Origins and Keys to Recovering our True Memory

Part II

Eve Lorgen, M.A., CH.T.


“...What tends to happen in MILAB or abductee support groups, forums and online discussion groups, i.e., how shills and trolls infiltrate, using comments and buzz words used to trigger programming and create dissension, enmity, slandering.” One of the paths to healing is to “Reverse flow your abilities and data mine the controllers...” MILABs-alien-abduction.jpg

Only in the past 10 years or so has the term “supersoldiers” been popularly used, while originally some survivors of these nefarious MK-ULTRA military programs simply called themselves “Montauk Boys”. (ie., Duncan Cameron, Andy Pero) Some preferred to call themselves “Ultimate Warriors” or some other notation sans the “MILAB or abductee” identifier, as if this brought shame and powerlessness of victimology to their identity. It is also noted that the male “MILABs” tend to focus on their combat, military, intelligence and technological aspects of experience, while the female MILABs will admit more to the occult weapons, medical, sexual abuse and servicing aspect – which is so commonplace that one wonders why this element of trauma, torture and sexual abuse is left out and largely marginalized in most “public testimonies” of supersoliders. Max Spiers is one of the few male supersoldiers/ MILABs who tells it like it is, by openly stating that the occult aspects, sexual programming, servicing and abuse is a large part of the “training” of assets, especially females. Many ritual abuse survivors have admitted to the occult magickal aspects of sexual rituals as being the primal energy needed for occult power, (not to mention ritual sacrifice killing) as well as the modus operandi in early childhood abuse for the specific purpose of dissociation and mind control programming.

To say MILABs is a Pandora’s box is an understatement. The MILAB experience itself is diverse. It can include the classic alien abduction types of experiences, but also occult ritual and cult abuse elements, dissociation, post traumatic stress disorder, multiple personality disorder, military abductions, political manipulation, medical experimentation, interrogations, black operations, time travel, bilocation to alternate locations such as underground military installations or off planet bases on the moon or Mars.

More anomalous reports of being pulled into alternate timelines, dimensions and realities occurs, where the line between real, imagined, physical, astral or virtual reality is blurred. Shared group dreaming occurs as well, while some MILABs have clear awareness of astral operations, remote viewing, telepathy, astral tagging and programming dynamics. Astral and energetic tantric sexual interactions (some being astral rituals) are commonplace for some MILABs, who have expanded awareness on subtle levels of reality. And it is these types of subtle programming that we need to take heed of, because programming can happen on very subliminal astral and refined energetic levels as well. Well, that is, if we want to regain our own sovereignty, we must work to expand awareness, clear traumas, integrate and heal. Then extend what we do know to others with integrity.

A lot of what we are hearing now involves the Secret Space Program, Mars and Earth Defense Force, and a number of extraterrestrial races who are either working with our own human elite secret government groups, who are hostile or benevolent to varying groups and agendas. It is quite complex. Somewhere within these testimonies and MILAB experiences are kernels of truth, and yet one has to be extremely discerning on what really is “truth” or what is happening in these secret programs.

Mind control and “spiritual soul control” is so huge that I cannot overestimate this fact enough at this time. The great difficulty for many researchers and those who believe they are in some sort of MILAB program is clarity of memories, what is “reality” and the nature of consciousness itself. And the only way to really become clear on what ones own memories are, i.e., “what is real” and what is happening, is to take personal responsibility for ones own healing, integration and spiritual growth. It takes time to create healthy and safe “support” and true therapeutic process should involve clearing trauma and becoming aware of what and how one was “programmed” on many different levels. (And this includes various ET interactions as well.) This is quite a momentous task, one in which most celebrity status whistleblowers have not thoroughly “lived” and this is apparent on the many forums and alternative media outlets.

Then there are the shills, trolls and drama trouble-makers who muddy the waters so that the true opinions and personal discoveries of the MILAB experience are largely misrepresented, or skewed such that the focus deters away from the really empowering discussions that we at Rise Muliversity want to engage in, without the drama, slandering, negative troll and shill involvement. It is not about what is right or wrong, but what we can do with honor and integrity to awaken, heal, expand awareness and share our wisdom with empathy considering what others are going through. And there is still much to learn, and we learn from one another.

In our MILABs Round Table discussion event, we discussed what we feel is most important to this topic. This is the what, how and why of MILABs, and the true healing that needs to take place for clarity, inner peace and sovereignty.


What are we discovering through our growing comprehension of the MILAB experience, including MK-ULTRA, intelligence agents, abductee, contactee, SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and other anomalous trauma experiencers?

A history and description of MILABs

  • Common denominators of MILABs.

  • Shared realities within the MILAB community.

  • Recognizing family lineage/bloodline and the probable use of ritualistic sexual abuse and why that fact is commonly left unaddressed.

  • MILAB male, MILAB female

  • Recall of our origins, why true self-discovery and memory is important. Is it really about “bad karma” or are there other realities to consider?

  • How long ago did the programming start. Why it’s important to know ones own history and family occult connections.

  • What is/was true earth human’s original nature?

  • What makes the human such an easy target.

  • The original trauma, not original sin.

  • Holographic Universe, Laws of Lore that uncover why trauma is so essential for spiritual control.


How do we break free of these pernicious programs?

Techniques for deprogramming, healing and integration:

  • Reverse flow your abilities to data mine the controllers.

  • Centering and awareness.

  • Claiming your freedom and standing your ground.

  • Identify your self in a time space coordinate of now and don’t lose that position.

  • Learn to recognize the precursors to you being taken.

  • Stopping the victim mentality meme, no matter how horrific your abuse was, is key.

  • Don’t allow fear in and if detected, diligently work toward confronting it and not covering it up.

  • Be vulnerable, often your shields are keeping you from seeing your essential nature.

  • Find a partner and practice compassionate listening.

  • Stay in small (non-celebrity) groups building a trust field.

  • Sabotage of groups through infiltration, how does that happen and what to do.

  • How does a group become infiltrated?

  • What are the keys to detecting and stopping infiltration?

  • Traps, distractions and ego trips. How this happens, why and what to do to avoid this.


Why Healing is so Important for Freedom

  • What are the markers of true integration

  • What is soul sovereignty and how to recognize your own soul’s unique and true essence?


Other ideas to consider and questions to ask:

  • What is a MILAB, super soldier, and how is the Secret Space Program involved with these people?

  • What kinds of operations and skills do they have in their projects?

  • What kinds of memories and life patterns suggest someone was used in a MILAB project or abductions? Why it is so important to really know ones own family history and occult connections including any kinds of trauma and abuse.

  • Why is mind control so important and how is it used? How are they traditionally “trained” for example to be excellent intuitives, remote viewers, intelligence gatherers and occult weapons abilities?

  • How is the Illuminati involved and why do they tend to use their own “bloodline family members” for these black projects. Why are some considered “expendable” according to Illuminati Family member “definitions” of what bloodline is? (Good question for The Ruiner)

  • Why do Exo-politics Media groups and many whistleblowers focus so much on “the story”  and any technology, science, etc. as opposed to the “training”, (i.e. trauma and torture) healing, recovery and spiritual integration? Why so much drama and ego involved?

  • What tends to happen in “MILAB or abductee support groups, forums and online discussion groups”, ie, how shills and trolls infiltrate, using comments and “buzz words” used to trigger programming and create dissension, enmity, slandering. Why non-therapists and not fully recovered survivors tend to run these things and may create more problems for the “survivors” just beginning to recover.

  • How to recognize internet or media shills, trolls and social engineering information spin controllers. Observation of slandering, blaming & shaming tactics. How and why the predator-parasite infected shills break up and corrupt forums so that the real opinions and experiences of people are largely misrepresented. How programmed shills promote false opinions and statistics of what people/groups really want, say and need.

  • How and why do stories get fabricated, spun to accommodate disinformation campaigns, and how can we spot this and stop it before it happens? Are people getting paid to do this or are most just easily manipulated to fall into the various traps that are set for them?

  • How some top level researchers, gurus, teachers are really some form of MK-ULTRA split programmed multiples, playing dual roles of good guy/teacher while being MILAB programmers and occult handlers in secret. (Most keep a low profile publically who are handlers, watchers and controllers)

  • Why healing, integration and recovery is important to freedom and clarity on what is happening and why. How taking personal responsibility is the key to sovereignty.

  • What MILABs, abductees and those considering recovery can do so they don’t get pulled into booby trap games, programs and ruined relationships.

  • How the Illuminati fits into these agendas, and some of the Ruiner Blog topics, comments regarding the Secret Space Program  and Illuminati Family structure, Annunaki, etc. Why the confusion of terms, names, definitions and history remain full of inaccuracies, so that people who do wake up will use inaccurate terms, thus making them look “wrong” and easily discredited. Who holds the true history, information, and why should we believe those claiming to have the real “secret history of Earth, ETs and the whole nine yards – just because they are from a high level “Illuminati bloodline family” who keeps these secrets?

  • Perhaps our questions should be on essence, beingness, energetic signature, empathy, integrity, deeds and long term history, rather than accuracy of “information and mental knowledge”.

This article is published with the expressed written permission of Eve Lorgen for publication on

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Eve Lorgen


Eve Lorgen is a dedicated counseling professional, UFO/alien abduction researcher, Anusara yogi and writer. She began her pioneering work with alien abductees while earning her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1992. She also holds a BS in Biochemistry and worked in the Biotechnology industry for 7 years. Eve started a support group in 1994 in San Diego County, CA for experiencers of anomalous trauma and continues to consult with anomalous trauma clients worldwide today while living in Western North Carolina. Eve Lorgen was a close associate of the late Barbara Bartholic and is dedicated in continuing and expanding the work of the late Dr. Karla Turner.

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This article is a preface to a MILAB Round Table Discussion Eve Lorgen hosted through RISE Multiversity. The Panel went well, however, the original Round Table is not accessible unless it’s purchased via RISE. Eve Lorgen does not receive any proceeds from these sales and is no longer associated with RISE Multiversity. Ms. Lorgen is in the process of conducting independent Round Table discussions, which are being published on Youtube. — Global ET Research



The MILAB Experience Our Origins and Keys to Recovering our True Memory

Round Table Discussion Event via RISE Multiversity

Eve Lorgen with Sienna Lea, Laura Leon and Christine Anderson present a dynamic MILAB Round Table webinar and discussion with a Q & A afterward.

How does comprehending the MILAB (aka super soldiers, Montauk boys/girls, MK-ULTRA military and alien abduction programs) lead us to healing, recovery and true integration? How does the imposition of MC/MK programs, alien and/or transdimensional races on the Human Being affect us? Why awareness of these phenomena, how and why it is perpetrated and by whom – is knowledge we need for our collective healing.


*For specific information on how to attend the MILAB Experience RT Event, go to the Events Menu button on RISE Multiversity.





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