Project Open Mind

Part I

An Introduction and Brief History

By Global ET Research

The room was filled with people in the revolving door game. There were people that I had seen once in a military uniform and other times in a gray suit and an industry outfit. These people play a revolving door game. They work as consultants, industry people, and/or military and intelligence people. They work in the industries and they revolve themselves through these doors and right into government positions.”
Dr. Carol Rosin


MILABs is an acronym that refers to “military abductions” or abductions during which military personnel are seen, sometimes working alone and sometimes working alongside alien beings. There are divergent opinions about these types of abductions including, apparently, the pronunciation of the word. (It is pronounced MIL-AB as in “Military” not “MY-LAB”).

Some current thinking surrounding these activities suggests they are actually aliens or alien-human hybrids dressed in military uniforms. Some believe they are a highly secret group of specially trained humans using alien technology who are working with one or more groups of aliens. Still others claim this is all an illusion perpetrated by “mind control” agents and these events are created via technology such as neural implants, holographs and wave technology that create what are referred to as virtual reality scenarios or VRS.

What we’ve learned from studying MILABs is that one of the main reasons these perpetrators abduct abductees is because they are trying to learn everything they can about the aliens’ motives and activities.

The way the abductee is abducted and the location of the interaction are key in determining who and what we are really dealing with when we talk about MILABs. Some of the questions to ask when studying these cases are: Do the abductors use drugs? Does the abductee report seeing the abductors wearing military uniforms or terrestrial clothing such as medical attire? Is the abductee taken out of their house or automobile and loaded into an awaiting helicopter, or do they suddenly find himself or herself onboard another type of aircraft or in an unknown automobile? Does the abductee find himself or herself inside an abandoned hospital or military base, or onboard a military naval vessel? Is the vessel fully equipped or has its military equipment been stripped out?

MILABs: The Corporation

The subject of MILABs made its way onto the Internet with the publication of Project Open Mind: Are Some Alien Abductions Government Mind Control Experiments? (1996). In 1997, the Lammer’s published the now famous, and rare, MILABs: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction. Prior to those two publications, there was Martin Cannon’s seminal work The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction which Cannon disavowed a few years after its publication due, in part, to the reaction from both the “mind control” and “alien abduction” communities. [More on that later.]

In 2004, the term MILABs was so popular that a corporation began using it. Today, if you google MILABs, the first listing will not be anything related to military abductions or UFOs, it will be a corporation in The Netherlands using the name MILabs, no doubt, as a savvy marketing ploy. Ironically MILabs, the corporation, creates high-end imaging devices for biomolecular research.

Whois has the MILabs domain listed as having been created in 2004, seven years after Dr. Lammer first published his findings regarding MILABs. Unfortunately, it would be only one year after his book had been published when Dr. Lammer was forced out of Ufology by a well-known member of the “Strange Birds” club. Most of the individuals in this once “secret” group have been outed as disseminators of UFO misinformation and disinformation.

Martin Cannon

MILAB researchers being forced out of ufology by shady characters brings us back to Martin Cannon. We were in touch with Martin by phone and by email just prior to his disappearance from ufology. It was apparent that he was suffering through a very difficult phase in his life after allegedly being threatened by Gordon Novel and another member of the “Strange Bird” club. We can attest to the fact that Martin was truly afraid for his life. He also explained that he had become disillusioned about having published his monograph The Controllers.

There was also considerable blowback that researchers such as Dr. Lammer, Leah Haley, Melinda Leslie, Meisha Johnston and AJ experienced by the psyops’ psychopaths and MILAB proxies and trolls. If there was nothing to MILABs and researchers’ findings involving them, why were these and other researchers so viciously attacked?

They Failed

If all of this was done to prevent the process of Disclosure, they failed miserably. They may have slowed things down for a short time, but their actions failed in preventing the information from getting to the public. In fact, because of the resiliency of the abovementioned researchers and those who came after them, more in-depth and accurate information is being published every day.

The process of Disclosure is still moving forward despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has deemed multinational corporations as having the same rights as individual people. This matters because some of our multinational corporations are benefitting from people who are victims of MILAB activity. The CIA and Alien-Human Hybrid Beings... Western Pharma getting away with nefarious activities in the past and the present. The Pentagon “losing” over six trillions dollars of tax payer money? Does anyone remember when the GAO, Government Accounting Office was a super secret organization? Now it’s not, and apparently, even they haven’t been able to “follow the money.”

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Why Do Some Abductee-Experiencers See Military Personnel During Their “Alien” Abductions?

MILAB Misdeeds

Letter from the Department of the Air Force, Office of The Secretary regarding the Belgium UFO Wave, Aviation Week and Space Technology publishing an article about Edwards Air Base, Bob Lazar and Nellis, and William Cooper


Air Force UFO Letter


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A few examples of low to mid-level psyops are the Guardian case, the Alien Autopsy film and SERPO. Tactics such as these have been used against people and organizations investigating this subject for decades. Take a look at NSA Locations in the United States and why San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force Base is Probably Why Whitley Strieber is Experiencing This: Something Wicked My Way Comes

Updates / CIA Renditions

RE: CIA Renditions and the 1953 Budget

Since the original version of this article was published, the link to the CIA source (below) was changed to redirect to a questionable page on a different site. We have provided new Sources below for your reference.

Additionally, the links from have been ‘killed’ and the original source site was taken off of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. (See links below)

Quick View of MKULTRA Subprojects – This site is on Wayback – Link removed from wikipedia

CIA documents suggest that “chemical, biological and radiological” means were investigated for the purpose of mind control as part of MKULTRA. A secret memorandum granted the MKULTRA director up to six percent of the CIA research budget in fiscal year 1953, without oversight or accounting. An estimated $10 million USD (roughly $87.5 million adjusted for inflation) or more was spent.  – Link removed from wikipedia  – Link removed from wikipedia

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ET Alien in Black Jumpsuit

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The room was filled with people in the revolving door game. There were people that I had seen once in a military uniform and other times in a gray suit and an industry outfit. These people play a revolving door game. They work as consultants, industry people, and/or military and intelligence people. They work in the industries and they revolve themselves through these doors and right into government positions.” – Dr. Carol Rosin


Unethical Human Experimentation in the United States



Glowing Auras and Black Money, The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program - continues into 2017 and beyond







The Netherlands



B-5 Base inside Mountain Range, USA

Entrance to Deep Underground Base




Map to Dulce Base in New Mexico

Map to Dulce Base in New Mexico








“If it’s not aliens - it’s MKULTRA”
– Karla Turner




“...UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett detailed a troubling pattern involving the recent deaths of ET/UFO researchers. Not only did fast acting cancers kill both author Philip Coppens and Starchild researcher Lloyd Pye, but the documentary filmmaker James Allen (who recently completed a film on alien propulsion with Mark McCandlish) appears to have been poisoned to death with heavy metals (toxicology report), Bassett reported. He warned that there could be a campaign to silence people who’re getting too close to the truth about the ET presence.”

[Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D., Germany’s leading alien abduction researcher contracted a similar type of cancer in his 40’s as did Lloyd Pye.]


UFO Researchers’ Deaths


History and Timeline of CIA Atrocities


“The CIA Owns Anyone of any Significance in the Major Media...”

– Former CIA Director William Colby


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