Ufology’s Predators and Parasites


“I can personally attest to the fact that at least a dozen abduction cases were officially reported to the FBI in 1987, to no avail. For public consumption the FBI states – as do the Air Force and other official agencies – that it has no curiosity about such reports. This well-publicized position has meant, to no one’s surprise, a decline in the number of abduction cases reported…to Federal agencies.”Budd Hopkins


Anomalous Trauma expert, Eve Lorgen has written a Statement of Non Consent to Enter the GAME of the Predator / Parasite, which we believe applies to many facets of the work and the lives of ET researchers and those directly involved with Contact.

Many of the Predator/Parasites include, but are not limited to, individuals hiding in popular on-line forums behind fake names, disgruntled “victims” of alien abduction researchers, online gang stalkers, self-perceived “victims” of their own actions; MILAB perpetrators, and specific individuals within government agencies.

Searches on particular forums and websites reveal dangerous and destructive parasitic behavior occurring on the Internet, especially in the UFO community. There are also a growing number of Internet blogs attacking innocent researchers – writing which in most countries is considered libelous and/or hate speech and is illegal. Many of these blogs are written by individuals clearly displaying Borderline Personality Disorder and/or Narcissistic personality disorder coupled with PTSD. They oftentimes use well known names within the Contact Community to draw attention to their victimization cause while publishing posts and blogs containing information that ranges from data mining personal information to outright libel. Again, in many other countries these types of blogs would be considered criminal.

Another common Predator/Stalking technique perpetrated is what we term “surveillance harassment.” This entails downloading entire websites on a regular basis and/or “pinging” specific researchers’ sites (in addition to their usual activities of tracking IP numbers). This activity is carried out regularly by the Predator Parasites mentioned above, as well as DOD Information Network, State Department, Department of Justice, Department of Interior, NRO, DIA, CIA, NSA, and nearly all branches of the U.S. military.

Regarding the latter; we at Global ET Research greatly respect and appreciate our military personnel’s service and understand that individuals serving in the military have a bonafide, personal interest in the phenomenon since Contact is occurring worldwide and involves millions of people, including members of our military.

If you get targeted by these groups or by people who simply can’t move on with their empty lives (despite claiming they have) remember Eve Lorgen’s Statement of Non Consent to Enter the GAME of the Predator/Parasite. Or, as she advises, create one that applies specifically to you. And, if any agency that you’ve gone to for help pretends to ignore you because they have no curiosity about such reports … you will know better. They have much more than a “curiosity” about UFO matters, and they are not ignoring you.




Eve Lorgen, M.A., Ch.T.

Eve Lorgen


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Statement of Non Consent to Enter the GAME of the Predator / Parasite

After a contemplation of the Game between Victim and Predator / Parasite, I put together this Statement of Non Consent to Enter the GAME of the Predator / Parasite. This will be elaborated upon in an article entitled,

Victim Consciousness and the Predator / Parasite Game

For any of you who are sick and tired of how this game is played on either end, you may want to consider making a statement of your own, so that you are not unnecessarily pulled into a GAME of Victim / Predator or unwillingly or unknowingly enter an agreement of entrapment.

Let it Be Known:

I do not consent to entering a Game with anyone who overtly abuses or uses indirect, passive-aggressive communication methods, where insinuation of blame, projection, judgment and criticism are present based on the false limiting beliefs of the passive-aggressive agent.

If any covert strategy of manipulation, control or exploitation attempts to pull me into a game of a PARASITE / PREDATOR or passive-aggressive VICTIM who abdicates self-responsibility of connecting with their own Organic Life Creation Source, SPIRIT OF TRUTH, I hereby state I will no longer play or be pulled into their GAME. I disengage based on the LAW of my own Spirit of Truth where Wisdom resides.

Furthermore, this communication of disengagement from those who by choice abdicate self-responsibility of intent to connect with their own Spirit of Truth (who instead cling to false beliefs, mind control, false “soul” programs, numbing and projecting of unresolved wounds) need only be communicated by me ONCE. No arguments or elaborate discussions will be engaged in or tolerated. I will no longer engage with either the Victim or Predator / Parasite entity so that they can justify their parasitic existence any longer.

Therefore, if any such agent of falsehood and illusion attempts to pull me into their game, they will receive the full effect of their intentions mirrored back onto them, to such a degree that they will understand exactly what they are doing and who they are in truth and be nullified of their intended manipulative actions upon me.

- Eve Lorgen, 23 September, 2015





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