Going Public with your Close Encounter

Interview with Rosalind Reynolds

Part II

By Philip Mantle

“I regret that the media cannot seem to present the information with the same sensitivity they would a rape victim’s account, and through the bad presentation, the public see us as a laughing stock, side show or freak. Properly handled and presented then the public can see there are many depths to life and not to laugh...”



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Rosalind was one of a handful of ‘abductees’ who went public with her experiences when my book was published in the mid-1990’s. I have occasionally kept in touch with her since then but in early 2009 I wanted to ask what it was like for her going public. How was she treated by both friends and family. A short question and answer session was arranged and this is what she had to say:

Q: How did your friends and family react when you told them about your experience?

A: My friends just laughed and joked about it. I was really worried about that night and everyone just thought it was a laugh. From then onwards all my friends just backed off and I saw less and less of them. I found it difficult to tell my mother, she was away working abroad and when she returned it was a few weeks after the event. By then with my experience of my friends I just thought it best to keep it to myself. We were never close anyway, so she would not have noticed anything out of the ordinary. I have no other family other than my mother.

Q: You eventually went public with your experience, how did members of the public react?

A:  It was embarrassing. I found walking down the street difficult as people would jeer or whistle “UFO” style tunes after me. After a while I grew a thick skin and nowadays if asked “have you seen any UFO’S lately?” I tend to joke back at them. And if they whistle a tune such as close encounters, I tell them to get up to date it’s the X files they should be singing. The strangest thing is I get jeered at to this day!

Q: How were you treated by the media?

A: To my face they seemed very sincere and genuinely interested in what I had experienced, but all they seemed interested in was “what did they do to me in the ship? Did they put anything up my… well I leave the rest to your imagination. Once the interviews went out I found they were badly edited to show a completely different story focusing on what happened to me, it was played up to be a kind of joke with the addition of some corny music and voice over and invariably at the end of my interview an “expert” who had never had an experience in his life was brought on to say why it could NOT have happened. Of course I never was offered a chance to question the “expert” or put my side back to his argument. Of course the Newspaper ones were frightening with headlines like “ALIENS STOLE MY WOMB”! How could a journalist seem so sincere to my face then write things up like that?

Q: How did UFO researchers react to your experience?

A: Well that was a difficult one as I naively believed they had the answers. After all, that is why I contacted them when I found out such clubs (not necessarily researches) existed. My first encounter with a UFO group who I approached, I was invited to their meeting, told to sit in a corner and not allowed to talk to anyone by the club owner. I was chaperoned and found all the questions were answered by the person who had invited me to the club and I couldn’t say a thing. I felt instead of getting answers, I was some kind of prize to be brought out and displayed. It was very upsetting. I wanted genuine answers to genuine questions. Cold hard facts and I felt I was amongst a group of extremists who would believe a spot of light in the sky was a UFO without questioning the object or anything.

Then I met researchers such as Jenny Randles and Philip Mantle. I have a lot of time for them and the greatest of respect. They have a tough time and the public and media give them a tougher time. They made me feel like a person again and that there was something in it. I was not something to be exploited and that I had experienced something. More importantly they believed me and gave me the courage to go back and try and find my own answers.

Q: Did you feel that regressive hypnosis was a benefit or not and would you recommend its use in future research?

A: I absolutely believe that in the wrong hands this type of thing can do more damage than good. My own experience produced an exceptionally strange effect and which to this day has affected those in the room with me at the time. This simply compounded the belief that something other than what we know in our own world was happening. Sometimes it is bigger than any of us, and not the time for us to know. Let it be until the time is right. If you have a block, then let it take its own time to lift. Do not push it; it is there for a reason. If hypnosis is the only way then it must be under controlled conditions and by a professional who is a trained professional in psychiatry as well as hypnosis.

Q; Do you regret at all going public with your account?

A: I regret that the media cannot seem to present the information with the same sensitivity they would a rape victim’s account, and through the bad presentation, the public see us as a laughing stock, side show or freak. Properly handled and presented then the public can see there are many depths to life and not to laugh at it. They still can easily accept a ghost story, or a religious event, yet the mere mention of “aliens” sends them into giggles, sniggering at us as we walk past. At least my story of going public has hopefully meant that others who were lost could now at least see they were not alone. Others who had experiences no matter of what nature could take heart they were not going mad, or something was happening to them they could not talk to anyone else about. If I have helped one person who has had an experience deal with their own experience then I do not regret going public one bit.



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Q: Looking back now what do you feel is the nature and origin of your experience?

A: I think this could be a book on its own as it is complex. To this day I am still split between two theories. The logical side to me says that we (my boyfriend and I) inadvertently were present when an experimental craft using some form of unknown technology had a malfunction. It did not crash, but something could have been wrong with it and we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, I still have very vivid recollections of beings and other things on the craft, so it leaves me with the second theory; that it was actual aliens as in not of the world we live in and not necessarily outer space, other world type aliens. Either way it was technology not of the world we know. I have theories of it being inter-dimensional, as there are many depths and heights to the space we exist in, many phases. One of which is the ghost, or spirit world for instance.

My biggest question still remains. WHY ME? I found out just before my mother died that she too had experiences. These were backed up as just before my father died. Independently and totally not knowing of my experience or that my mother had told me hers, he told me of his and his brother’s recollections which tied in to just before my conception. This leads me to believe maybe there are certain lines of humanity that are being monitored for reasons we are not aware of? I could write a book on the information I know and believe but the hard facts are. I have scars, I have a medical history.What we experienced was for real and there was nothing around to my knowledge and through my investigation which could have maneuvered the way that craft did then. Those facts alone mean that either theory fits.

Q: What would you like to say to the skeptics who dismiss all such accounts?

A: I think this sums it up nicely ‘When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ Sherlock Holmes.

And I say that to both the skeptics, who would insist I saw the moon when there was no moon that night and to the other end of the scale, to the people I have met who go to UFO clubs who would believe without question a light to be a UFO when it is nothing more than a light; I put that to both equally.

I have spent many years looking at my experience with cold hard eyes, trying to find the truth. It doesn’t matter to me what they (the skeptics) want to believe, but I feel that they should  look at each case as an individual one and not try to label us all the same, as it is exactly that, a unique experience to each person. We have been given a gift, a chance to see a new life and a new way the universe works. Who are we to judge why? And who are the skeptics to say it didn’t happen if it enriches our lives, and hurts no one?

I was and still am grateful to Rosalind for going on the record with her experience and for allowing me to share it both in my book and here in this article. I don’t pretend to have the answers to the abduction experience and there are some wise words spoken here by her. I have no doubt though that Rosalind Reynolds did experience what has come to be known as an ‘alien abduction,’ of that I am sure. If you have had such an experience and are unsure whether or not to go public with it, then perhaps Rosalind’s words above may be of some assistance to you. Rosalind Reynolds is now aged 51 and lives with her 11 year old son in Nathaniel in Lincolnshire. A single parent, she runs her own business and is a well known dog breeder and dog show judge.

In 2013 I published my first work of fiction entitled Once Upon a Missing Time – A novel of Alien Abduction. Although fiction this book is loosely based on a number of close encounters cases in the UK. Rosalind Reynolds is but one of those that had a big influence on the book. The book in question is now available in paperback and kindle via Amazon.

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Philip Mantle is an international UFO researcher, lecturer and broadcaster. His books have been published in six different languages around the world. He is the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and former MUFON representative for England. Philip has written articles and features for numerous publications around the world and has been both editor and assistant editor of high street UFO publications. He is the author of Without Consent, Roswell Alien Autopsy and Once Upon A Missing Time: A Novel about Alien Abduction. He lives in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England where he runs the UFO Today Digital Desk of the UK. Philip Mantle is also the editor of UFO Today Magazine.


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