Op-Ed on David Jacobs’
Walking Among Us

By Anonymous

Walking Among Us

The following are my comments and opinion of David Jacobs’ new book, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity. I am writing this anonymously because I don’t want any headaches from the humans or ETs and I don’t want to lose my job.

We humans may, and I mean “may” have a huge problem in the future in regards to extraterrestrials (ETs). As David Jacobs’ book suggests, there may be a plan by the ETs to control humanity. I don’t think the ETs are here to eliminate us. If that were the case, they could have done it a long time ago. The ETs could probably vaporize us or create an even deadlier Ebola-type virus that could easily be dispersed around the world in one day. Their next problem would be creating huge human bonfires, or having to use antigravity to take care of the manual labor.

If I was an alien and watched our televised news about what is going on here on this planet, I would view humans as a less evolved species and very capable of destroying themselves and their planet. The late psychic and author Sylvia Brown called Earth “The insane asylum of the universe.” As an alien, I would think of a way to help the humans in a clandestine way so as not to scare them. Could you imagine the reaction of humans if an insect-like extraterrestrial addressed the people on national television and said, “We are here to offer help.” Just the sight of them would cause fear within many humans and they would immediately reach for their shotguns and uzis. Movies like Independence Day would come to mind for many people. That was just a movie... How would some humans react in real life? Go to this web site and see for yourself. In this video, someone is shooting at the ETs’ crafts. Scroll down to the video just above the words “Join The Discussion.”

How do we know these are humans shooting at the craft? Could it be another extraterrestrial species?

Dr. Jacobs talks about “The Change,” but no one really knows what this change is. The Change could be a plan to help the humans in case of a catastrophic event that we are unable to handle. For example, The Change could be a plan to help the humans after we get hit by a solar flare in the future as predicted by Ed Dames. Mr. Dames referred to this solar flare as “The Killshot” and he remote viewed the ETs helping us. Read what is on that page. As of this writing, you can get “The Killshot” DVD for free and just pay shipping and handling.

If the aliens are not here to save us, what then? If the ETs have the intention of making humans into slaves for example, we humans need to find a way to detect them. Since the ETs look identical to us, one possible way is by examining their DNA. However, like Dr. Jacobs mentioned, the ETs can control us with their minds and could prevent that from happening. We need “something” that can neutralize this mental hold on us. We may need remote viewers or psychics to detect them and point them out to the appropriate authorities.

How can we detect the ETs? I remember watching a YouTube video of possible aliens that were discovered when the lights went out at a Russian night club. Is it true? Who knows? See for yourself.

What is interesting is the three figures were in close proximity to each other and not spread out. If they are indeed hubrids and they got into a bind, they could collectively use their telepathic powers to get themselves out of there. Could this clip possibly be a prank or nice CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery)? Sure – it’s possible.

Perhaps what is needed is some kind of device that can read their bio-signature from a distance and monitor them. This would be an expensive and monumental task because we don’t have the equipment and resources to monitor thousands(?) of these hubrids.

In Walking Among Us, the ETs used physical force and gave verbal threats and this could be due to the ETs thinking that their plan must proceed no matter what. From observing us, the ETs probably believe that threats and torture are ways that humans understand and will comply with their plan. I am not trying to defend the ETs, I’m just speculating about possible reasons for their actions. For all we know, the ETs could just be mean bastards.

So, what if the ETs decide to control us en masse? We wouldn’t have a say so in the matter. The option of humans going on an all out war is not the answer. If there was a way to safely live together with each side cooperating, there can be peace. I don’t think the ETs or the humans would agree to living together peacefully knowing how paranoid and hostile some of the humans are. Many Christians would interpret this as satan and his demons getting ready to take over the world. [And no, “satan” doesn’t deserve to be capitalized.]

We humans can be prepared in 2 possible ways:

• We need some kind of technology that can detect these ETs and then relay that information to groups of people who can know their whereabouts. We will monitor them and let them comingle with us humans. If they become hostile, we will take action.

• Since the ETs are part human, I believe a bullet could take them out. The problem is, it would have to be from a long distance because if a human was close by and ready to shoot, the ETs would be able to control the shooter’s mind and stop the human from pulling the trigger.

Now that I have written this, am I a threat to the ETs’ plan? Will they quietly remove me from this earth plane? I don’t think so because if anyone was a major threat, it would be Jacobs. I am very surprised Dr. Jacobs was able to publish this book which leads me to believe that the ETs are not interfering with Dr. Jacobs. It also leads me to believe that the ETs are not keeping track of other humans with the exception of the abductees. The ETs may take the stance of “Who is going to believe this stuff? It is too outlandish.”

Many uninformed humans would want physical proof and there isn’t much. I commend Dr. Jacobs for writing this book. In the future, David Jacobs may be recognized as a national hero.

In summary, I hope there is a way to detect ETs and we have a contingency plan in case the ETs decide to take over the planet.

Humans Rule!

– Anonymous

P.S. To any hubrids or ETs reading this; you have an ingenious plan, worthy of an Oscar! [That is one of our highest human awards.] You don’t have to worry about our government going after you because they won’t believe Dr. Jacobs’ book – much less take any action.


This article is published with the expressed written permission of “Anonymous” for publication on “Anonymous” is a real person and is known to us.

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“Most people reading this are probably ROTFLMAO [rolling on the floor laughing...] and I don’t blame them. And 99% of the people won’t believe this. When people start researching this material, they will learn a lot. Please keep an open mind as you read this and do some research.”















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